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Rise from Ash-A small Clan names AshClan is formed by Leader Prey, a tom that lost all in his life during a massive fire.

Burn to Ash-AshClan is large and healthy now but jealousy and a cat who was destined to bring darkness to the Clan of Ash could be their downfall.

Legacy of Ash-Ash, a young cat is eager to bring back the Clan of Ash, in order to fulfill its legacy once and for all.

The Mating Quest

Quest of Courage-It is finally Roboflight's turn to begin her mating quest, but her pack will soon discover that they were not asigned on just any Mating Quest. Theirs will require them to use the skills they never had, and as they set out on their journey, the cats will begin to doubt how much trust they can place in each other.

Quest of Strength-Roboflight and her pack have managed to cross the hostile forest, but not without loss. Now they must swim across the ocean, using all of their strength, to make it to an island, where dangers await. However, the cats are having problems from the inside as well as the outside, as tensions rise within the group.

Quest of Loyalty-Now on the island the cats must decide, where to take their quest, as they face threats from the residents of the island, the other packs and from within the group. Making the decision to turn around or continue will require them to summon all of their loyalty to the clan, and make a final decision.

Quest of Honor-The pack continue their journey, as they reach the volcano. But the journey into it will be dark, and dangerous, as the three packs compete, to claim their prize. But the volcano hosts more surprises than expected as Roboflight will be forced to make a decision that will make the difference between victory and honor.

Quest of Love- The packs must face all of the challenges once again, as they begin racing back home, to earn the prize as winner of The Mating Quest. But the return brings time to reflect on the journey, as the cats finally begin to appreciate and understand what the quest was really about.


Surviving Wish-Wishpaw lives in a broken Clan, a broken forest and a broken world and she is determined to find out why.

Desperate Wish-Wishpaw finally meets the cat who has been haunting her for so long to discover he knows more about her than she ever could.

Dying Wish-The truth hurts sometimes, especially when it has everything to do about you, as Wishpaw discovers.

Final Wish-It’s the final hurdle to be overcome in order to bring peace to the forest. However, first a grand sacrifice must be made.


Written in Ink-Rebellion is approaching for Clan who are growing sicker and sicker of Counters with each passing day. The deaths of leaders, some rash calls, and the motivation of young warriors will be what it takes to start the end of an era.

Written in Stone-When Redpaw came to Fire Division she had been hoping to find peace and escape from the guilt of Pebblepaw's death. However, she only ended up deeper in the heart of the rebellion, with Firestar dead and Graystripe missing, as well as the addition of a new side to the war.

Written in Fire-Back in InkClan, Redfur and Smokehaze eagerly await the chance to free Graystripe. Meanwhile, both suffer emotionally, and Stone Division has to chose a side... before it's too late.

Written in Blood-With Graystripe back, and the war continuing, everything will depend on the choice Stone Division makes... Meanwhile, Counters and Clans try to make temporary peace.

Written in Stars-StarClan has to choose before Blood Council tears the forest in pieces. While debates move back and forth about Counters and Clans, an old hero shall rise to put an to this saga of the forest.


Leaf Falls - After a tragic fire, the loners and rogues in a neighborhood are left with no choice but to come together in order to survive; beginning a saga of life in a forest.

Snow Falls - A family of traveling cats settle in a forest for a few days. After some persuasion at the hand of his daughter, their leader decides that it could perhaps, finally be time for them to settle.

Rain Falls - A Clan destroyed by rogues needs to piece itself back together by fending off the rogues, proving that their Clan is worthy of the forest.

Light Falls - Oppression in AutumnClan leads to a rebellion and a quest to form a brand new Clan; SummerClan, which could end the saga of the seasons.

Leadership Ceremonies-A collection of Leadership ceremonies including that of Leapordstar, Tigerstar, Blackstar, Onestar, Mistystar and Bramblestar.

The Snake That Rattles-A FanFiction for Nighty’s competition on a story written from the perspective of a rattlesnake who knows too much about a cat destined for darkness.

Breeze of Water-This FanFiction is for Misty’s competition. A forbideen romance between two cats is threatened by a traitor.

Crimson Heart-For Cinder’s competition; Taking place in the same setting as The Snake That Rattle, when Foxpaw learns a devastating secret about her friend she must make a choice between her popularity and what she knows to be right..

The Black or The Bracken-And the contest this one was written for is Moon’s! Two apprentices are forced to share a body after tragic deaths. One seems to rule the other but when they are faced with the choice of their lives, one’s fatal decision could ruin lives forever.

Sol’s Story-After reading the SkyClan’s Trilogy I’ve felt bad for Sol so I decided to make a fanfic defending him...kinda.

Strange Tom-Another contest story, and this one is for Red’s! Heronpelt is a loner, and an outcast; not wanted in RiverClan. All he wants to do is be himself and reach a land where it shouldn’t hurt to be different.

Pure Silver-A short for Silver.

First Lights-A story, my story, of a friendship.

Clan of the Sea-A poem written about Rainy’s SeaClan series.

Love-My first songfic series consisting entirely of Taylor Swift songs.

Living In Stereo-A songfic on Daisypaw, a cat new to SunClan and Bramblepaw who becomes her first friend.

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Legacy of Change

Decision of Stars

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Promise of Leaders

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Linked-Everything is linked, nothing remains untouched and no one escapes the web. Adopted by Silver

Mixed Emotions-A collaboration series by too many users to count about a horrible disease that could ruin the Clans.

Under The Tree-A collaboration with Rainy on stories of different apprentice’s search for love and the challenges they have to overcome to reach it.

A Bloody Secret-Misty is my partner in crime for this story as we write about two cats plotting to take over a Clan.

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