aka Snickers

  • I live in U.S.A!!
  • I was born on December 27
  • My occupation is A student who has way too much homework.

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Hi peeps! Snickers is here!
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Hi! Letting you guys know, that I'm redoing my userpage a bit. Don't freak out. Just watch out for flying hedgehogs. I'm at work!

Fav Quotes

Public Warriors Spoof

Cinderpelt:My leg!

Spottedleaf:My Awesomeness! tongue!

Naughty Wizard Hawkfrost:Oh now that's just wrong.

From my school.......

Friend:I'm out of it today. I missed the chance to grab a quarter!!

Mythbusters (Mostly Adam.)

Adam:I reject your reality, and substitute my own.

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