aka Someone ✌

  • I live in Somewhere dark and lonely, most likely.
  • My occupation is too young for that
  • I am an aspiring author who has a major addiction to IT and Stranger Things. Most of my works on here are horrid.

"You can stop complaining about ME complaining."

Hey There. I'm Sandstorm1823, but people on these types of wikis usually just refer to me as Sandy. I'm not very active, so I apologise in advance if you try to contact me and my response doesn't come for six months.

My reason for my inactivity is simply that I have other priorities. I'm currently working on a novel I plan to publish in a few years, which is very exciting for me. Alongside that, I'm a very sporty, geeky and nerdy person, which fills my time with films, books, cosplays and sports. 

My Writing Tips (under construction)

Some of the Fanfics I'm Working On: Wisdom, The Twelve Gates and The Open Rift

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