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About Me

So funny thing is I come here from time to time, never really edit (I haven't had time to dedicate to it in years!) but I always come back. I've been a member of warrior-related wiki stuff since january 2008 (wow...7 years already! Time flies!).

Anyways, I haven't edited this since 2012 when I was obsessed with running and the olympics and opening ceremonies, so it's time for something new.

So my name's Chris, I'm an 18 yr old college freshman at a big university in NorCal and I study foreign languages + business. I used to be obsessed with cross country and track when I was in high school, but as a lot of sports-people know, you can be really great at something in high school and really believe you can make it, but reality hits when you go into the adult world and you have different responsibilities and things end up not working out. It's alright though, I know I used to dream about the Olympics and a gold medal, but now it's time to be practical and I at least found my calling (3 languages down, only about 4 more to go haha)

I've read all 4 arcs of the main Warriors series. I got the first book of the new series, but honestly I just can't see myself reading them. A little because I feel as if I'm too old, but again, busy life takes over everything :P but I love the memories I made writing fanfictions and that seriously helped me in terms of writing style + vocabulary that I have used in AP classes and other things for getting into college. So if anyone thinks writing fanfictions is a waste of time, then call BS on that! That's why I can imagine myself coming back here from time to time for a reaaally long time. It's a great environment to grow as a writer, plus its so fun and innocent and I like to think back to the hours I'd spend writing stories :)

What else...oh yeah. I don't think I know any of you anymore haha. I think (if Forest is gone) that I'm the oldest user on here! Crazy thought, I remember when I was one of the youngest, newest members. The admins will know me, but since the rest don't, feel free to say hi! I consider myself nice and easy to talk to, lol

My Stories and Series

The Life of Brindlestar series

The Life of Brindlestar: The Great Ground Shake of Leaf-Bare
The Life of Brindlestar: The Beginning
The Life of Brindlestar: The Dark Ages

Riverstone 2056 Opening Ceremony

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