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Welcome To Riverpelt's User Page!
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(Thanks to Sunspirit for making me this pic! I LOVE IT!!)

About me

Hi I'm Riverpelt, River, or Riverstar! I love making up stories and I love the Warriors Series. Currently, on, I have a story up about a cat named Amberheart who lives in StormClan, and she falls in love with Tigerheart of ShadowClan. This story brings the warriors series and the cats from my made-up series into a story. If you want, you can check it out, but soon I will be placing it on here as one of my stories.

I have a new wiki that I have created it's called Warriors Fan-art Wiki, it's a wiki where you can draw your fav characters from the warriors series, or even some that you've made up. Here's the URL if you wish to join!

Siggie Requests

If anyone needs a siggie made for them, I can do it. Just message me on my talk page what colors it should be, the fonts, and the backgrounds if you want any. Thanks! RiverandAmberBest Friends Forever! 13:23, July 11, 2010 (UTC)

Talk Bubble

TALK - Look at the Clock!
I finally figured out how to do this! Yay Me!
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