This is a picture of me, Starlingclaw. As good as my magic is, I did not draw this.


A Short Autobiography:

Hi! I’m Starlingclaw, a female NightWing with animus powers. I was enchanted by Darkstalker COMPLETELY on accident (it was very wierd) he blasted the tree where my egg was hidden and I sucked up all the magic and became.....ta da: an animus. My mother is Moonwatcher (I got the power of foreseeing the future from her) and my father is Qibil (not sure how I ended up a NightWing but oh well XD). 

Now, I’m a resident/student at Jade Mt. Academy. My besties are Thillion (SandWing, male) and Stonecaller (SandWing, male). I still keep my animus powers a secret from the students there and other dragons, and now that I have some free time I’ll be writing here whenever I can. I started a scroll (fanfiction is what you scavengers and/or dragons call it) called If Mapleshade’s Kits Lived.   By the way, if you were wondering, I write/type with my animus magic. I’m also destined to fulfill a prophecy somehow (heh heh) and keep up good grades while at it. Welp, at least I have my animus magic!


If you need anything, just message me and I will do everything in my power to help!

About Me

  • I was enchanted accidentally by Darkstalker. I met him once, he was very reserved and quiet. 
  • I am an animus. I know I said this like 3 times lol
  • I have a sister named Darkholly. She is way older than me, not an animus, and lives in the SandWing kingdom with her boyfriend, Jagger.
  • I have two best friends, Thillion and Stonecaller. They are awesome <3
  • I’m in the Jade Winglet. (Like all of the other famous dragonets XD)
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