Warriors Fanfiction
Warriors Fanfiction

Welcome to Silver's page!

Hi I love to write warriors, read books, and hang out with my awesome friends. My favorite kind of chocolate 


is 72% cocoa dark chocolate. My favorite fruit is the kumquat.

My stories :) 

I want to complete some of these by the time this year ends. (my late new year's resolution)

Complete In Progress
If the dark forest won (part of the What If? Series) Secrets From Within
Skyclan divided Moons of Shadow, Suns of Light
Night Falls Time To Die
Live Again All You Have To Do Is Ask
Claws Unsheathed Betrayal Series
Broken Hearts

Destiny Awaits...

__________________________To Change A Heart...

Other stories I totally LOVE and that you should read. 



Burnt to Ash

If Fallen Leaves Had Lived

Seeking Revenge

Shard of Ice

Seeking Revenge