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So this is an idea that came to me more recently, and one could say it is more-or-less based off nanowrimo (, although I have yet to participate in it.
For those of you unaware with nanowrimo; the goal is to write a 50,000 word novel in a month. This, of course, requires a lot of discipline and commitment; you’ll have to write a good deal of words every day to get to 50,000 within a month. You get support and advice a good deal of the way; all to help motivating you to finish it.
==='''CAMP A'''===
And so I was thinking it would be cool if we did something like this for WFW; throughout the month of February. Any users who sign up would try to write a 10,000 word fanfiction within one month. (That’s approximately 333.5 words per day, assuming one were to edit their fanfiction every day).
:''"PEP TALKER" : [[User:Artimas Hunter|Arti]]''
In order to keep users motivated so that they may find the discipline and excitement necessary to complete 10,000 words of fanfiction, users would be split into “camps” of four-six users(depending on the interest it gets). You would read the stories of those in your camp and give them feedback, while they would do the same as well. This way, you could all motivate each other to keep writing until you hit your 10,000! (I was also hoping I might be able to convince some of the senior users to do “pep talks” which would be tips, ideas or suggestions for your writing; one senior user would be assigned to each group (I’ll have to do some super-duper begging but I really hope I can get a few who would be willing to do so! c:))
:''CAMP MEMBERS : [[User:Stargaze66|Stareh]], [[User:RedPandaPotter|Red]], [[User:Bluejay12|Jay]] & [[User:Hollyleafisawesome|Holly]]''
Anyways, this shall hopefully be starting on the first of February and will go throughout the whole month. The goal is to finish the 10,000 word fanfic by the end of the month(you can use Microsoft Word’s wordcount so see how many words you have so you won’t have to count out all your words lol) but if you don’t make it that’s fine too. The main goal is just to get people writing!
So, if you’d like to participate please go [[User blog:Roboflight/swag lol|here.]]
If you are interested in becoming a "pep talker" (requirements are one year of membership on the wikia, five completed fanfictions and "letters of recommendation" [messages on my talk page] from two other users) please leave a message on
[[User talk:Roboflight|my talk page]].</div>
<div style="background:#696969;border:10px double white;color:white;">
[[User:Cchen3|Firey]] with [[Can't Stand This All]]
[[User:Wafflez44|WAFFA]] with --
[[User:Splashcloud|Splashcloud]] with [[Nothing is as it Seems]]
[[User:Stargaze66|Stareh]] with [[Second Generation]]
[[User:Bluestar&Brightheart|Brighty]] with [[Reasons Why I Hate You]]
[[User:Silvertruth|Silver]] with [[The paws of starclan]]
[[User:Hollyleafisawesome|Holly]] with [[Nothing Left To Lose]]
[[User:Breezefeathers|Breeze]] with [[Exiled]]
[[User:Bluejay12|Jay]] with [[Losing Home]]
[[User:Peregrinefalcon|Falcon]] with [[When the Sky Blurs with Pain]]
[[User:RedPandaPotter|Red]] with [[Eyes Open]]
[[User:Fuzzypelt|Fuzzy]] with [[Seperated]]
==="Pep Talkers"===
[[User:Artimas Hunter|Arti]]

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CAMP MEMBERS : Stareh, Red, Jay & Holly
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