Miki and Splash

Miki: Hey Splash

Splash: Hey Miki

Miki: How's prey running?

Splash: Fast. you?

Miki: Fast. They have NO INTENTION OF BEING CAUGHT!!! *screams and everyone rushes to see what's wrong*

Wolf: Stay away dragon!


Miki: O_O Splashspirit! You spoke cat!

All the others in the Clan: SCREAM *run away*

Splash and Miki: *highfive* Oh yeah!

Holland and Japan

Holland and Japan are two sister cats. No they are not real, but I like them just the same. They used to be loners so they are very distrustful of all cats, even each other.


Holland from Aquay


Japan from Aquay

About me

My name makes no sense anymore. I've been back a long time so just think of me as RoseStar.So anyway, uh, my strongest skill is art by FAR.

Okay, has become a vacant lot. Get back on it, people!!

Please call me RoseStar, Rosie, RosehStareh, Rosestar, or whatever. CHECK IT OUT!


Happy HOWLOWEEN! Aw aw awooooooo! Woo... wooo.... BOO!

Bwa ha ha!!! *thunderstorm*The rose is the rose is the rose is the rose...

I wanted Rosepaw to be Lynx.No auditions or anything! Why be in it at all?!

Cheer if you love Macadamia Nut Cookies!*cheers* *hands you a macadamia nut cookie*

Lovefur and SugarheartThe two founders of the Catanese Clans and the love we all share now

Cheesa Cheesa PizzaI am cheese pizza

I'm the Rose. I'm awesome because I'm the Rose!

Redkit: Part of a ProphecyScreekit: The Tagalong

I am back!Read my stories already!

Ooh... art... yay...Daydreaming? Sorry! Did I draw that?!

RosestarRoses aren't mean

I is pineappleAccording to Zaf

PINEAPPLEPAWRosestar's Den Guard

Rosies gallery- pics from the internet and RANDOM TESTS

Rosie is on

The wikis I'm on: VACANT LOT! Join! CONTESTS about art and stories and stuff! VACANT LOT! Join and get active! Get tips and compliments for drawing! uh duh?! VACANT LOT! Join and get active! Get storywriting tips about anything you want to write about! VACANT LOT! Join and get active! Write about certain Clans! Yay for Zaf and her wiki!!! another Zaf wiki!! uh yeah uh raise an owl...?

Mah Stories!!!

He he he...

It's Quote Time!!!

"I pretended your tail was a mouse, and I caught it, too!" Toadkit in some book while attacking Jaypaw

"It is your destiny!" Spottedleaf in the argument with Jaypaw

Iz yu may frend?

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~~~~YellowfangWC~:3 I dont even know you!

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iz glad im back! I am back!Read my stories already! 21:10, August 28, 2010 (UTC)

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River- Rivery is a good person. I don't know Rivery very well, but she is the leader of ArtClan and I respect her (lol) VERDICT: a ripe red juicy apple!

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Aqua- A nice artist and friend who wants to give you something in turn if you give her something. Very nice. VERDICT: a pineapple (just like me!)

Sunny - Ah, my semigood friend Hiddenshriek. XD Fairly good artist and pretty nice too. VERDICT: A medium-shiny star

Bird - Birdpaw. Um... has many siggies and a good friend. VERDICT: A green grapevine.

Starhaven, author of Starhaven's Echo- Um, new user and rather fine writer. I wonder how she draws? VERDICT: A half ripe cherry tomato. (because it's a half ripe friendship.)

Mistysunnn - Misty Listy. Very good artist, interesting stories, and willing to forgive. VERDICT: A very happy kitten.


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