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Shaf Girl

Greetings from Shaf Girl. I'm from the Warriors, Warriors Fanfiction, Warriors RP, and Pixar wikis. I'm a sysop on the Warriors RP wiki, an admin on the LakeClan rp, and founder of MSFP (My Silver Fang Pack, an rp site dedicated to the Ginga Japanese anime series). If you need something, put a comment on the talk page.

Ignore the above post..."cuz I'm a freak, baby!"
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I'm attempting to make my userpage go back to the days where it had more sections and was much more interesting. Unfortunately, I can only work on it in small pockets of time I have. I apoligize if you come across my page in a half-constructed state. Also apoligize for my unoriginality in stealing userpage ideas from other people. I give all the credit to you and take none for myself.

Guestbook and Friends' List

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My Thoughts on Other Users

Just sign here and I'll put my thoughts on you.

Arti - She is AWESOMESAUCE! That's really the only way to describe her. She's smart, funny, kind, and writes epic stories.
Auri - One of my good friends on here who has similar opinions to mine on the Warriors series.
Birdy - Sweet user who doesn't try to side with anyone.
Foresty - Another user whose EPIC POWERS CANNOT BE BEAT. Oh, and she writes good stories too. XD
Sunny - Respected user who can be both serious and funny easily. Another good friend of mine.
Rosie - Opinionated user who still has a lot to learn, but I feel she can contribute a lot to this wiki if she sets her mind to it.
Shigura - She shares my love of the show Glee! What more can you want?
TPL - Great user who tries hard to do her best.
Warriorcat - Not on that often, but still a very good friend.
Wetty - Amazing leader of ThunderClan and a great storyteller.
Mistysun - I don't know her that well, but she seems like a good user and she's got some good fanfics.

Random Stuff About Me

(took a lot of categories from other people)

Name: Claire (though I've never gotten over the feeling that it doesn't really fit me)

Nicknames (a.k.a. prefered names): Shaf Girl, Shaf, Maia, Wildfire, Wildlark, Zenny Cirque, That Sassy Chick (if you have to ask, talk to GroceryBag)

Age: Meh, I'm a teenager

Birthday: March 19

Chinese Zodiac: Rat

Horoscope: Pisces

Country: United States

Appearance: Tall, long brown hair, fair skin, green-gray eyes

Pets: Maia--white Lab mix with stocky build, brown eyes, sweet temper, and knack for stealing food off of the kitchen counter

And now for the favorites!

Movies: Too many to count. I'm a fan of Pixar, big time, that's for sure. But I'm also into 2D animation and was very excited when The Princess and the Frog came out (which, even if it hadn't been the first Disney animation since cruddy Home On The Range, was an excellent film). Also love Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. And while I'm all for great effects, I've never really caught on with Star Wars, Star Trek, or Avatar. I guess I like stunning CGI with a great story and characters. Is it just me, or do all the great characters end up dying?

Books: Warriors (don't even have to mention that), Harry Potter, Redwall, Chronicles of Narnia, The Hobbit, The Goose Girl, The Secret Life of Bees, His Dark Materials, Series of Unfortunate Events, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, thousands of others that I can't recall right now

Authors: Erin Hunter, J.K. Rowling, Shanon Hale, C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Lemony Snickett

TV Shows: Glee, SpongeBob (the old episodes, at least), Ace of Cakes, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Good Eats, Ginga Nagareboshi Gin, Ginga Densetsu Weed, Wolf's Rain, Futurama, The Simpsons

Singers/Songs/Music: A lot, I'll tell you that. I love all kinds of genres. Right now I'm really into Coldplay.

Animals: wolves (my daemon, if you've ever read His Dark Materials), dogs, cats, horses, dolphins, sea lions, tons and tons of others

Computer/PS2/X-Box 360 (all the gaming platforms I have) Stuff: Zoo Tycoon 2, Spore, Roller Coaster Tycoon 3, Microsoft Word (where I make all my stories), lots of cool paint programs my friends let me use, Guitar Hero 3 and 5, Thrill Ville, Monkeyball, Pure, lots of other stuff

Hobbies: horseback riding, reading, writing, drawing, swimming, goofing off with my friends, playing on the computer

Colors: green is my favorite, though I like a lot more

Foods: sushi, chocolate, creme brulee, anything fried (even though it's horrible for you), I love a bunch of other foods

Places I've Traveled To: Vancouver, Munich (in Germany), Austria, Italy, Hawaii

Other Sites and My Names There

DeviantArt: MaiaxDale
Gingaboard: shaf girl
Children of StarClan: Wildlark

I also belong to Chicks Rock, Chicks Rule, a fansite for the Dixie Chicks, though I doubt any of you are on there, too. If you are, though, please tell me!

Plus I'm on several other wikis: Warriors Roleplay Wiki, Warriors Fanfiction Wiki, Gigglercats Wiki, Pixar Wiki, Spore Wiki

Wildfire of RiverClan's Story

(the style is ispired by a similar story on MosswhiskerandStealthfire's page)

You're not sure where you are. One moment, you fell asleep in the warriors' den. The next, you are in a forest that seems to have a faint twinkle, like stars.

At the moment, you are in an unfamiliar clearing with a small stream that runs through. Suddenly, the trees around you burst into flames. You can feel the heat on your pelt as you whip around, searching for a way through the flames. Then, just as soon as they appeared, the flames die down. You turn around, and instead of a stream, there is a pretty she-cat standing in front of you. She has short, sleek, orange fur, with brown spots all over it. Her green eyes have a warmth that draws you in, like a fireplace in a Twoleg nest.

"Hello," she mews, her breath smelling of herbs. "You are in StarClan, young one, though it is not time for you to join us. You are merely in a dream. My name is Wildfire, medicine cat of RiverClan."

You stare at the she-cat, wondering how such a sweet cat could have such a fierce name.

"I wasn't always of RiverClan," Wildfire continues. "I was born a rogue named Fuega. I don't remember much of my kithood, only that by the time I was a full grown cat, I had left my mother and littermates and was traveling with another she-cat, Hurricane. Eventually, we lived near the territory of the Clans. I'm not sure how it happened, seeing as it's so close to water, but the RiverClan camp caught on fire. Hurricane and I helped the other cats escape, and we were offered to join the Clan. Hurricane refused, as she wanted to continue life by herself, but I agreed."

The she-cat sighs. "I sometimes wonder what would have happened if I refused, too. The medicine cat told me that he had seen a vision in the fire, that I was to be the next healer for RiverClan. My training took only a short time, and then I earned the named Wildfire. I was RiverClan's medicine cat until the day I died."

Note from Shaf Girl: This version of Wildfire was the first I had come up with. But then I joined LakeClan, an RP run by Jakko123 that recently shut down, and I decided to use Wildfire as my character. After that, everything changed.

Wildfire of LakeClan's Story

I'm currently working on her story in the novel "Fuega, Fuega". You can view it on deviantart.

First Chapter: [1]



I know, SpiderxDaisy is disgusting. I agree with that logic. But remember, they are cats. In real life, mating is an instinct (even I cannot help but snicker at that), not always applying because of love. From the looks of it, SmokyxDaisy wasn't really about love, either. Frostfur mated with two toms. Tigerstar mated with two she-cats.

But as the series progresses onward, the Erins seem to find the need to fuel the fans' ideas that all pairings are based on love, adding the idea that there are different types of love between pairings. Witness a typical Erin Hunter chat.

Fans: Crowfeather is in love with two she-cats!

Erins: No, Feathertail was his "high school crush". Leafpool is his real love.

Fans: And Tigerstar? He mated with two she-cats!

Erins: Sasha was his real love.

Fans: What about Goldenflower?

Erins: Er.....next question!

The fact is, though Spiderleg and Daisy have absolutely no chemistry at all, they probably were a more realistic mating pair. Then poor Spiderleg realized that Daisy wanted a "real" mate and everyone else in the Clan expected him to help in raising his kits.

More spiels coming soon.

What I think of the Warrior cats

Firestar: "Keeping to your own Clan's business"...man, is every cat in the series a hypocrit?

Brambleclaw: Stop being so harsh on Squirrely!

Jayfeather: Okay, if you could involuntarily feel Mistystar's warrior ceremony, how come you don't constantly feel the emotions of every cat in the forest?

Graystripe: You're a tough guy, especially with what happened to your daughter. Act more like a deputy, will you?

Millie: Ugh, you're turning into another Daisy. Please don't.

Dustpelt: Friggin' incest...

Sandstorm: Hmmm...I wonder how you feel about your mate having -6.5 lives.

Brackenfur: If Brambleclaw isn't going to become leader, you really should, with Graystripe as your deputy.

Sorreltail: You're a freakin' grandmother?!

Cloudtail: You and Daisy, gladly, would never work out.

Brightheart: You've had no apprentices, and you're basically becoming Jayfeather's apprentice. So much for being a normal warrior.

Thornclaw: Don't touch the stick! You're already pathetic as it is with no mate!

Squirrelflight: Jeez, Jay may not be your son, but you guys both have very short tempers.

Leafpool: Not a medicine cat? What else can you be?

Spiderleg: You can not "divorce" from Daisy! You are mates, not married! I ought to start some campaign: "Mates, Not Married".

Birchfall: Oh my StarClan, you can predict the future! *cue uber StarClan-prophecy music*

Whitewing: One of my favorite cats. Nice and sensible without being hyper or hormonal, and not a queen forever.

Berrynose: Okay, I can understand calling Poppyfrost "beautiful" to comfort her, but "clever"? You're supposed to tell the truth in a relationship, you know.

Hazeltail: Why don't the Erins give you more screen time (or page time)? You're like Whitewing, only younger and with a cute naive side.

Mousewhisker: I've become fond of what little personality the Erins show you have.

Cinderheart: You and Lionblaze? Hmmm...it could work, I guess.

Lionblaze: Like everyone else, you've forgotten the warrior code. Only kill cats when absolutely necessary! "Cats" include annoyingly agressive deputies.

Foxleap: What happened to the epic name Foxcatcher?

Icecloud: You seemed nice and a good pairing for Lionblaze when you were an apprentice. Now you're rather...female-dog-ish.

Toadstep: Well, I won't be a fan of the pairing, but since you and Icy are both annoying, it could definitely work.

Rosepetal: Now you like Foxleap? That will be kinda weird, both the SpiderlegxDaisy kits being mates to both the (well, the most recent) DustpeltxFerncloud kits.

Briarlight: Seriously? We really don't need another disabled cat.

Blossomfall: OMG, BlossomxToadxIce love triange! Okay, seriously, no. Just no.

Bumblestripe: Bumbleflight fit you better. :(

Dovepaw: I kinda like your power the most. It's what I would want to have, because walking in people's dreams and having the ability to kill people instantly are both kinda freaky.

Ivypaw: It's cool to have female villains. But if the female villains are only going to be you and Hollyleaf, I'll just take Hollyleaf, thank you.

Ferncloud: Get out of the nursery!

Daisy: You, on the other hand, have to stay in the nursery. Your clumsiness would set the camp on fire (though that's happened numorous times and it wasn't your fault).

Poppyfrost: Pregnancy hormones...

Cherrykit: Is it considered weird that I think "Cherry Bomb" by the Runaways whenever I read your name?

Molekit: I wish you and your sister could be kits forever--you two playing with Brightlight was so CUTE!

Mousefur: I used to like you, but now you're becoming more and more snappish. And not witty, Yellowfang snappish. Annoying snappish.

Purdy: I always imagine you as an old, gruff, and generally hilarious pirate. I should get you an eyepatch.

Longtail: Wow, StarClan. I really hate you right now.

Blackstar: You're actually getting nicer as you age. Yay!

Russetfur: For some reason, I'm not sad you're dead.

Littlecloud: Yeah, why did Firestar make Briarlight a warrior?

Oakfur: Jeez, you ShadowClan cats sure say the truth about ThunderClan.

Rowanclaw: I think I've finally gotten over your gender change.

Smokefoot: I'd like to read this "Smokefoot's Destiny" story.

Toadfoot: Toadfoot, Toadstep...oh man, this is going to confuse me. Next thing we need is Toadhop.

Applefur: The Erins forgot about you?! And they still don't remember Marshkit...

Crowfrost: Beep beep, kitty robot with automatic hackle-raising and back-talking.

Ratscar: Oh, your scar is ACROSS your back. So it's not like mine. :(

Snowbird: See, why can't Ferncloud be like you?

Tawnypelt: I wanna see more of you!

Olivenose: So...you have an olive pit for a nose?

Owlclaw: Ahem, owls have talons, not claws.

Shrewfoot: I wonder, did the Erins have "The Taming of the Shrew" in their minds when they came up with your name?

Scorchfur: What, did you get burned or something?

Redwillow: Somehow I imagined you would be Lionblaze's buddy. Guess not.

Tigerheart: Okay, either you and Ivypaw have ANOTHER forbidden romance, or you guys have some sort of evil plan.

Dawnpelt: I can just see Blossomfall yelling at you, "YOU JUST GOT, LIKE, PWNED!!!!!!!!1111"

Flametail: You seem a nice enough guy. I can't wait to see your point of view!

Ferretpaw: I've been waiting for a Ferret something, but you're weird looking and rude.

Pinepaw: Interesting name. Boring behavior.

Starlingpaw: Ha ha, you were called a she-cat!

Kinkfur: You're a queen? But...but you have weird fur!

Ivytail: Okay, it's alright to have a few copies of cats, but we REALLY don't need a Poppyfrost copy.

Cedarheart: We've heard NOTHING about you.

Tallpoppy: Elder not in ThunderClan = absolutely no page-time.

Snaketail: Did Scorchfur cause you to go to the elders' den?

Whitewater: So the physically useless cats like Briarlight become warriors, and blind cats who can fight perfectly fine with a special style are becoming elders and medicine cat assistants?

More coming soon!

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