* = completed series/stand alone/songfic


Death Prophecy: When Russetpaw is sent to live at a barn with strange cats, she learns the truth about her mother's life. ABANDONED.

CityClan: Petalblaze has been having the strangest dreams. What she doesn't know is that Speckelfur of ThunderClan has been having the same dreams. ON HOLD

Drifting Feathers: It was an accident. A screw up during battle. But it could cost Featherpaw life as she knows it. ON HOLD

Quarantine: Lilypaw's Clanmates are slowly dying on an unknown disease. She braves the dangers to seek an herb that could save their lives, but will she be too late? *

Take a Stand: A love never so forbiden may be their savior from the fallout.

Fight: Can she survive the Clash?

Stand Alone

Dream Come True: Rosepaw was Saskia's assignment moons ago, and now she's gotten her revenge - by kidnapping his best friend. Can Rosepaw get Featherpaw back? And who's help will he have to enlist in? *

Stuck In The Middle: When Brightmoon died, every cat assumed she'd passed onto StarClan. They were wrong. ON HOLD

Prison: After being thrown in prison for falling in love, Leafshadow recounts what happened. ON HOLD

Super Bowl Battle: This is what happens during the Super Bowl when Stareh is bored. :I *

Me and My Guardian: Blair is Spottedwing's Guardian, which means providing her protection from the Shadows. But she's the first Clan cat to know about the Guardian's existence - and now it's up to her to enlist in the help of the Clans for the battle that is coming faster than they think. TOP PRIORITY

Life of Crime: Shadesong assumed the worst of Whitefire when she first caught him killing a cat from another Clan. But Whitefire discovered a dark secret the Clans were involved with when he was just an apprentice, and has tasked himself with purifying the forest of the shadows lurking behind the trees. TOP PRIORITY


Quailsong's Trilogy: Three songfics in a series, telling the story of Quailsong's love triangle.

Jar of Hearts: The Clan player has charmed one too many she-cats over in Dawnfall, and she's ready to expose him for who he really is. *

Tomorrow: A series of songfics, a crossover between the film Les Miserables and Warriors.

How To Save a Life: She was killed. He's grieving. And he's ready to do whatever it takes to avenge her death. *

Prove You Wrong: A LeafXCrowXNight 'fic *

Safe and Sound: The battle is long over, but the memories still hurt Blazeheart as if they were fresh.

Frayed Edges: A series of songfics by the band The Fray

Not Afraid: Coming soo

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