Tuesday 1st November

French Period 1 + 2: We prepared for our Speaking Test. So far, we've been told that we will be having it next Tuesday, but it's not yet a set date. Eeek! I am not at all looking forward to it. But then again; who is? I don't think being alone in a cupboard with your slightly bonkers teacher, having a recorded conversation in French is sounds particularly appealing.

Break: Library? I believe that would be a fair guess...

Personal and Social Education Period 3 + 4: Me and Fallowpaw drew a mushroom border on an A3 sheet of paper! Don't worry; this was what we were supposed to be doing! I think we should add in some 3D to please our Guidance teacher. Although I'm not sure why on earth it pleases her so much... What's wrong with plain old fashioned (old fashioned??) 2D?

Lunch: I got yet another bought (if that's what you would call it...) of shakiness and anxiousness. Not quite as bad as yesterday fortunately. Anyway, I had lunch with Nightpaw and then we went outside with Rosepaw.

Science Period 5 + 6: Yup. I messed up on the second part of my Science test. 100% on Part A but only 65% on Part B. Whoops. We did something that made absolute no sense to me whatsoever. Although I am pretty certain I get it (kind of) now.

Break: Well, we were late out of Science again so only got about three minutes of break before the bell rang.

History Period 7 + 8: Eeeek. We did our talks today. Well, I did mine anyway. A number of people in my class "forgot" theirs. I don't think Stoatheart was particularly impressed. I mean, I missed the lesson in which this whole thing was explained, yet I still managed to come prepared! And I didn't even have to use last week to finish anything off!

Well, today the student teacher - let's call her Wildberry - was (kind of) teaching us. Yes, she's back. I actually don't mind her at all.

Anyway I didn't have to go until about halfway through the lesson. It was incredible nerve-wracking. I think I'd have much preferred it if we could have just spoken our talks from where we were sitting at our desks, but no, we had to stand at the front of the room. From there, the room looks massive. So I kind of just buried my face in my paper and got it over with. Did you know that when I'm nervous, I speak incredibly quickly with a really high-pitched posh English accent? I didn't either. But I was really aware of it whilst I was speaking. It must have sounded odd, because I don't really have an English accent. I have kind of a Scottish twang to my voice normally, but it's not incredibly prominent.

Why am I talking about my voice?...

Anyway, Stoatheart said it was very good and something to do with the fact that he had liked how I had linked animals into it. I'm not entirely sure; I just really wanted to sit back down and not have everybody stare at me.

Somebody got sent out of the room for laughing at Lionpaw. I don't even know why. He was doing really well, he just dropped his mask and said a name a little too loudly. I felt really sorry for him; he probably had the best - or one of the best - talk. And he managed to continue as if nothing had happened afterwards. But apparently he's considered a joke. Meanies.

After all of the talks had finished, we had hardly any time left. Wildberry told us about the programme in which it showed a man - who had donated his body to some sort of science-y medical experimentation - being mummified. She said that Stoatheart had told her to watch it, but it was so gory that she could only watch half of it and had nightmares afterwards.

We read a passage on mummification. And then that was about it.

Wednesday 2nd November

Maths Period 1: Uh oh. I can't remember!!

English Period 2: We got our Critical Evaluations back today! Hooray! You can probably guess by my optimism about this that I got good marks! It was a 3 something (that something being either a Developing, Consolidating or Secure) and the comment was Stylish and detailed! Very good! Maybe more quotes next time.. I was pleased - mostly because I had convinced myself that I'd completely mucked it up.

Enterprise and Enabling Technology Period 3 + 4: For the first period, we continued with our chocolate bar wrappers. Mine is finished but rather awful. For the second period, we did a test. And guess what?! I got full marks! Sure it was a multiple choice test and I guessed at most of the answers, but nobody really cares about those little details!!

Lunch: Fallowpaw told me the results of her test. She didn't do too well (I'm not sure whether or not she passed) - which is a real shame. She assured me that she didn't care what marks she got in this subject because she wasn't going to take it.

Craft, Design and Technology Period 5 + 6: Well... I was forgotten about! But with a little help from Moonpaw and Murkypaw, I was able to finally finish my microwave and am now onto my camera. Phewf!

Art and Design Period 7 + 8: Moonfrost helped me to finished of my My Aspirational Self piece. He said it was very good, but - and he was being very picky (I know this because he told me so) - it would look better if I added some more shading to the objects at the front. I spent the whole lesson doing it. It was rather hard trying to add shading to an imaginary image. But it does look better now!

Blazingpaw decided that Moonfrost has some sort of problem that prevents him from hearing and seeing any means of technology. Why? Most of the class had headphones in or were texting and the phone began to ring halfway through the lesson and it was not picked up.

Thursday 3rd November

Geography Period 1 + 2: Well... It was, as usual, quite uninteresting. You know that comment that I had been really looking forward to? The one about my crappy unfinished work? Well, turns out she didn't give me that comment. Apparently she'd liked it. I have a feeling she had been marking this work in a rush and I just got lucky.

Oh yeah - I got rained on. Yes, that was out of the ordinary. I was just writing away about an oil spill when I felt something cold on my arm. Hang on a minute, why is my entire arm all wet?! And there's water all over my text book!. As it turns out, the window was open and my desk was being rained upon...

English Period 3 + 4: We summarised a whole lot of rules, steps and words that are apparent to Close Reading. Did I do it well? I am not yet sure.

Lunch: Library! Tasteless spaghetti and odd truffle things in the library!!

Maths Period 5 + 6: Our teacher is frightened of puppets and the Go Compare advert. What a peculiar man. We were doing insurance. How interesting!!

French Period 7 + 8: Not my favourite lesson in the world. I may go into it in more detail later.

Friday 4th November

Music Period 1 + 2: Gadzillas. I was paired with Mudpaw again. And we had to make more music. Not fun. By the way - screechy fiddles do not sound soft and tinkling.

Maths Period 3 + 4: Nothing much.

Lunch: Us `Library Folk` discussed birth dates. I've got them all written down!

English Period 5 + 6: Finished off everything that needed to be finished.

Science Period 7 + 8: We got Mr Scott for the first period of Science. Unfortunately, as Windwhisker had the key to the room (she was off today) we had to stand in the corridor for a good fifteen minutes before the Head of Department lady came along with the spare key and let us in.

Why am I always left with Mudpaw?...

We were making data cards about elements.

Then Mr Allan came and took over. He let us out early!

(Yes - I was too tired to go into any detail. I may redo this when I'm not feeling so lazy...)

Saturday 5th November

We have drawn plans for my bedroom! It looks bad at the moment...

Yes we forgot about Bonfire Night..Y.

But I did discover something amazing last night! The Kooks! Look them up!

Friday 11th November

Boy oh boy do I need to update this! Sorry for abandoning you! I've been so busy! I'll start from Tuesday because Monday was kind of rubbish;


French Period 1 + 2: Test! Speaking Test! Ahhhh! I was one of the first chosen to do this too. Oh jolly good! Yeah, I had to go and wait outside the room for ages before being called into The Cupboard (a.k.a. The Modern Languages Base). I got a lot of nods and a few smiles at the end, but no clue as to whether or not I had done well or completely failed it.

Personal and Social Education Period 3 + 4: My old teacher Art teacher covered for our class. We did fifteen minutes of poster-making before the Fy girls (Me, Fallowpaw, Mazepaw and another) were sent to get our second jabs. There was a lot of confusion with me. The nurse had to contact my parents to make sure that I was allowed to take this anti-histamine medicine that I had been given after my last reaction - even though I'd taken a note with the bottle and my parents had said to them before-hand! So after twenty minutes of waiting - by which point Fallowpaw and Mazepaw had already left, I was given the medicine and the proper school nurse gave me my jab. It was incredibly nippy and I still got the whole pins-and-needle tingling sensations afterwards, but it came to nothing more and went away pretty quickly. The nurses kept me sitting in the room for ages before they let me return to class.

Except I went to the wrong class. Ha ha! I was one floor to low, but fortunately I didn't actually step into the room and I doubt anybody noticed me! When I returned to the right room, I had to explain why I was so late back - avoiding the part when I almost walked into the wrong room.

Then me and Fallowpaw continued to draw. We haven't gotten very far!!

Lunch: I honestly can't remember.

Science Period 5 + 6: We did some experiments! Ooooh!

History Period 7 + 8: Well, we listened to the remaining talks that had yet to be done. Wildpaw, once again, got out of doing hers. She's just... grrr. Then the student teacher continued to talk to us about mummification. I think my medicine began to wear off towards the end of the lesson, because my arms became really sore and tingly and I generally just felt icky and tired. Stoatheart was there, but he only spoke once or twice, and was in and out of the classroom quite a lot. I'm actually looking forward to the lessons becoming back to normal - they used to be a lot better when it was just him teaching us! I don't know - I have a thing about student teachers and learning support teachers (even though my Mum is a learning support teacher...). I just don't like them being there. Apart from in Science; I can make an exception there. Only because my Science teacher is terrifying and sometimes rather awful at explaining things. But in History; no. Just no. We don't need to be used for any more experiments and I recently found out that Stoatheart is a learning support teacher.


I'll skip today. It wasn't particularly interesting. Apart from Craft, Design and Technology and Art.

Craft, Design and Technology: Blazingpaw broke a chair - and I mean properly broke it. It literally fell to pieces. While he was sitting on it. It was quite amusing. And then his hairband snapped. He has waist-length curly blonde hair, so everybody began to call him `Rapunzel`. I lent him one of my hairbands.

Art: We were covered by pink-haired-religious-lady! Eeek!


Nothing much. Guess I can skip you out today too...

And now back to Friday. I'll only talk about the interesting parts.

Music Period 1 + 2: Mudpaw argued with me about absolute crap. I tried to reason with her and said sensibly, "There is absaloutely no point taking out the last part because without it we'll have about five minutes of silence. Plus, it's probably the easiest part to play; we're just using two notes and we'll have time to switch the voice while the other is playing the choir tune." But she was having none of that. She ended up taking the pencil from my hand and scribbling the last part out. Even though I honestly didn't give - the piece was rubbish anyway -, I pretended to be incredibly upset and refused to talk to her for the rest of lesson. Ha ha!

English Period 5 + 6: We did a Standard Grade piece of Close Readin - even though we're not really supposed to be doing that until the end of third-year. It was surprisingly easy but took up so much time. Only one person finished. I was amazed.

Saturday 12th November

We went into town so that my Mum could get her hair cut. Nobody bought anything. Then on our way back, we popped into Tesco and did a huge big shop.


My cousins were coming round! So when we got home, I cooked dinner - chicken fajitas, if you were wondering!! - and then they arrived! We all went to bed super early because for whatever reason, we were so tired.

Sunday 13th November

The first thing I did this morning was bake an apple cake! Then I jumped in the shower and did my hair - I am obsessed with french braids and have finally learnt how to do them!! - and by that time, my grandparents, my uncle and my aunty and her boyfriend had arrived. We had three roast chickens - what? There were fourteen of us! - loads of carrots and cabbage, yorkshire puddings and a bowl full of roast tatties! Yum!

For pudding we had a massive pavlova and my apple cake!

Again, we went to bed very early...

Monday 14th November

We nipped out to the co-op. Apparently it takes three of us to buy a cartoon of milk. Although we did buy most of the cheapy bin, so by the time we reached the check-out, or trolley consisted of milk, ten cream cakes, rice, scones and some icky looking biscuits that had obviously been sitting on the shelves since Halloween. Hmmm...

Then everybody went home. I staid up to stupid hours in the morning watching Friends. They are quite addictive.

Wednesday 16th November

Maths Period 1: We were let out late.

English Period 2: In the Notices, it said that everybody in my class had been displaced to E2. So I went there instead of A4. As we had been let out late from Maths, I was in a hurry, so I peeked in through the window, saw faces and opened the door. Big mistake.

I walked into an S1 History class.


So I was standing there, in the wrong room, probably looking terrified and confused as everybody stared up at me.

"Holly," Stoatheart says as if he were about to give me a row.

"Ummmm... This is E2, isn't it?..." I manage to force out.


"Oh. Ah, I thought, um, my English class was displaced here?"

Stoatheart rises from the chair that he was sitting on and leads me out of the classroom, away from all of the staring faces and the sniggering.

"No, there was a mistake in the Notice," he tells me once the door had closed.

"Oh... So where am I?"

"I think you're just in A4. Although there are exams going on down that corridor, so you better be quiet."

"Okay! Sorry!" I say, hurrying out of the hut.

Thankfully, it turned out that Lionpaw had also gone to the wrong room. So we walked down to English together, arriving at least a good ten minutes late. We read for the entire lesson.

Enterprise and Enabling Technologies Period 3 + 4: We got a substitute teacher! Hooray! But we did a worksheet that I could barely make sense of. For the last part, I ended up making something up about selling pens... Yeah, not great!

Lunch: Nothing special! Nightpaw showed me her new glasses though!

Craft, Design and Technology Period 5 + 6: My computer decided that it would not like to move onto the next stage. My teacher spent at least ten minutes fiddling with it, but it still didn't want to work. She told me that she'd just go and help this other girl who had been stuck for a while and that she'd come back to help me in a second. Except she didn't come back.

Art Period 7 + 8: Well, Moonfrost stood on me. Ouch. Then he said something along the lines of, "I meant to do that!" - or it may have been "You meant to do that!". Anyway, he saw the look on my face - confusion, fear, pain - and quickly added "I was only joking", smiling gently.

He then went on to talk to us about mugs. Yes, mugs. We were lectured on them for a bit and then sent away to draw them. Our homework is to draw another. Don't ask.

Moonfrost has that `Dumbledore look`. It's a bit creepy actually. He was talking to us and then he looked around at the people on his right - which was me, another girl and Murkypaw. He kind of peered over the top of his glasses at us and as he also has the blue eyes, I found that I had to look away. A bit odd...

Thursday 17th November

Geography Period 1 + 2: Oh my gah!!! So boring! Geography is most certainly not one of my favourite subjects.

English Period 3 + 4: We were once again displaced to E2. I was a little nervous to go there this time, so I met Moonpaw in the Library and we went together. When we walked in, at first we thought it was the wrong place (again) - or I did anyway... - because nobody else was there and Stoutheart's jacket was on the spinny chair at the front of the room - yes, I'm weird, I know what my teachers' jackets look like... Then he actually walked into the room and I was kind of freaking out. But he didn't say anything, just collected a bag and some books and left. Everybody else soon arrived and I was able to relax.

We went over the results of our Close Reading test. I got 31/50 (not too pleased about that), although apparently that was really good. After all, it is an exam paper for third/fourth-year. So I passed. Hooray!

Then we went on to write some scripts!

Lunch: I bought Come-As-You-Please Day tickets for tomorrow!

Maths Period 5 + 6: Our teacher finally got annoyed at us because of the noise level.

French Period 7 + 8: I basically finished all of my work within the first twenty minutes of the lesson. We were finishing of the Speaking Tests, but as I had already done mine, me and everybody else in my position were asked to work through an exercise in our textbooks. Easy peasy. Moonpaw finished around the same time and was given a sheet. I'd already finished this sheet and an extra one last lesson (?) so I just sat there and pretended to look busy!!

Saturday 19th November

So, we packed up and piled into the car at around 10:30am. Three hours later, we arrived at Edinburgh. We drove straight to our hotel. Disappointment. I knew, as we were all staying in the same room, it would be a little tight. But a little tight? No way! It was way past a little tight. Seriously! Family room?! I think not! A tiny cupboard room with two beds and a cot stuffed into it is a much more fitting description. There was absolutely no floor space and we had to clamber over the two beds to get from one wall to the other. It looked like me and my brother would have to share the same sofa bed. Great stuff.

We dumped our bags and then set out to the museum. It took half an hour in a taxi. The first thing we saw was, funnily enough, a little box from Monymusk (which is a place about five minutes down the road from us!!). We then walked around the bit about all of the Scottish history.

Then a stupid man wouldn't let us into the cafe. It wasn't even closing time and he'd let the people in front through! We spent the rest of the way to the beginning grumbling about him. But being chucked out of that cafe led us to The Elephant House, which is the place where JK Rowling sat to write her Harry Potter stories. Although she must be deaf to work in there! It was absolutely heaving!!

We arrived back at the hotel and met up with my grandparents. My mum and dad chucked me into their room because even they had more space than us. We all walked along to the flat of some family friends that lived nearby. I'd already met George and Sheila, but I was able to finally meet Magnus, Tatiana and Aitana. George is basically my Grandad's twin. They wear the same clothes, have the same hair, share the same opinions... Hell, they even have the same car! It's a little worrying actually... Sheila is his wife and is creepily like my Grannie, apart from the fact that she was/is an alcoholic. They don't look the same but they can basically finish off each other's sentences. Magnus is one of George and Sheila's children and is married to Tatiana - a very small Spanish lady. Their daughter is Aitana, who is a year older than me. She's incredibly posh and goes to an incredibly expensive boarding school and can speak fluent Spanish.

We all walked down the street to an Italian restaurant where we had dinner. I had spaghetti con popelle, which was basically just spaghetti and meatballs. Delish!

Halfway through dinner, my end of the table began to speak about body shapes and sizes. Aitana seemed quite upset that she was so small and had no curves. And then her mother began to agree.

"You have no shape - just straight up and down. Not like Holly, she has the breast and the curves."


My Grannie kind of saved that one by coming back to the table!

We stayed out until about 10:00pm before walking back to the hotel. My grandparents left us to go back for drinks with their friends, leaving me in their room by myself. I showered and then hung aboot for two hours, watching crappy TV and reading.

They got back at around 12:30pm. We slept until about 03:00am when there was this scratching scraping noise on the wall. It sounded as if somebody was trying to get into our room and was really creepy. But it went away after a while - thankfully!

Sunday 20th November

Well, I went down to breakfast with my grandparents. My grandad basically shouts across the round once we were settled down to eat;

"Hilary, I think that woman's having Baileys for breakfast!!"

"Michael! Stop staring!!"

Meanwhile I was shrinking further and further down into my seat...

"Right, now for forty-five minutes of standing beside people who's names I can't remember." - Grandad.

Then we met with my parents and siblings, only to realise that we had no idea where this church was for the Christening. So we basically drove around Edinburgh for a while until we found it. We were quite late. At least ten minutes. My Dad, as he was the Godfather and was actually supposed to arrive an hour early, stopped the car in the middle of the street and leaped out onto the road, leaving my Mum to park it. We watched as my Dad tried to open the door, saw the look of panic on his face when he found that it was locked and tried to stop ourselves from laughing as he ran down the pavement to hammer on the window!

Me, my mum, siblings and grandparents had to sneak in whilst everybody was singing. Embarrassing... Then while the priest man was speaking about his sheep and his goats, my sister decides to scream;

"Where's my rabbit?! I want my rabbit!!"

Afterwards, we had tea and scones and went back to my Uncle's flat for the 'party'. There was a handful of family, some friends, who I assumed to be Bec's mum and dad and two other people who I did not know or recognize. We had a good time, I guess!

Then it was three hours back home in the car and some last minute showers and homework.

Monday 21st November

Let's just say that it was a tiring day, and that from tomorrow onwards, my posts will be back to normal.

Tuesday 22nd November

French Period 1 + 2: Well, we continued on with the remaining Speaking Tests. I only had to answer one question, so as I had done a hell of a lot more work than most people, I just `decorated` my page. So really, I spent the whole lesson doodling... Not a Holly-ish thing to do - but I had done everything and honestly couldn't be bothered with any extension work!!

Personal and Social Education Period 3 + 4: Me and Fallowpaw finished our mushroom poster! It was amazing! I drew a blue mushroom man and a creepy cloaked figure!! Then we discussed important things that are to come up in the near future. I'm getting a map report next week, a proper written report on the 3rd February, a parent's evening on the 7th February and I have to have chosen my subjects for next year by the 20th February. I made a blog post on choosing subjects! Please check it out and help me decide!!

Lunch: Ummm?

Science Period 5 + 6: It can't have been interesting, otherwise I would have remembered what we did.

History Period 7 + 8: The student teacher - did I call her Wildberry? - taught us today. Stoatheart wasn't there. I don't really like her at all. Fortunately, I think she said that this was her last lesson with us until January. Yey! We did some odd quiz games that I did not enjoy. Too noisy. At the end, Stoatheart came round and handed letters out to us all. The teachers are having a strike next Wednesday, so we get the day off. Hooray!! :)

Thursday 24th November

Geography Period 1 + 2: Ugh. Just ugh. Apparently I'm not especially popular in this class. Nice job, Holly.

English Period 3 + 4: We carried on with our Candy's Scripts. Was that it? I think so...

Lunch: Brickpaw (remember my friend Birdpaw that lives next door to me? I've renamed her Brickpaw to avoid confusion between the person that I know in real life and the user on here.) is a b*itch and completely and utterly tactless. I honestly can't see how she has a any friends. Really, sometimes I just want to punch her or kick her skinny a*se or rip that silly dyed hair that she keeps complaining about from her head.

Heh! If I was a ginger wearing a kilt and eating haggis, I'd be a stereotypical Scot! I'm violent and I swore!

Maths Period 5 + 6: We have homework. And a test coming up in two weeks. Eeek! I want to stay exactly where I am!

French Period 7 + 8: We were in E2. How come I'm always in E2? Unfortunately, the desks were messed up, so I didn't get to sit at my usual desk. Fortunately I was able to sit at a desk beside Mistpaw. I drew a comic book strip in French! It was fun! And then laughed at a couple snogging in the Library - right beside a window! Fun stuff!

Friday 25th November

Bloody hell. It was freezing this morning. And I mean properly cold. It was frosty and I could see my breath as I trudged down the road. I've been told that it had snowed in Strathdon and Cragievar - so hopefully we'll get some soon!

Music Period 1 + 2: We played movie theme tunes. Pretty uninteresting. Bwahaha! Can't we play Supersonic?! Why am I so incredibly hyper talking about on of my least favourite subjects?!

Highlight of the Lesson: I got to play a Harry Potter song on the keyboard!!

Maths Period 3 + 4: Statistics, statistics, statistics... It was easy and completely uninteresting.

Highlight of the Lesson: I'm pretty certain that my teacher stood at the front of the room, pointed at the board and said, "That's good sh*t". I could quite possibly be mistaken. But that's what it sounded like.

Lunch: I bought chicken tagliatelle. A better name for it would be tasteless mush with ham and sweetcorn.I ended up having cake. How healthy of me.

Highlight of Lunch: I got to call Brickpaw mean! Because she is! She keeps calling Kuripaw a `nasty b*tch` behind her back. Why? Apparently Kuripaw talks about people behind their backs. That sounds incredibly unlikely.

English Period 5 + 6: We got to spend the whole lesson watching Of Mice and Men! It's actually a pretty amazing video! So sad! And we didn't even finish watching it!!

Highlight of the Lesson: All of it! :)

Science Period 7 + 8: How much do I hate Chemistry? The answer to that would be; a lot.

Highlight of the Lesson: The bell ringing!!

Home: My Dad moved my furniture so that I can start painting it tomorrow. I'll get a picture. It's a tip, but I tried to be organized about it!!

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