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Warriors Fanfiction
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Hello there {{{1}}}! I am Roboflight, better known as Robo, Roo, Charlotte or even Swag. I was a huge fan of Warriors and now I like the series although I'm not as obsessed with it as I once may have been. However, I still love writing FanFictions about the series! I love writing anything, actually!

I used to be a crazy editor on this wiki-I would literally edit like thirty times a day and I'm pretty sure I broke a record for the most edits in the shortest period of time! After leaving for a few months, I returned to the wiki, but I'm no longer as active! I do, however, spend a lot of time on wattpad and you can find me here!

Feel free to explore my userpage or contact me if you need help with anything, I don't bite :)

Here you can view all of my FanFictions!

Currently Active: Home; Back for You

If you would like me to read any of your stories leave them on this page, and I will read and leave a lengthy constructive comment on them!
About Me!

Well as you already know I’m Roboflight and go by the nicknames of Robo, Roo, Roobear, Rob, Robby etc… I’m an extreme pessimist who is honestly no fun to be around(warning you now). I’m terribly asocial in life, talking is a challenge for me, but online I can sometimes be a bit too much to handle!So, the basic info about your favorite(hopefully…) flying robot:

I'm a rather bit of a failure.

I have self-published a book which you can purchase here and am in the process of editing another novel I plan to pitch to publishers.

I am the coding princess of the wiki, and my mommy, the coding queen is Stareh.

I’m one of the laziest people you’ll ever meet-if I give you an excuse for something it’s very likely that the real reason is that ‘I’m too lazy to do it’.

I have more swaggar than this whole wiki summed up-nobody in the corner has swaggar like moi.

Everything else you could possibly want to know about me can be found right here.

What does Roobear like?

Robo really likes Germany, as in really really really liking Germany, as it she is most definitely obsessive and fangirl-like when this country is mentioned.

Also love watching professional European(or anywhere really) football(what the Americans know as ‘soccer’). Team for life is Die Mannschaft and the clubs I supports are Bayern Munich, Boruissa Dortmund and Fenerbache.

I’m a total swiftie, so please be careful about what you say about her when I’m around because I take that stuff very personally. One Direction is sexier than you and I love Demi Lovato too.

I'm a shopoholic in the sense that shopping gives me a buzz nothing else really can and I absolutely crave it.

Herself(unfortunately a bit conceited:/)

You have now majored in the study of robots with emotions that can fly! Good luck finding a job in this market though...

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Well, you’ve reached the end of my page! To see my stories, sign my reading list or opinions page, or look at my pictures click the links on the side!If you need anything or have any of questions leave me a message here with a link to your talk page and I will respond asap!Again, I’d love to help with anything you might want any help in so just leave a message and I shall do what I can! And with that, I don’t have much left to say, so toodleooo
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