aka Swifty, Rise, Tide

  • I live in spanish class
  • I was born on July 29
  • My occupation is getting into homestuck
  • I am female

Hi {{{1}}}! I've been here for about almost a year. Please excuse any grammar, spelling and past-tense/present-tense mistake. I tend to use present tense instead of past tense a lot, but not too much anymore. I am a dog person, but I love Warriors, so don't call me a cat person! Remember: I. Am. A. Dog. Person. I'm probably going to work on one fanfic at a time, or two. I just don't know... Anyways, if anyone wants to collab, I'll do it with you! *waves hand madly in the air, and shouts,"Pick me to collab with you!"* So, yeah, that's all. And I'm SU trash. If you don't know what that is, look it up. Now. Don't forget to check out my fanfics.

My Art Yes, I do make art. I love drawing, and I paint some (mostly abstract painting). I consider myself fairly skilled, and mostly specialize in animals. I'm not very good at people, but I'm working on its. I take requests, preferably warrior cats, 'cause that's what this wiki is about. But I will do other things. Just send me a request on my take page, or my art page. I'll likely get back to you soon.

My Fanfics A list of the awesome (not really) Fanfics I've written and are writing. I edited most days I can, and have obviously made improvement. I write about romance, action, adventure, mysteries, and even some horror. If you like any of those, then this is the place to be, though most of my stories are in progress.

My Siggies I recently learned to code, so I've made a page for all the siggies I've created. If any siggies resembled yours, it's and honest mistake. I take credit for all my siggies unless I say otherwise.

My Favorite Stories A list of my favorite stories on the wiki. Good for you if your's is on there.

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