Rainbelly-My Warrior From ThunderClan

Hey, everyone! My name's Erika (with a K, not a C!) But you can call me Rainbelly or SnapeFan1! I love Warrior Cats and enjoy writing Fanfictions about it. I know I'm going to love being a member here! :)

NOTE: I'm currently having an issue with my laptop, as it crashed and I'm trying to use a very slow one with terrible internet. I apologize if I become slightly inactive here.

My Fanfictions:

My Adopted Fanfictions:

-Diary Of A Wimpy Warrior-The Beginning

  • Ghost (Working On It-Originally Done By Hiddensun)
  • Fox (Working On It-Originally Done By Aquamarine1212)

My Songfics:

NOTE: Please review ALL of my Fanfictions And Songfics! I love getting good reviews and ideas on how to make my stories better!

Currently In Use:

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