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Hello, aloha, hola, hei, bonjour, dia duit, salve, ciao, apie, whatever the hail you speak, HELLO. The name's Stareh, and I am one of the more senior users, having been on the wiki for over two years now :3 Got a question, you know how to get to my talk page from here. If not then you're probably not worthy of speaking to me. o/

You'll never really find those perfect words, something more than just goodbye.
It's hard to remember the good times when there's just so much heartache, but they deserve more than that.
They deserve more than just one single moment of sadness.
So just remember, that when there's enough love in our hearts to burst like a f*ckin' supernova,
Then there sure as hell's enough love in our heart to spark that famous smile.
We all lose someone at some point in our lives, but don't ever let go of that smile.
Hold on forever,
Because that's our final dedication.
-- Asking Alexandria
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