If you want to (and If I know you) the feel free to sign this, and I'll get on it right away!

The Resident, Original Awesome: Hey Tobi (I love that name btw)! I love the way you signed it :D. Bird is a pretty old user (in a good way :D). Bird seems pretty high positioned as far as users go, and as far as I can tell. She is, as She mentioned, awesome :D. She was inactive for a time, but has come back! Verdict: The Awesome.

I am fire. I am death. >:D No, just kidding. I'm Eevee! :D ~ Hey Vee! Vee is a real great user here. She is a blast to hang out with, and she is really funny. Plus she has two cats who like elctronics :D. She hates (I mean likes) being called Eevee, but Vee is a cool name too :D. Verdict: Electro Kitty Owner! Note from Eevee: Eevee likes being called Eevee though. D: Note from Shiningfur: What?! I heard someone say you hated being called Eevee. Ok, so scratch that, Eevee likes being called Eevee :).

Hawkehh! Hey there Hawk! I'm not really sure what to say, since I don't really know you. All I really know, is that you made a new wiki, that should be checked out! Verdict: The Creator.

HAS ANYONE HEARD OF THE SONG TERRIBLE THINGS???? Warrior! No I haven't heard of that song. I don't really know Warrior much, but I know she (you're a girl right?) commented on A Bright Star which dubs her the greatest commenter of all time. Plus she said Rumblestar was a great name :). Verdict: The commenter.

that one kitsunocat who writes Marred... what's her name again? XD BLADE! Blade is a totally awesome writer, and one of her current books is totally awesome. She is really fun to hang out with, and is very purrsesive of her catfish puns :). She uses x_x a lot in chat, and she's on chat a lot too. She is kind of a gamer, and is totally cool at it. Mostly she is totally cool. Verdict: The coolest cool writer ever.

Jay found a chocolate made. <3 x3 Jay! Jay is really cool, and great to hang out with in chat. She is great for having "chat wars", plus she has some great books. She has a lot of collabs that she's working on, including one with my sis :). Verdict: The chat War CREATOR!

Soar like a raven. Don't know you yet... but I'll definately have to get to know you.

Dude BD HIMGY!!!!! HIMG is soooo cool. Not only did she make my first siggy, but she is also British! YAY! HIMG is kinda random, and fun to hang out with. Plus AND is so cool! Verdict: British Coffe.

User:DarkMidnightHowl8642 Darkeh! Hey Darky! Darkey is really cool. He is one of the only guys on here that I know, plus he taught me coding. Also, he is a great friend, once you get to know him :). For some reason, he opened up to me immediently *Proud Face* and I really like him. Verdict: That cool guy.

I'm pretty sure I was on this before :o Firey! Yeah I thought you were on here too O.O. Firey and I had a little bit of a dispute lately, but since she is super forgiving, she forgave my ridiculous childishness. Thanks Firey <3. Anyway, Firey is really cool, and a good coder (Or at least to me, the person who knows almost nothing about coding). She is calm, cool, and collected, and really nice. Verdict: Can't think of one yet...

Shineeee come back. I saw Sky, like a week ago D: I miss you two a ton <3 

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