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===<span style="font-family:Stencil;color:white;text-shadow:2px 2px 2px black;">About Me:</span>===
===<span style="font-family:Stencil;color:white;text-shadow:2px 2px 2px black;">About Me:</span>===
➶I really, as in really, really love football; particularly German football.
➶My favorite teams are Borussia Dortmund, Bayern Munich(Germany) and Fenerbache(Turkey). Other teas I like(ish) are Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid(Spain), Chelsea and Arsenal(England) and AC Milan(Italy).
➶I’m also really, really into fashion. It's just what I think about when I'm bored and I do put a good deal of thought into what I wear.
➶Despite this, I'm also a person who dresses very modestly. I don’t wear tight pants unless my top is longer, no sleeveless shirts, the necklines of my tops must be above the underarm line, and I don’t wear shorts that come above my knees.
➶My supposed greatest fear is bugs-particularly spiders and bees. My sister once saved me from getting stung in the back of my head by a bee, by sacrificing herself(her finger got stung). It was a complete accident, however, let’s not give her too much credit.
➶My true greatest fear is actually my mom. My father doesn't scare me, but something about my mom ''scares'' me. She doesn't get mad frequently and when she does it’s not anything severe but yeah, she’s my biggest fear.
➶Another fear is growing old. And I don’t mean old as in eighties. I mean old as in my forties. I like to always imagine myself as looking young, just picturing myself as a middle-aged woman disturbs me. Too much.
➶I have this problem with having incomplete stories. But yet I also have a problem with not starting stories when I get ideas for them, which happens a lot. This leads to inner-conflict and is the most successful way through which I teach myself discipline.
➶I have a really, really fragile ego. Only I have permission to call myself, fat, ugly, unsuccessful, a bad person, etc… I probably won’t ''say'' anything but you’ll break my heart and we don’t want that now, do we?
➶I have allergies. A lot of them. And they suck. Dairy and eggs and nute and seeds and all this crap which makes eating out hard.
➶Once a sesame seed almost killed me. I don't remember it, as I was too young, but I can tell a nice long dramatic story about the event if you ask me.
➶Despite this I love to eat.
➶I also really care about being thin.
➶This causes the conflict which ends up being the story of my life. Currently the second of the two is winning, but it’s never set in stone.
➶I get jealous really, really easily. Don’t take it personally if I start bitching on you because you have something I don’t.
➶I’m kinda like Mitt Romney- I change my opinions a lot. But that’s just because I say my thoughts as they come to me, and it usually takes me a bit to make my mind, so I’ll say which side I’m on which will change every other day for a month or so before I finally decide.
➶When I grow up I want to live in Germany.
➶Actually, not really. It doesn't matter to me-seas can do nothing to tear apart true loveeeeeee<3
➶I have no favorite food. But vegetables are really gross with the exceptions of tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, olives, corn and beans.
➶I’m a hopeful pessimist. I have all these dreams about the future but I always mope and whine and complain about the present.
➶If someone could teach me self-confidence I would never, ever be able to repay them.
➶I feel the need to stop here because I feel as though this is getting too long and no one will have the patience to get all the way down here.
➶I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up. Absolutely no idea. I’ll write until my twenties or so and then who knows?
➶My current occupation, however, is fangirling. And I love having people to fangirl with. Yes, that was an invitation, my friend ;)
===<span style="font-family:Stencil;color:black;text-shadow:2px 2px 2px dodgerblue;">More About Me:</span>===
===<span style="font-family:Stencil;color:black;text-shadow:2px 2px 2px dodgerblue;">More About Me:</span>===

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An introduction to the meaning of swaggar and your welcome to my page can be found here!


A bunch of random facts about me can be found below!

About Me:

More About Me:

➶I’m also a very strong democrat. I will voice my political opinions loudly and you shall have to learn to deal with it.

➶I’m not much of a patriot. I’m grateful for all my country has done for me, but I really don’t appreciate the shit they stir elsewhere to those who aren't Americans. It’s a love-hate relationship.

➶I hate happy endings. I freaking hate happy endings. Keep that in mind before you read my stories.

➶I’m a natural bilingual-I can speak two languages natively. One is English, person to guess the other wins a prize.

➶I hate stubbornness.

➶I’m also very stubborn.

➶I debate. A lot. It doesn’t mean I dislike you or have a problem with you, it just means I disagree with your opinion. I don’t drop the argument-it’s your job to put an end to it. I also take all debates very seriously and personally-sometimes I get carried away :/

➶I also travel a lot. My summers are all spent away from home, all around the world.

➶I don’t swear much in life, but on the internet I’m quite a cussing machine. The only word I avoid is the f-bomb. If I use that it means something is seriously, seriously wrong. Or I’ve been hacked.

➶I love blogging. I want to get a tumblr-I’m planning on asking my parents within this week and hopefully they say yes :)

➶I have a limitless amount of spam emails, none of which I remember the addresses of. Don’t know why I decided to share that...

➶I got the idea for my trivia, oddly, from that of Rainy’s Vale.

➶I have no connection robots. I have no idea why I named myself Roboflight. And I have no idea why I’m not changing my username(I actually do-I’m too lazy.)

➶Racist, sexist, and religioust (is that a word? It is now) are things that you will regret being around me.

➶I have swag.

Even More About Me:

➶Another fear is being crushed by elevator doors. I was once almost crushed by subway doors this year, when getting on one of the trains. Possibly one of the scariest moments of my life.

➶I await the day I get to wear makeup with excitement.

➶I’ve promised myself an Ivy League education. And I keep my promises… in general.

➶I’m currently learning Spanish and teaching myself German.

➶I’m really, really pissed off that I come the night after the premiere of City of Bones so I’m missing the midnight premiere >.<

➶Hawaii is where I really do want to live when I grow up. The place has an unmatched spirit that just makes you feel so at home.

➶I’d say something like ‘you can do whatever you want to me but touch my friends and your dead’, however you do not have the permission to do whatever you want to me and I have no friends :|

➶I actually was rather fond of the old Miley Cyrus. Then she ‘grew up’ or whatever and now she annoys me.

➶I lack athletic ability. I seriously lack athletic ability.

➶However, I do figure skate. Not too good at it though, I can’t do any of those jump spins, just some basic crap.

➶Dogs make me uncomfortable. Especially those small little spoiled bastards who like to bark and bite.

➶When I judge you, the first thing I’ll pay attention to is the amount of respect you show people. Me, my friends or any user in general. It’s something I find really important.

➶If I offend you please inform me; chances are it was on accident and I had no intentions to hurt your feelings. I’m too chicken to hurt anyone’s feelings(but let’s pretend the word’s ‘nice’)

➶The voice of Bruno Mars makes me want to curl into a ball and sob my eyes out.

➶Currently my favorite song is ‘People Like Us’ by Kelly Clarkson. I’ve also got ‘Living In Stereo’, ‘Everything at Once’, ‘I Need Your Love’ and ‘Under’ stuck in my head.

➶I’m going to finish now because although I could go on for pages and pages but I feel as though this should be enough.

➶K bye

➶You are probably the only person to read all the way down here(except for me). You’ve earned yourself a cookie :3

➶Wow so I just came back and reread this, uhm... idk what to say lol

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