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About Me (Human)

Hello! My name is Sparrowfeather. You can call me Sparrow, Sparrowfeather, Hawkfeather, Hawky, or Super-Nerd-Head. don't mind a bit! I don't mind you calling me most names, actually!

In my human form, I am a nerdy hyper teenage girl that tries to get good grades. I'm pretty much a happy go-lucky type of person with a love of cats and a tendency to have waaaayyyyyy to much sugar. Which, let me tell you, isn't a good thing. Or is. Depends on how far away you're standing. I enjoy movies, candy, and, of course, books.

I love to chat, so go ahead, say hi!

About Me (Warrior)

Hi, Sparrowfeather here. I'm a ginger she-cat with brown paws and tail and and green eyes. I'm a warrior of RainClan. We border SnowClan, HailClan, and LightningClan. Well, we don't border LightningClan, but you get it, right? Good.

I'm more of the kind to speak out than stay quiet, and that drives some insane. Honesty - or rather, too much of it - has been one of my problems since apprenticeship. I don't see why others get so touchy when I voice my real opinions. Honestly, you'd think they'd like some help every now and again! I know I wouldn't mind it. But they get angry at me so often, I'm practiced in throwing back snap-second insults. And fighting.

But don't let that give you the wrong impression - some say I'm nice. And I'm proud to report I only break the warrior code when it really is needed. 'Course, when it's needed is open to interpretation.

My Book Collection

  • 1-4 of the Old Prophecy
  • 4-6 of the New Prophecy
  • All of the Power of Three
  • Bluestar's Prophecy
  • SkyClan's Prophecy
  • Cats of the Clans


Just look at the title :) Thanks for stopping by!

Your friend,


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