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You may call me Le Moon de Mystical-Moon reminds me of those good old days so much back when she would come and we would cheer and then she would leave and we would cry because we all loved her and still do so much! She was a wonderful user and I'm sorry to all those who never got to meet her.

DE FLYING BLUE PORCUPINE-Rainy! She's a brilliant and talented writer. She's always modest at the worst times however and I want to punch her when she refuses to accept a compliment's such an ıncredible friend and person and before I met her I thought it was impossıble for anyone to be able to please everyone at once but like I stated above she has a magic to her :). She is responsible, funny, kind, and I'm being legit everyone loves Rainy-she's one of the most popular members of the wiki-and it's not hard to see why.I serıously have been blessed to have her as a part of my lifeŞ there's not much else to say. I would call us sisters but it's really a lot more than that... Not exactly somethıng I can explain <333

I'm Insane And I Know It- Misty has swaggar therefore I like her *nods in approval*. I honestly can't imagine either of the wikis I'm on without this userŞ she just makes it different and I love that about her. She's irreplacable and although she's been here for over a year she reminds me so much of what we were all like back durıng the n00bigration season last year! There aren't many wikians on here I could say this for, but I honestly think I might consider leaving if she did-because she's one of those reasons that I stay here.

DOOFLEGNA! XD (btw, it's Angelfood backwards! LEGIT, ROBO.)-Nighty is my sister. No not was. I don't care if she's gone-because in my mind she really isn't. I refuse to accept that, and I'm still waiting for the day where she will have enough time to return to a huge tacklehug from me. I've never let her go and I never willŞ and if you've veer gotten to know her it shouldn't be hard to understand why! She is the smile to my day and I honestly can't compliment her enough for being herself. Each update, post, blog, comment and message which I see coming from her can't do anything but make me smile. And y'all read her spoofs which are the best, with all of her LAWL-POWARRRR

The awesomesauce person who is fighting you because you don't like TroutXSong-Ash might not be that active anymore but I honestly couldn't find any more love inside myself for this particular chica. Talking is a breeze for us, we have no awkward silences, and in the situation that we may have a silence it's not awkward. We clicked really quickly and honestly I don't think I would be the same without her She's one of my best friends and is certainly one of those people I've been searching for in real life :) Also-read this cos its one of the best stories on the wiki!

There's nothing like a cold night to chill the nerves, freeze the problems, numb the senses, cool the mind, and ice the spirit-Feather is one of those people who I will meet up with later and be like "Remember when we did this and this or wrote about so and so and debated that and that" because we have done so much together. And we have become really close through our memories of each other. She's got some really good stories out there too and I think she absolutely nails forbidden romance.

We preempt your normal programming for the first annual TELETHON OF EVIL! And now, live, because it's evil spelled backwards, your host, HEINZ DOOFENSHMIRTZ!-Ich vertehe night ... Yeah, I just used German because I wanted to prove that I actually do know something, although I am not smart enough to understand what was stated above :p. Jet is really cool and she sure as hell is not lazy so don't listen Her drawings are really cute and she has a talent for drawing through the computer! Though she can be quiet, she is ahmazing when she talks :D Her spoofs and WUNDERNBAR and she's great to be around ^_^

Give me your humble opinion. Make it beneficial, please.- I will try Waffa because you do in fact like Waffles and you have trained me in the art of blowing things up and you are my comrade/commander in our neverending war against Raıny :) Your stories are very good and creative. You have amazing grammar which I envy, because it is something I lack terribly. You are funny, and nice to be around and I've never seen you hurting someone else's feelings :)

Samurai Ninja Warrior :D-Ninja knows Japaneese-which automatically makes her swaggier than you. I love her fanfictions, and her Wattpad stories(the name of her Watty account is 1Ninja2Kat3 btw) I'm lazier than her btw :P. Ninja is like my long-lost twin, except she's older than me and her company on chat is always the best even if I did ban her(she was thrashing Taylor guys I had no choice).

The uper super duper fuzziest fuzzy pelt eva- FUZZY! The two of us haven't chated in so long which is an unswaggfull situation. I love Fuzzy and I can never forget out blastful times together! I remember crying when she left cheering when I realized she wasn't gone and just loving her to death :)

I'm derpy and I know it bunnies4eva- Silver is the person on here who I love the most and hold closest to my heart(no offense to the rest of you-Ilyall). She's come back from so much and yet manages to keep herself together despite everything that keeps happening. I know we all have some sort of a lifeŞ meaning everything isn't a breeze-but Silver has gone through things others couldn't imagine. And I just love her so much for who she is. I really like her stories-and ideas-and she's just like this to me. <333333333333333333333333333333333333333

It Be Tangle! :D- ...and it be awesome! That's another meaning of Tangle, of course ;) Big Brother ThunderClan is absolutely amazing and funny even though I don' read/follow that series anymore. And he is an aussie so that wins him even more awesome points. He also has an aussie accent which wins him EVEN more awesome points. Yeah he's a cool brotha.

Floating turtle of DOOOM- FOOTY BUDDIES! *dances in footies with Floatie*. Floatie is really one of the most amazingŞ swaggyŞ bosstastical people that I know. Like beast. She is SO FUNNY and she always makes my day. Always. I love her writing, or at least, what I have seen of it so far. And yes, turles as awesome and Taub is just... Taub. Way to um... *lists every good thing in the world* for words to express. TURTLE POWER!

CinderXLion Furever!-- HAWKEY! MY Well, I helped her sort out her first siggie (even though Rainy made it :P) and I DO support CinderXLion. Hawky is funny, smart, nice and always makes me smile. She is a joy to have around and is incredibly pawesome. I do like her fanfics mucho much and Enter the Mountains is turn :D

I love tacos. *hugz tacos*- Well Brighty is abviously amazing ;) I lub her although not realllyyy tacoossss. xD She gave Dan to Rainy but I'm sure she made a typo or something and actually meant me. I LOVE her ideas and her writing is neat and original. :D She is humorous both in her fanfics and her lovely spirit. She likes to talk but HEY, don't we all ;)

The Awesomest one on this whole list Can't say I doubt that :333 Bird is pretty sweet. She's easy-going, fun to be around and always there for a good laugh :D I remember trying to play her into the guilt trap, even though I sucked at it x3 I really miss her too :( I love her writing, its so proffessional, and it feels like a real Warriors book written by a pro, rather than a fanfiction written by a teenager. They are sweet, engaging and thoughtful. I always smile when I see she is on, or had updated any of her stories :D Bird is a role model to the wiki AND she gave me a virtual cake.

The serious one (Not really XD) ~STRIKEH :D You are quiet serious but still very fun, and the only time I have actually seen that pulled off :D You love to play 'would you rather' which is quite an fun game :) I have yet to complete one of your fanfics, due to my lack of time, but the ones I have started are both great and amazing and just like you.

Helloitsmeguys- HIMG :D HIMG is my swifty pal, and I love fangirling with her over how amazing Taylor is <3 I know her a lot about her now, about her now... that I didn't before! And that's always a great thing because HIMG is amazing! She's dedicated, loyal, inspirational and her poetry is wonderful, as well as any other kinds of things she writes! And she likes Home which makes me really happy since it's not a very popular series. I made her a siggie, which was cool too ;) always look forward to getting to talk to her <3

Even when i was a child, i was contradicting the teachers- I don't doubt it Moss! Moss is pretty epictastical :D She doesn't get on as much but is wild, crazy and just a great laugh. Her spoofs are insanely funny and her presence is enough to make one smile :D

Mistybrook- Misty may be one of my newer friends but she is certainly one of the awesomer! She's good at making me smile, has good stories and has already proven that she is really cool! She is kind, and hardworking, fun and great to be around  :)

I /finally/ figured out how to sign this! \o/- It's Starbear! Stareh is really amazing and fast. She is smart, funny, and a MASTER coder. She doesn't fail to astound me with each page she codes; just leaving me with my jaw dropped like "WHOOOAHHH" She is seriously one of the best writers on the wiki-especially when it comes to songfics because I swear to god I've never seen an ability like hers to make me become so depressed over romance. How To Save a Life, The Fighter and Quailsong's Trilogy are just so good I can't even explain it. Just go read them. You won't find any better songfics than those on the wiki. She's really nice and hilarious yet knows how to be serious when necessary.And one more, very important thing? Stobo.

Pizza and tacos! Om nom!~ Lilly is awesome! She is the creator of The Soul Seeker Series which is going to become AWESOME (why, it already is thanks to her ;)) and a great writer! I Especially like Big Brother WFW, and By The Sea! She is kind, and outgoing, really funny, and always there for a laugh or to brighten my day! I've never seen her being mean so someone; she is one of nicest people on here!

Do me another one 'cause were friends :D- Erm... look above xD jkjk, since you signed twice that makes you TWICE as awesome O: \o/ Anyways, Himg is awesome (as stated above) and yes, we totes are friends 8D Loveyyyoooo Himg ;) AND OMG EVERYONE GO READ ELEMENTS RIGHT NAOW.

Yeah you know you love me, I mean, I'm always doing te Harlem shake, I'm boss!!-Dawny is dawesome! She is funny sweet and great to be around! She's only been here for a little while but we already have a lot of great memories together, and await more with excitement!

Dark-Look a flying waffle! 13:40, March 24, 2013 (UTC) (signing here for opinion)- Please guys Darky is German. that makes her cooler than even me(I wıll become german one of these days though promise). She is really cool and fun and she's just absolutely German. I've come to know her pretty well, but hope to know her even better because she is pretty sweet!

Ooh, ooh! Do me an opinion! Please, Robo!- Indeed, Amber! Well Amber seems pretty cool; not one of those super annoying n00bs, and she's always so nice! She's kind and great to be around! I think she has a pretty username too :) I don't know her that well yet but I can't wait to get to.

Me please!- Hello random I.P. 8D Well, I don't know you very well but you liked Songflights Battle which is like the best story on the wiki! In order to make a more educated opinion I must know... Do you believe in my powers as a fairy princess?

You got your wish. NOW DO MY OPINION OR ELSE!- Spotted is so nice, I adore her! She is kind, smart and from what I have seen so far she appears to be a wonderful author! I'm so glad she joined-we've become pretty close already-and I really hope that she stays!

Fire Alone Can Save Our Clan...-Indeed, indeed. Firey is really cool and tons 'o fun to be around! He's a really good writer-and I always get happy to see he has updated things. It always makes me smile to see that he is on, because he's really a great person! I declare him turtle-worthy!

Lift me up to StarClan, where I'll know I'll see Oakheart again...-Dawny again! It's always an honor to have Dawny's page lınked twice on my userpage! Again she's a really cool person and it's been a while since we've chatted so I hope we get to do it again soon!

Do me again 'cause we're buds. :)-Hey again Hımg! *nods* You're even cooler now for signing a third time but since I've purty much said everything...I'll just say again that Hellitmegus is very very kewl.

Dan is for Rainy. Twas not a typo. >:)-It was a typo. It was most certainly a typo.

Hayyyy...hellos.-Well I've come to know Ginger quite well as of the late and she's a really sweet, kınd and really nice user. She's modest and she's so timid but in a really really good way. I honestly don't have anything I could complain about when it comes to Ginger!

GAH! Your awesome coding is making my computer lag-Sorry :( I don't know Silverstourm that well but she seems cool and nice and she was really kind when welcoming me back to the wiki! I hope to get to know her better soon :)

I was hoping you could refresh my opinion since you know me better. Plus, I wanted to change my link. XD-Haw-keyyy :D Well there's not much to say that I didn't say above, cos Hawky's still amazing and a great writer, an even better friend and just really cool in general! And I've declared her an official owner of swaggar, wooo :)

I hope I'm not too much of a stranger to you.-Not at all :) Firey is a really cool wikian! A great writer, a kind friend and just a wonderful person in general :D I love the Spy Torture series and Firey's always saying something to make my day<3

Now we go to a commercial break. - I'm sorry but I don't know enough about you to compose a valid opinion; hopefully, though, I shall soon!

Old/New person on the wiki! (Might not know me) - I'm sorry but I don't know enough about you to compose a valid opinion; hopefully, though, I shall soon!

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Fazzytastical :3- HIMG. MORE Fazzytastical. A kind, lovely, friend and fantastic writer, not to mention a stupedoturtle coder. This girl is one to rave about.~^.^ _Ginger

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