Feel free to sign! Even though I might not know you too well, I will reserve my judgment until I do!


Ooh, do me, do me!!! *waves hand in air* Zaffie wants an opinion! Wow, this is a really long link. Sorry about that... - lol, yes it is. :) Okay, so, I think she is a) nice because 1) she was the first person to sign my character page and 2) used to be the only person who talked to me when I first joined, and b) well, she's just awesome. Anyway, verdict: a giraffe. They are very pleasant and mellow. :)

Haha, can you do one for me (Melodybird) please? - Okay, so she is very awesome and very kind and can always make my day with her comments and awesome supportive encouragement. She always makes me feel happy. :) Plus, she ALWAYS talks and replies to my messages and stuff. Verdict: a chinchilla. They are warm and fuzzy!

Blargathor - Arti! Well, Arti is a very spectacular writer and is quite amazing. HOWEVER, she NEEDS to finish her Chosen stories otherwise she will have a very angry user riding Which CONCLUDES: a bottlenose dolphin - because they are VERY intelligent, too.

This Awesome Person - Bird seems extremely enthusiastic about our collaboration, which is always good. :) Since she is an admin, and she enforces rules, it appears as though she has a fondness for rules! Like me. :) And she likes proper grammar. Which is always a plus. Plus she's Canadian, which adds awesomeness-points. Verdict: a koala. No, Zaffie, not a koala BEAR. A koala.

WHAT TYPE OF NICKNAMES ARE YOUR PEOPLE PUTTING?! I mean...Wetty :3- Indeed, Wetty, indeed. Wetty is always listens to my rants, and she's very understanding. Plus, she's one of the oldest users on here. She's also really laid-back, never freaking out at people. I don't think. :) Verdict: a polar bear.

Lulzqueen - Maple! She also seems enthusiastic about the collaboration, which is definitely a plus. Like Wetty, she is also quite laid back, and has a good sense of humor. She also has a pretty cool username, and, of course, she started Hedgehogs, which caused Zaffie to hijack it, and then led to a pretty cool series (wow, redundancy). Verdict: a horse. (lol, I know from stalking Zaffie's talk page that she is kicked by horses all day. :) )

The only one on this list who truly matters ;) - Star. Let's see: She is very kind and has a wicked sense of humor. She DOES swear, though (I'm reprimanding you, Stareh), but, hey, I guess her awesomeness at coding sort of outdoes that. I mean, have you seen that profile page? She's intelligent too (lol, now I feel like I'm insulting everyone else - I am NOT!) and is a good writer. Verdict: a quagga. Google it.

I'm gonna be famous one day, so do me or else..- Sandwich. Well, he (I'm not trying to insult you if you are a girl. But I think you are a guy.) is a fabulous writer and I will pelt him with red pandas if he doesn't finish your LoB series, but that is one of the best series I've read. He seems somewhat active, and I like sandwiches. He also seems to play a very large role in the thriving of the wiki. Verdict: a fossa.

I'm going to be the only person on this list with size 12 feet. I just know it. - FOREST. Wow. I'm starting everyone's opinion with their names, huh. Anyhow, Forest is a very sympathetic and kind person, and I'm sorry that she left nine days after I joined. Hopefully she's coming back, (HINT: Come back Forest) because then she will read this (even though she probably already will have read this) and marvel. Forest can listen to people's problems, and I love her writing as well. Verdict: (hmm, this is hard) a black wolf.

It's Cinders! I want to know your opinion on me! :)

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