Hi, and welcome to my user page! I just love the name Snowbird (no idea why), so I thought, why not use it as my username? Anyways, I hate RP games but love fanfiction, so here's a place to try it out, I guess. I am not new to the world of Wikias, so I should now my way around here pretty well, but if I'm doing anything wrong please let me know. Snowbird23

I'm also a fan of Harry Potter, Inkheart/Inkspell/Inkdeath, Mountain Dew, the Green Bay Packers (go Cheeseheads!!!), people who don't think that Favre had a right to go to the Jets, going randomly off topic (see here I do it again!! Oh, and also the dot-dot-dot thing... and parentheses()()()) reading big books in general (like the 800 pg ones!!!), chtspk (not 1337 spk), Barack Obama (sorry, I won't get into politics here), and Starbucks.

My stories: A Random CrowxLeaf Fanfic I know it's not finished but I'm working on it...

I believe:

  • Lionblaze, is like, turning totally evil but somebody's going to stop him with a mixture of physical therapy and chocolate (okay, not the last part, but you get what I mean).
  • Hollyleaf's power is thinking (kinda lame, but ok)
  • The whole Leaf+Crow=Jay thing (I will flame anyone who disagrees (okay, partly (partly)kidding)
  • One of Tawnypelt's kits (Tigerkit, I think) will become the med cat apprentice if Sol lets him (it's totally obvious in Eclipse cuz Littlecloud says, "I have someone in mind" or something and Tigerkit's the thinker of the trio)
  • The Fourth Apprentice is either going to be someone we don't know at all or someone completely obvious and we'll all kill ourselve for not knowing it in the first place and then since all the fans will be dead Vicky will be forced not to come out with any more books and all the libraries will burn them because- Oops sorry, I'm getting off topic again....
  • Sol is EVIL!!! In Capital Letters!!! Because it's more dramatic that way!!!
  • And Cinderheart will be either a deputy or a leader in the future.


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