aka Not tellin you

  • I live in ThunderClan
  • My occupation is thinking
  • I am non-binary, but leaning towards the feminine side (my birth gender)

Hi, I’m Redsplash and I LOVE Warriors. I like zombies, vampires, Stranger Things, and Netflix. I’m writing Dead as Dark, a series about Warrior cats AND Zombies :D seems like a cool idea.


Ok sooooo hi there I’m Redsplash, and some people have nicknames here soooo you can call me Red or Splash. Which ever you perfer.

I’m a brownie (lol that sounds funny) which means (to me and all of my friends) that I have brown hair and brown eyes. I have a cat named Red (thats were you get my name from) and she literally has red fur. Well, it looks like it. I’ve always known that there is something not normal about me, in other words, I am NOT normal. I am somewhere between 1-100 years old, and I live in ThunderClan. :D

I identify as a non-binary, but you can use she/her pronouns because I’m sorta leaning towards my birth gender, which is female. :D Sooooo They/them or She/her pronouns. I’m also straight.

Should you know that I am that one always reading that book or on the computer in the dark corner?

Oh well, I already told you :p

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