❦For Y'all❦
This page is dedicated to you! Coding help, previous signatures and things I recommend to you all can all be found here!



This is a page where you can request things from me! I take requests for coding[userpages, stories, talk pages, wikis etc...], signatures, collaborations-if you're looking for someone to do them with, cover pictures for your fanfictions-or original work, and for friendship x3

To request something[userpages, signatures or covers] fill out one of the forms shown below. If you're asking for someone to work on you with a collab you can leave it under the section designated, or just on my talk-where I'll be more likely to see it. I'm just keeping the others here, so I'll have them all in one place :)


Which of the words(if any) you would like supped or subbed:[]
Color, font, background, border, font-size etc...:[]

Link to picture you want cover done for, description of the kind of picture you want or letting me chose:[]
Title of Story:[]
Color, font and font size of the title:[]
Author name on the cover:[]

Userpages/Talk Pages/Wikis:
What you want to have codded:[]
Any specific styles[tabview, tabber, sliding bars, image maps etc..]:[]
Color theme and font(s) to be used:[]
Anything else:[]

Leave Requests Here!

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