aka Lyric

  • I live in the star trek universe.
  • My occupation is learning klingon! bIpIv'a'?
  • I am aro!


"cannibal class, killin the son" ~ billie eilish

hello - i'm lyric, an antisocial, edgy, aromantic, wof/warriors loving geek who has started waaay too many fanfics.

i like reading the first twilight book and then never getting around to reading the rest, and i'm a huge fan of the book series maze runner, the menagerie, nancy drew, and the television series brooklyn nine-nine (all hail gina, queen of sass)

i'm also adhd, dyslexic, synesthesic, and prone to anxiety attacks. as of may 5th 2020, i've been on the wiki 2 months and have 1,500+ edits.

so, ah, what brings you to my "about me" page, {{{1}}}? let me know on my talkpage, and i'll get back to you asahp! (as soon as humanly possible)

enjoy your stay on wfw, i guess, and i hope to see you around!

Fics To Do

no stealy >:00

A Fading Star // Fadingstar never expected to die, and certainly not in her first battle as leader of ThunderClan. But when given a choice in StarClan, she has the option to re-live her life, fix her mistakes, and right the wrongs.

Storm of Storms // tba

Black Ice // tba

Rebel // Diving deeper into Rebel's story, we find out what she did... and what spurred her on. A spin-off movie for Blood Moon (sequel to Bronze)

Rich Kids // There are no more leaders, there are no more clans, there's only a hierarchy. Only a Line. Umber lives in the poorest camp, with the worst leaders. She doesn't seem to be good at anything. At least, until one day, she discovers that she's pretty good... at being bad.

Gamble // A songfic to the song I Bet My Life by Imagine Dragons

Watch // A modern-day love story between two rogues who hoped never to see each other again

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