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Important Note

Well, I am nearly inactive here, and honestly have sort of fallen away from Warriors. I still love the stories and read them, but as such, I haven't much inspiration to write them. I love my old stories but if I were to write them now, my skill level has improved so drastically I would have rewrite the whole thing.

Besides that I never got many comments so I guess I figured hardly anybody cared. XP

I am still an avid writer and aspiring author/artist/illustrator, and an active member of the Redwall fandom, in which I have completed nearly four fanfics, and more pictures than I can count. ;P

I am a very active contributor on Redwall wiki, so you can contact me there, or at my DeviantArt [1]

And of course, if you leave me a message here I will answer. :D I hope if you enjoyed my old writings you will check out my new stuff, which the links to are further down the page.

I am a Christian and love Jesus my savior, which means I bring His truth even into my fanfics. I do not judge or dislike you if you are not, but I just thought I'd give you fair warning that my stories are outside the box ;)


Very important with me! If you like, check out my collection here! Enjoy!

Who I am in Warriors:

Hi! My name's Quicksilver, I'm a warrior of Thunderclan. My best skills are, running, hunting and swimming, but I'm a good fighter to. I'm a silver she-cat, but I bet you guessed that much. I have sharp claws when angry, but normally I'm kind of shy. My best freinds are Ravenflight, Sweetflower, Freckles, and Birdsong. I am kin to the great leader Firestar.

Who I am in Redwall:

Hi! I'm Sayna, daughter of Luke the Warrior. My best skills are Horseback riding, Knife throwing, archery, and sword fighting. I'm a golden brown mouse maid and I'm deadly in battle. However, I normally keep to myself. My best freinds are Ghost Dancer, Groddil, and Timballisto. (I'm writing my Redwall life story on Redwall wiki, so if anybody is a fan of that series, and wants to, Please drop by and read my epic tale!) (Maybe epic XP)

Here's the link to my first book, The Warrior's Beginning. It's not my best one, but it improves as it goes XP[2]

This is the link to the sequel to The Warrior's Beginning, called, Four Warriors Cometh. This is my best book so far, and I'm rather proud of it ... XD [3]

This is the link to my third completed book, the sequel to Four Warriors Cometh. It's called, The Prophecy Fulfilled :3 [4]

And this is the link to the first book of the second trilogy, 'Accused'. It's an in-progress project ;) [5]

Anyway yea. Check em out if you want to and have time .. you may find out you like them, who can tell? ;3 my writing has greatly improved :)

Who I am in the real world:

Well why the heck would you want to know that?? :P

But ok, just to be nice, here. I'm a Kansan artist, fanfic writer and animal lover.

My pets:

Birdsong: Gray calico she-cat

Lionblaze: Yellow tabby tom.

Whistle of Night Wind (Nightwind): Black tom with stunning copper eyes

Ravenpaw: Black tom w/pale green eyes

Gonff: Brown male gerbil

Columbine: Black she-gerbil

Mattie: Brown male gerbil

Ebony: Black she-gerbil

Sayna: Golden she-gerbil

Tammo: Brown male Holland lop rabbit

Trubbs: Chinchilla male Dutch rabbit

Pasque: Sable point Holland lop doe (female rabbit)

And a tankful of fish.

I told you I was an animal lover!! >':'<

A few things you probably don't know about me

I am NOT a girly girl

I am incurably horse-crazy

I live in Kansas! (Yay! Best State Ever!)

I dream of Barrel Racing!

I am a 4Her, and I'm proud of it!

I LOVE Archery!!!! <3

I am completely addicted to riding horses, and I haven't been on one for 3 years! DX

I love exploring caves, camping, and canoeing

I can crochet and knit. (It's for teens too!!!)

I am weird (it's a complement)

I love Clannad! (the group) the combine traditional Celtic songs with pop. They are Amazing! (sometime you really have to listen to them; your life will not be complete until you do XP)

My favorite songs by Clannad are:

Croi Croga (pronounced Cree Croga, Croga having a long O, and A sounding like short U)

I love Kansas! (yes I do love the state, but right now I'm referring to the rock group)

My favorite songs by Kansas are:

Carry on Wayward Son

Dust in the Wind

The Point of No Return

People of the South Wind

Miracles Out of Nowhere

Other random music I love:

Let it Go

I Can Only Imagine

New World Symphony (classical)

Pictures at an Exhibition (classical)

Nights in the Gardens of Spain (also classical)

The Star of the County Down (Celtic)

She Wove a Cloak of Many Yarns (Celtic)

Ready for the Storm (also Celtic)

White Buffalo (American Indian folk song)

How I found WFW <3

I guess it started when I found out about Warriors. How did I do that? I saw the cover of a random teen's book (The Darkest Hour) while waiting in an airport :P I thought "Wow, that looks neat! I love cats!" And it went on from there.

I read every book, super addition, manga, and when I finished 'The Last Hope' I thought, "Aww it's over!? No it isn't! I'll write more!"

I was already on a couple Redwall wiki's, and I started looking for a Warriors one. Of course, the first one I found was Warriors wiki proper, and it didn't suit me well, I mean they don't do fan fiction! My life revolves around fanfics! Anyway, I accidently stumbled onto WFW, and it was a perfect fit! Fanfics galore, great art, and awesome people!

So yea. As of August 19, I will officially been on here for a year. I don't know enough of you great people well enough, but hopefully, I can change that! :D I hope to continue here for many years, writing, reading, and making friends all the way! <3

What I think of other users

Put your sig here, and I'll tell you what I think! (I will be complimentary XD)

Let's ignore this tragic murderous miracle - Phoenix is a great writer, and is very good at coming up with characters XD I don't know her very well, but I like her anyway! She's creative, friendly, and like I said before, an awesome writer! I hope to get to know her better! -Sayna

Love is friendship set on fire  - Awwww <3 you Silver! You're a great coder, a good writer, and an awesome friend! (By the way, you are getting significantly better at gradients, they have looked wonderful recently) Also, you showed me that site for hex codes, and it has become invaluable to me XP You are amazing!!! (by the way, I love that siggy, and the gradient was perfect :P :D) -Sayna

Is there even anyone still there? I don't want to be a l o n e . . . 23:59, August 18, 2014 (UTC) Oh my gosh, Blade! Blade is awesome! She was the first person to be my real friend here, and she helped me code my first siggy! She was also the first person I chatted with! As for being a good writer, Blade is amazing! <3 you Blade! - Sayna

I realized... that maybe I'd fallen for you... 00:31, August 19, 2014 (UTC) Firey!!!! Firey was the second person to be my friend on here, and she's a great one. She is also an amazing writer, coder, and commenter! Thanks so much for being my friend Firey <3 - Sayna

Keep it a secret, it will be for the best 01:38, August 20, 2014 (UTC)

Hawky!! Hawky is a really cool person, and even though I don't know her as much as I'd like too, she's really fun to be around. :) (not to mention she's a great writer, coder, and person in general) I hope we get to be better friends! :D - Sayna

BELIEVE 17:37, August 24, 2014 (UTC) XD Clever! She really helped me when I was hopelessly trapped in noobieness, (couldn't even make a link) Her stories are really good, I need to comment on them more XP She's nice, helpful, and has been very patient with me when I had to ask crazy questions I should already have known. I don't know her half as well as I'd like to, but maybe that will change :D I hope so! XD - Sayna

I am selfish. I am brave. 03:39, September 18, 2014 (UTC) Midnight :D You are a good writer (I have read your stories, I just need to comment) We really have a lot in common, and I hope we can be good friends :) (BTW I likey your sig) anyway, you've been awesome so far, and I hope we get to know each other better! :3

Gingerstripe Talk! 06:04, September 19, 2014 (UTC) ily  

Ginger >':'< Ginger is an awesome writer, and really fun to chat with :) (and I love your profile pic Ginger, it's a horse!! :D) You welcomed me when I first got here, and I really appreciate that. I hope we can be good friends XD :3

tore the curtains down, windows open now ~

Oh my gosh V33, I didn't even see this! I'm so sorry! You are one of my good friends on here, and we've had a lot of fun writing, reading, and chatting, and I've never read a story you've written that I didn't like ;) Your siggy looks amazing BTW, and I love what it says <3 (Once again, I feel really bad I didn't see this sooner)

Since for some reason I can't leave my siggy, here's a gigantic link to my page! - Silver! I love your story, I just haven't commented yet .. I need to do that ;) You're a great writer, and even though we haven't chatted much, you are really nice. I hope to get to know you better :) (BTW, I'm really sorry if I didn't respond to this right away, I need to check this more often :P)

If people were rain, I was drizzle and she was a hurricane 01:28, January 13, 2015 (UTC) - Brams! Hia! XP Anyways, you're an epic writer, we both love Cold, and you make me laugh :3 Besides, you write the Fighting For Worth Series and I LUV it, which makes you all the more epic! Also, you tolerate me when I don't understand something I should, so yay! I hope I can call you my friend! <3

Each day means a new twenty-four hours. Each day means everything's possible again. - Day - Firey!! <3 YOU WRITE COLD OF COURSE YOU ARE EPIC *coughcough* Erm anyways, besides all that ;3 You're a great friend, and you don't mind it when I ask you to read my stories X3 You also taught me gradients!! (for which I love you) ;D And past all that, you're just a fun person to be around! >':'<

Somere Over the Rainbow
W h 03:08, February 18, 2015 (UTC) - Blazy XD (I am sooooooo late *dies*) You are epic, I have to say :D You write beautiful and imaginative stories, ones I really admire for their uniqueness .. (I think I'm using too many big words .. XP) Besides that, you're fun to be around and chat with ... and you read REDWALL!! <3 And not many people do that .. So it makes you really cool XD (PS: I commented on Twin Moons on RW .. it's looking epic!)

You are the night, you protect from the burning flames 03:10, February 18, 2015 (UTC) - Racer :3 I don't know you all that well, but from what I've seen of your writing, I like it! XD I need to comment more .. *sigh* *is guilty* I think I've chatted with you some, and you seem friendly and fun to be around :) (and I'm sorry this is so late .. I've been preoccupied by Redwall wiki recently :P I'm still around though)

My stories:

The Rising Storm Series

This is my first series, consisting of four books. It is currently in progress.

Book 1: Darkening Horizons (Completed)

Book 2: Rolling Thunder (Completed)

Book 3: Lashing Winds (In progress)

Book 4: The Darkest Hour is Just Before Dawn ( Ehhh well, let me get done with Lashing Winds)

The Wildfire Series

This is my second series, consisting of three books, it is currently in progress.

Book 1: The Fire Reborn (in progress)

Book 2: Frozen Fire (still on the drawing board)

Book 3: Fire in the Night (well, let's just say I'm working on it)

The Hunted Series

This is my third series, consisting of three books; it is currently in progress.

Book 1: False Peace

Book 2: Dark Whispers

Book 3: When Darkness Falls

Stand Alone Stories

Falling Winds A super edition about Darkwinds from The Hunted Series, written for Blade's Contest


Sherlock Kitty

It'll be a series of short stories in which the ten chosen are detectives, and are going around solving the many mysteries of their clans. (also, they have a few side kicks ;P)

Book 1: Rivershine and the Great Treasure of RiverClan (completed)

Book 2: Pinestep and the Pilfered Pizza (in progress)


Not yet, but I'm planning a few ;)

Let it Go (yea, the song from Frozen)

About Prism's fear of being able to control leafbare, and how she learned to find freedom in her power. How she learned that sometimes, the only way to be free, is to just let it go.

(ties in with Wildfire. Prism's first name is Mint btw)

The Child Inside You (a song you won't have heard of. The artist is called Twila Paris)

Features a couple I kind of made up just for it, Sunspirit and Moonglimmer. How Moonglimmer learns to love again, even after her first crush died and she said she would never try again.

(and some others that are very blurry so far lolz)

Series I plan to write

The Shining Light Trilogy: The sequel to The Rising Storm Series.

Editing my stories without permission

I don't like it.

Sorry, but it's the truth. I don't like people editing my stories without permission. I know my spelling is less then desirable, and my grammar needs some work, but I've worked hard on my fanfics, and I'd rather not have a bunch of users editing my stuff.

what do you do if you catch a mistake?

Tell me in comments. If you catch a bunch of errors, then please ask me for permission to edit.

This applies to spelling and grammar errors only. No changing the plot, characters, or anything else that has to do with actual story!

There are some people who have asked me permission to edit the errors in my stories. I want to thank all of them now, for helping me with that, and for asking first! Thanks so much guys!! <3

I haven't had trouble with this in the past, everyone has been considerate. I'm just making this quite clear to everybody, so there can be no excuses if it does happen. XP Hopefully it never does.

My Poems

The Ledgend of the Cinders (This is about Cinderpelt and Cinderheart)

The Cats of Shining Silverpelt (This is about Starclan)

Leafpools Song (This is from Leafpool's point of view, about her and Crowfeather)

The Power of Four (This is about Lionblaze, Dovewing, Jayfeather, and Firestar)

The Fire of ThunderClan (this is a tribute to Firestar >':'< )

Go to Sayna's Poetry to read all these and more, all in one spot :D

OK, now that you know all that, about art requests!

I can do one of three options.

number 1: uncolored sketch. (for those who like black and white shots)

number 2: colored sketch. (for those who like some color)

number 3: watercolor background pic. (for those who like a lot of color)

The range I can draw.

I can draw cats, dogs, hawks, foxes, horses, weasels, mice, squirrels, wolves .. ect. most any animal of the woodland/barnyard/pet type.

I stink at trees, buildings, landscapes, and people.

What I excel at.

Horses, cats, and foxes are the ones I draw best.

and impressionistic watercolor backgrounds XP

How long I take.

It depends. sometimes I get done in one day, sometimes three or four. My policy is to get it to you within a week.

Feel free to ask me!

Now, about Sigs!

This is my first signature, done by Blade! Thank you Blade!

The dark is rising;how can any light survive?

Ravenflight X Quicksilver

'Fitting In' means losing your identity 21:45, July 27, 2014 (UTC)

This was done by Firey! AWESOME! XD

Lava X Inferna We are a fire A living one 01:56, August 12, 2014 (UTC)

I used to be a serious Fanfic writer .... Then I learned Coding 15:06, August 14, 2014 (UTC)

When the line between hunter and hunted becomes invisible 01:08, August 19, 2014 (UTC)

Can't you see? We're Fading. Fading away forever ... 20:45, August 23, 2014 (UTC)

The wind is f a l l i n g 04:07, September 23, 2014 (UTC)

Meowy Christmas 18:39, November 29, 2014 (UTC)

Lava X Inferna Two cats on fire 03:10, January 11, 2015 (UTC)

Bird of Snow and Blazing Bracken 03:32, January 22, 2015 (UTC)


So here are some polls for you guys! Tell me what you think! :D

My favorite pages

  • Add links to your favorite pages on the wiki here
  • Cold This is an EPIC show by Firey! (BTW you need to read it ;)
  • Echo This story is great, and Clever is it's author! :)
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