aka Sabine, Sabs, Sab, or Starry

  • I live in I live somewhere in the USA.
  • I was born on June 15
  • My occupation is I'm a student.
  • I am Female

Heyo I'm Sabine, or Sab or Sabs, I enjoy the Warrior Cat series, which I haven't finished yet.



BillHey Kid I know you can hear me. Hey Kid I know you can see. ~SabineOfTheForceBill

I am a Thunderclan warrior and Birdclan warrior!On the inside, even if it makes me a half-clan cat.

So if you get a message from me, you'll see one of these sigs.


The Rise of Featherstar

A kit is born, not knowing she will be destined to great. She becomes a apprentice, and goes on a adventure, which will bring her destiny to life.

Characters in Fanfictions

Featherstar - Leader of Birdclan

Falconwing - Deputy of Birdclan

Mistyleaf - Medcine cat of Birdclan

Amberlight - Former warrior now a elder.

Birdstar - The former leader of Birdclan, and founder.

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