• This was an actual chat done on 12/15/13, but edited a little.

Moss chucks cucumber at Blade and Draws sword, and says, "Shall we continue?"

Blade leads flailing crowd in a flash mob towards Moss. Skystorm shrugs and follows blade into battle against Moss. Shiningfur follows Blade.

Moss attacks Blade, and says, "WEEEE" Blade flails out of the way of Moss's attack.

Blade and Moss then have an epic swordfight. 

Shiningfur attacks Moss and says, "WOO"

Skystorm flails wildly.

Moss says, "NUU" and fights back against Shiningfur.

Shiningfur flail hits Moss. Skystorm attacks Shiningfur, even though they are working together.Shiningfur wonders why Skystorm attacked her.

Moss says, "LEE HELP IS NEEDED PEOPLE" before giving a big frown.

Skystorm laughs evilly. Blade's sword is flailing efurrywhere as she swings and types at the same time. Shiningfur kills Skystorm. Skystorm regenerated from being killed.Shiningfur is suprised that Skystorm can regenerate. Blade stabs the cucumber that was thrown at her by Moss. Skystorm continues in the flail fight. 

Moss steals galbatorix, and says, "KILL HER".

The Galbatrix says, "Sure, whatever".

Moss and galbatorix then procede to attack blade.

Moss says, "NUU CUCUMBER" because it was stabbed by Blade, and frowns. 

Blade thinks out loud, someone should animate this.

Moss agrees with Blade by saying, "Ya."

Skystorm says, "Yeah, that would be.... interesting"

Moss suddenly attacks Blade while she is distracted. Blade then steals all of Sophie Foster's abilities. Blade teleports away from Moss's attack. Then, Skystorm flaps her hands in effuryone's face.

Then Shining fur kills Moss and says, "HAHAHAHAHAHA".

Blade rides her alicorn towards Moss, who Shiningfur just killed.Shiningfur says, "uhh, I already killed Moss."

Skystorm is suprised that Blade has an Alicorn and says, "You have an Alicorn? Sweet!" Shiningfur then laughs evilly.

Moss says,"NUUUU" before regenerated her cucumbers. Then she says, "DIE" and Kills ALL HER EPICAL FIGHT ENEMY FRIEND THING"

Shiningfur asks, "What is with the regenerating thing?"

Blade then shouts loudly inside of Moss's mind.

Skystorm rides epic rainbow alicorn around and laughsVee blinks, being confused before asking, "What the..."


Moss Grabs head and falls to floor, before saying, "SHUDDUP"

Blade Flails. Shiningfur follows Blade. Sky hops onto Blade's alicorn, before giving an evil smile.

Moss says, "oh what, I love Nyan cat!" before playing Nyan Cat inside Blade's head. Skystorm flails.

Tallstar007 shoots bees at everyone. Shiningfur dodges all of the bees. 

Vee then says, "Stop it Tall"

Moss cowers, and says, "NUU NOT BEES"

Blade stabs Moss and shoves her away toward the bees.

Skystorm then says, "The bees, THE BEES!"

Moss then backstabs Blade, while Skystorm flails dramatically in a death scene.

Suddenly, Wetty walks in Shiningfur says, "AHH! SILENCE, WETTY IS BACK!."

When Wetty walks in, Moss chucks a knife at Sky's back, thinking she is Blade. Skystorm dodges the knife. Blade then unleashed her psionics at Moss.Then Tallstar becomes evil for no reason.

Blade randomly says, "Randommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm".

Moss joins tall in becoming evil and says, "DIE PEOPLE!", while Blade says, "mmm" and eats candy. Skystorm joins Blade in eating candy.

Shiningfur then drinks a milkshake of invincibility, and says, "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH ME ISH INVINCIBLE!"

After eating the candy, Blade tosses the wrappers at Moss. Moss steals the leftover candy, before attacking Shiningfur to no avail. Blade, angry that Moss stole her candy, slaps Moss before taking back the candy. Then Skystorm throws a candy bomb at Moss, while Shiningfur kills Moss, and stops her regenerator. Moss, somehow still alive, eats the candy bomb, which explodes doing nothing.Blade then throws a banb (bomb I think) at Moss, before accepting an invincibility Milkshake from Shiningfur, and drinking it in record time. Skystorm suddenly creates an epic draw pencil, and makes a giant monster, and then asks Shiningfur if she can have an invincibility milkshake. Shiningfur gives Skystorm an invincibility milkshake. Skystorm thanks Shiningfur. Tallstar007 launches fish at everybody. Loudclaw makes an Invulnerability smoothie.

Moss says, "Cucumber army, AAAAATTTAAAAACCCKK!"

Blade then says something in Japanese.

Then Skystorm says, "Banana army! ATAAAAACK!"

Loudclaw then throws a smoothie at Blade, and says, "PINEAPPPLE ARMY! ATTACK!".

Tallstar then says, "Fish Army, ATAAAAAAAAAAAK!"

Then Shiningfur realizes that Moss must be the Doctor, because she can regenerate. Sky then tells Shiningfur that Moss is not the Doctor, because the Doctor is too cool for WFW. Shiningfur accepts this explenation and says, "MILKSHAKE ARMY, ATTACAAAAAAAAACK!"

Meanwhile, Blade keeps saying things in Japanese. Shiningfur and Skystorm both wonder what Blade is saying.

All of a sudden, Loudclaw launches an attack at the Milkshake army. Shiningfur counters the attack, and defeats the Pineapple Army. Meanwhile, Sky highvives Moss, who just won the whole war. Blade then stabs all of Moss's cucumbers.

Moss says, "NUU STEEVVEEEEEE!" and informs everyone that her cucumbers are all called Steevee.

Skystorm slowly back away into a corner, while Blade leads a cake army into battle. Loudclaw brings his apple army out of the trees, and tells them to attack. Shiningfur leads her Milkshake army in battle agains the Apple army, but is too late because Skystorm has already defeated them with her knife army. Shiningfur declares that her Milkshakes have won, because they are invincible. Loudclaw then brings Phazon out of water, and attacks the milkshakes, and wins

This is the end of the chat wars, for 12/15/13. I hope to make more.

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