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Hello, friends! (◠△◠✿)

The name is RedPandaPotter, though I'm more commonly referred to as Red (who knows why I decided to make my username so long). I'm an administrator on the wiki, so feel free to go to my talk page with any questions or concerns. I'm always happy to help any new(er) or older users with anything they might need! I
like to consider myself a pretty friendly person, but you don't want to get on my bad side. :')

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Hello, everyone!

Should you be reading this, it is my assumption that you are a new (/er) user and are looking for some help or just snooping around to dig up some of our history! In that event, I welcome you to Warriors Fanfiction Wiki - more commonly abbreviated as WFW. We're a growing community of young writers possessing all different levels of skill.

This wiki has a lot of history, a more-detailed summary of which can be found here. More simply summed up, this site has endured a lot of drama and a lot of hardships, though those have only made us better and helped improve our interface, interactions, and community. While we might not necessarily be proud of our past, we are proud of how we have grown from it and learned from our mistakes.

As you may have guessed from the header at the top of this page, my name is RedPandaPotter, though I'm more commonly referred to as Red. I'm an administrator on this site (along with Arti and Wetty - administrators like myself and Rainy - rollback), meaning I can delete pages, ban users, distribute warnings, and answer any questions or concerns you might have. Rainy can do the same, minus the deletion of pages and banning of users. If you need any help, leave a message on either of our four talk pages and we'll get back to you!

We use our own sort of lingo around the wiki, so if you see phrases like 'IRC,' 'siggy,' 'admin,' 'rolly,' or 'songfic' dropped, don't worry about it. You'll probably become accustomed to our own personal brand of jargon soon enough, and even begin to use it yourself!

All in all, we're a pretty friendly group of teens and pre-teens just trying to improve our writing. We're
generally amiable and helpful, so just drop us a line if you're suffering from any confusion and I know
we'll all do our best to help. Welcome to the wiki - and enjoy your time here. :)

The name is Red and I'm a high-functioning sociopath. In an ideal world, I'd be in a polyamorous, platonic relationship with Britian's finest actors (a list including the beautiful and talented Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston) and living in an apartment with a couple of cats and a chameleon, but that world is not mine and I'm stuck in the suburbs of Chicago with one cat, no chameleons, and no Cumberbatch or Hiddleston.

I have what may be considered an unhealthy addiction to Tumblr, Wattpad, Neopets, Howrse, and a small assortment of TV shows, but, you know: blame Netflix. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, writing, and surfing the aforementioned websites, as well as drawing. Some day, I hope to be the creative writing
teacher at my local high school, doubling as a successful and high-grossing author like JK Rowling.

Rainstar's Prophecy

Resurging Rain - Rainkit is apprenticed to the she-cat who has hated her since her birth. With a plethora of battles looming on the horizon, Rainpaw is forced to get on with her mentor in order to survive.  ✔
Dimming Twilight - Rainpaw is still an average she-cat to her Clanmates, but what they don't know is that when she was killed by a vicious RiverClan warrior, her fate was more important than the status quo, and she was pushed back into life. It's now time for her to fulfill that fate.  ✔
Brightening Stars - Rainsong has defeated the largest menace seen by the Clans, and she's fulfilled her fate. Or so she assumes, until a whole other Clan arrives by the lake, begging for her help. What Rainsong thought was an ordinary journey has turned into a fight for survival. ✔
SkyClan's Savior - (Extra) Follow Rainstar and a select few of her Clanmates on their journey to SkyClan, and the troubles they encounter with both the Clan and outside threats.  ✔

Ever After

Turbulent Ever After - Description under renovation. A Warriors x The Selection crossover. 
Happily Ever After - Description under renovation. A Warriors x The Selection crossover.
After Ever After - Description under renovation. A Warriors x The Selection crossover.


Wormnose's Cruelty - A former deputy-turned-rogue leads a band of loners, rogues, and kittypets against the Clans in a chronicle of humiliation. ✔
Rosefeather's Lesson- A she-cat who longs for something greater than her own blood and hastily accepts a chance for greatness in her debut of thoughtlessness. ✔
Moonshine's Tale - A young warrior shares her experience with grief, loss, and longing in a tale of woe. ✔

Pure As Snow - Snowpaw was an ordinary ThunderClan cat on the outside...but what rested in her heart was a whole different story. ✔

The Light at the End of the Tunnel - Goldenflower has never forgiven Tigerclaw for what he's done, though she's always wanted to. In the darkest times the Clan has seen, she needs someone to count on, and someone to be the beacon of hope in a world of darkness. One-shot

As The Crow Flies - Crowfeather's journey to find his mate and his son, who have fled WindClan after their treachery during the Great Battle is discovered. Though every path and its ending is circuitous, to Crowfeather, his is as plain as day. One-shot

Does This Make My Pelt Look Ragged? - Raggedkit and Yellowkit, and their adventures from kithood, to apprenticeship, and from immature kittens to immature adults. ✔

Once - A short one-shot about a kittypet living in Paris, and a cat she thought she could trust. One-shot

Spilt Ink - For Rainy's Contest. Inkpaw has lived in his sister's shadow ever since he was two moons old. This lack of attention has caused him to have a distant disposition, which other cats find odd, and many believe him to be too arrogant to socialize with other cats. On the inside, though, his heart has melted for bright, bubbly Shoalpaw, whose sunny attitude may just be a façade for her true feelings. ✔

Winter - Ravenpaw never had a mate or kits; his promise to Barley meant too much to him. But when he finds a pretty she-cat named Winter, things change around the farm. One-shot

Fire Fight - Description under renovation.

Birds of a Feather - For Cinder's Contest. Dovepaw and Bluepaw. ThunderClan and ShadowClan. The two are polar opposites, from rival Clans, and have never heard of each other. But sometimes, it's our differences that bring us together. ✔

Rules Are Meant to Be Broken - There will always be rules, and there will always be exceptions. After all, rules are meant to be broken.

Welcome to Society - Welcome to Society. Here, you'll be judged on your looks and the way you groom yourself, on how well you hunt and how well you fight. On who you hang out with and how you act, on how you talk and how you walk. You'll be judged on who your mentor is, and who your friends are. Welcome to Society. Enjoy your stay.

Amongst Poppies and Stars - Redpoppy and Stargaze were the best of friends since kithood. During a vicious battle, that friendship is tested. One-shot. 

Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry - As one battle in the great war between ThunderClan and RiverClan draws to a close, the newly-appointed leader of RiverClan must travel to the Mooncave to get her nine lives. One-shot. 

Eyes Open - Quarter Quells were always strange things. Peculiar things happened to the victors when the Capitol escorts arrived on the year of the Quarter Quell: the Tributes would be reaped from past victors, the Tributes would be chosen by the mayor, and so on. But when it is decided that twice the traditional amount of victors will be sent into the Arena - and Shoalpaw and her best friend Tuberpaw are among the four chosen from District 4 - everything comes crashing down. When it's raining rubble like this, Shoalpaw has to learn just how wide she needs to keep her eyes open.

A Jolly Good Leaf-Bare - My old Community Holiday 'fic from the 2013 - 2014 season! Wasn't finished until the 2014 - 2015 holiday season. Chronicles the holiday life of all of the cats in WFWClan.

The Winter Warrior - A take on Marvel's Captain America: The Winter Soldier. An old friend brings back memories that Swiftfoot wishes to keep pressed back - he finds himself overwhelmed with nostalgia, happiness, and an empty sense of loss that leaves him searching for the tom that goes by the name the Winter Warrior .

Flight to the Stars - With ZaffieArtiMapleBirdWetty

At Dawn's First Call - At dawn's first call, the rain shall fall, and dust will be charred black. Beware thunder's first crack. Rainspeckle is your average, fiesty she-cat. She's an avid hunter and a clever fighter, but could care less about taking on a mate. Dustflight is the son of the Clan leader. He could have any she-cat he wants, but he's been crushing on Rainspeckle ever since the two were kits. But when the two get captured by Twolegs...everything they know, every opinion they have, is about to change. With Nighty

Shiver - With ZaffieArtiStarBird & Robo 

Behind Locked Doors - A War special. With Firey


Because sometimes we all need a little bit of heartbreak to cheer us up; because sometimes, it's nice to find comfort in the realization that you are not alone. 

Safe and Sound

Because sometimes comfort can be a little hard to come by and all you need to pick yourself back up is a small reminder that maybe, yes, love still exists.


Because Redpoppy and Stormfall's relationship is rockier than the brook at the edge of ThunderClan territory - but maybe, somewhere in there, they can find a happy ending.


Because Mossyfoot's life hasn't been easy, but she doesn't have to go through it alone. She has her friends by her side and her Clan in front of her. And she can do this.

Feel free to sign! Even though I might not know you too well, I will reserve my judgment until I do!

To sign, please edit the heading below. Do not edit my entire profile, just the heading, please. :)


Ooh, do me, do me!!! *waves hand in air* Zaffie wants an opinion! Wow, this is a really long link. Sorry about that... - Zaffie! Zaffie is one of my best friends on the wiki, and we got to know each other because I practically idolized her in my noob ways. Good way to make friends, you know. Zaffie's funny and smart, and she always knows what to say, plus she talks to me whenever she's angry with other people! Also, she watches Once Upon a Time, which is the best television show ever! Verdict: A giraffe. 

Haha, can you do one for me (Melodybird) please? - Melody! Melody is the sweetest user on here, and she was my first real friend. She started writing fan fictions ages before me, I presume, but she joined just a little bit after me with an account. She's kind and funny, and we were best friends before she left, and I really wish I could have said goodbye one last time. She's also British, which gives her bonus points! Verdict: A chinchilla. 

Blargathor - Arti! Arti is one of the best admins I've ever seen. She's serious and is good at her job, but she doesn't make it seem like a job, because at some times, it seems like she actually enjoys being an admin. She's funny as well, and she most definitely doesn't abuse her position. As a user and an author, her fan fictions are absolutely amazing, and she's one of the nicest users I know. She's become like a sister to me, and I love her so much. ...plus, she reads the Mortal Instruments! Verdict: a dolphin. 

This Awesome Person - Bird! In the beginning, I was kind of frightened of Bird, because she seemed like such a good admin and her fan fictions were really, really good. I got to know her over the IRC, and I learned that she was really nice, and a great person. I can talk about anything with Bird, and she's always available when I want to complain! Plus, she watches Avatar: The Last Airbender, which gives her super-awesome points. Verdict: A bunny rabbit. 

WHAT TYPE OF NICKNAMES ARE YOUR PEOPLE PUTTING?! I mean...Wetty :3 - Wetty! Wetty is really one of the nicest people I know. In the beginning, she traumatized me because she and Stareh gave me the, er, talk, but Wetty apologized for it and I most definitely forgave her, because she was just so kind about it. Also, Wetty introduced me to a lot of what are now my favorite television shows and such - Doctor Who and especially Avatar: The Last Airbender, and the Legend of Korra. Plus, she watches Once Upon a Time. Verdict: a polar bear.

Lulzqueen - Maple! Maple is amazing. I didn't know her that well, but along with Zaffie and the rest of the senior users, I really looked up to her. She has a great sense of humor, and is really sweet. Her fan fictions are awesome as well, and she's a great person to be around, because she can always light up the room (or IRC.). And though Maple does get kicked by horses all day, I hope she doesn't mind this verdict! Verdict: a horse.

The only one on this list who truly matters ;)  - Star. I honestly don't know where to start with my dear Stareh, but the least I can say is that over these months, Star has become like a sister to me. I was actually frightened of her in the beginning, because of her sailor mouth, but she's so sweet and she's always willing to listen to my problems and help me find solutions, and I just love her so much. She reads the Mortal Instruments and the Infernal Devices, and she is always willing to lend a shoulder to cry on. I love her. Verdict: a quagga.

I'm gonna be famous one day, so do me or else.. - Sandwich! Sandwich is the epitome of cool. He's really like, relaxed and he doesn't seem to care what other people think. The Life of Brindlestar is absolutely amazing, and one of the first fan fictions I read on here. He really seems to be devoted to things he cares about - writing and running - and he's so kind about it. He's one of the greatest users on here, and he's most definitely a senior user, and even though we don't know each other that well, he feels like the cool older brother that would drive you around! Verdict: a fossa.

I'm going to be the only person on this list with size 12 feet. I just know it. - Forest! Forest, Fork, whatever you call her, that doesn't do a thing to change her awesomeness. She's cool under pressure, and a great admin. She knows how to handle things well, but she's still fun to hang around, and she's not as stern and on-the-job as you would expect someone in her position to be. And her fan fictions - they're simply amazing. She also likes Avatar: The Last Airbender, so that's definitely a plus! Verdict: a black wolf.

It's Cinders! I want to know your opinion on me! :) - Cinders! Well, I don't know Cinder as well as some other users do, but she's really, really sweet and kind. I participated in her contest, and that was a lot of fun, and her fan fictions are really good. She's a great user, and she seems like a fabulous person outside of the internet as well. I think she would be a great friend! Verict: A lynx

I am the pet turtle and le British person, and i demand you write your thoughts about me! Muauahaha! *Holds onto frying pan and pineapple threateningly* - Birchy! In the beginning, as I've said a bunch of times before, I really respected Birchy. I still do respect her, most definitely, even if she's a bit MIA. She's a really fun person to hang around, and she has just the perfect amount of silliness! Plus she likes the Mortal Instruments too, and that's cool. And she's British. That's like, eight in one! Verdict: a bilby 

Wafflez - Wafflez! Well, in the beginning, I thoguht Wafflez was a user older than me, and I must have confused him with someone else - and probably of lesser awesomeness. He's quite amusing, and he got along well with a lot of the other users, which is great! His fan fictions are pretty cool, and he's really nice to everyone. He knows how to behave too! Verdict: a dragon 

Welcum to McDonalds. May I take yo orda? Jk, it's Night. Derp! - Night! Yes, I'll have some french fries and those weird fish nuggets. Just kidding! Nighty is one of the best friends I've made on the wiki. She's really sweet, all the time, and I can always talk to her about everything. Her fan fictions are simply spectacular, especially Skyfall, and I think she's one of the greatest writers on the wiki, all things considered. I love her! Verdict: a white tiger. 

Probably the only sane person on this list. lol - Honeyrose :) - Honey! Honey is fantastic. Just like her name, she's really sweet. I wish she hadn't left, because she was a great contribution to this wiki, and I thought she was an amazing person. Her fan fictions are spectacular, and the only reason she had problems with vandals was probably because they were so jealous! Verdict: a kitty. 

My cats eat cardboard. Lol - Misty! Well, that's unhealthy! You should probably keep all cardboard away from them, huh? I don't know Misty very well, but she's really nice and has some pretty cool fan fictions. She loves coding, and it makes things a lot prettier, so thanks for sprucing up the wiki, Misty! She also seems very relaxed and bubbly about stuff, and that's good! Verdict: a bumblebee

You may call me Le Moon de Mystical - Moon! I originally thought I didn't know Moon very well, but she's really spectacular. She's really, really sweet and is great at coding, and she taught herself! I had to get help from Zaffie for my first signature. Moon has some really amazing fan fictions out there, and I think she's a really great user. I wish she could come back, because she's the epitome of awesome. Verdict: a koala.

I just found this. Whats you opinion on me! Tell me!! P.S. This is Ash. :) - Ash! I made Ash a signature once, and I'm quite proud of it. Ash has a very good sense of humor, and she's great at making friends around the wiki. Her fan fictions are amazing as well, and she's such a great person, even if I don't see her around much anymore. I hope she begins to edit again soon! Verdict: a songbird. 

I've already been mentioned twice... how did I not sign this? *facepaw* - Rainy! Rainy is amazing. She's one of the best users around, and her writing is absolutely fantastic, she has everyone fangirling over her characters and she's so sweet! She lives relatively close to me, and we live in the same state, so that's a given to awesomeness. I think Rainy is one of the best people in the world, and she's like a sister to me even if we don't talk much anymore! Verdict: a peacock

Oooh! Me! Red, pick me! Please! :D *jumps up and down* - Tangle! Tangle is really, really amazing. Just like Sandwich, he's the epitome of awesome. I don't really consider him much of a noob anymore, mainly because he's cool around the older users and he knows how to like, behave, I guess. BBTC is an amazing idea, and he's inspired a lot of people to write similar fan fictions! Verdict: a puffer fish.

Please can I have a Cookie? Please can I have a Cookie? I don't know you, but read IATC: GMOOH! - HIMG! Truth be told, I originally was a tad bemused by your username and thus, your gender, but now I'm pretty sure HIMG's a girl. She's very kind, and can be very protective of her friends, as well as very friendly. IATC: GMOOH is pretty good, and the rest of her fan fictions are amazing as well! Verdict: a lamb

Just another annoying n00b asking for your honest opinion - Robo! Robo is a very, very cool user. Despite the fact that I kept thinking she was a boy because her username made be think of robots and robots made me think of boys, she's awesome! (not that boys aren't, but. You know.) Robo has a lot of successful fan fictions, and she's a massive coding prodigy. Verdict: a gull.

*Sits and stares at Red* My name is Brighty. Do you know me? - Brighty! I do know Brighty a bit, and from what I know, she seems really sweet. Her fan fictions are awesome, I'm sure, and she's a user of WFW 1 quite a lot, so kudos to her for that! She seems like a great user, and she's very sociable, so that's good as well! I hope I can get to know her more. Verdict: a killer whale.

Yo soy el huelga de la avalancha <3 - Strike! Well, Strike speaks Spanish and that will most definitely get her (or him) very far in life, owing to our increasing (actually, it's decreasing, but for the sake of the argument) Hispanic population! Strike seems like an excellent user, and she also seems really nice too. I haven't read any of her fan fictions, but I will be sure to in the future! Verdict: a pika. 

I'm Belgarath the Sorcerer! - I don't know you very much. Verdict: Reserving judgement. 

You probably have no idea who I am. - I don't know you very much. Verdict: Reserving judgement. 

Ooh, ooh, do me! Please? *puppy dog face* And Mistybird, if you're reading this, can you do me? - Amber! I don't know Amber quite as well as I do the others, but I've grown to know her a tad more than the others. Regardless, Amber seems really sweet and her fan fictions are very awesome, not the mention the fact that she deserves my eternal appreciation for writing a story starring Shoalfoot! Thanks, Amber! Verdict: a goldfish.

I am simply a noob, looking for an opinion of you, Red. (who is awesome btw) This'll be the hardest opinion ever - I don't know you very much. Verdict: Reserving judgement. 

HAYYYY!!!! I LOVE HARRY POTTER TOOO!! - Ginger(stripe)! She is probably one of the only noobs I can tolerate, not going to lie. The others are either overly pompous suck-ups, disrepsectful nublets, or else just plain annoying; Gingerstripe, however, is none of those. She approached me with the request for a siggie, which made me love her automatically because I love making siggies for people. She then proceeded to put me on her userpage and it made me happy! So yes, Gingerstripe is the coolest noob ever. <3 Verdict: A polar husky (search 'polar husky meme'. :))

Lets take a momment and be thankfull cheeseburgers don't fly, Partilly beacause I hate cheese! - I don't know you very much. Verdict: Reserving judgement. 

Did I sign this before? Do you know much about me? :3 - Firey! Firey is a really brilliant writer. Initially, I didn't know her that well, but she's grown to become someone I definitely consider a friend of mine and someone I can count on to be supportive. She's definitely more mature than some of the other users, but she's still got that perfect amount of sass and hilarity all packed into one. Firey's pretty cool. Verdict: a penguin.

I hit people in the face with a brick, then eat their soul like a lollipop. c: - That does not seem quite so possible. Anyhow, Eevee is really sweet and really talented! Originally, I didn't know her as well as I do now and associated her with much of the rest of the noobs, but she is quite mature and is a very talented author. Verdict: a lemur

Thornslash - I don't know you that well. Verdict: Reserving judgement.

Do me please! I'll give you Tigerstripe! wait wit? - I've gotten to known Whitey a lot more than I would have expected in the past few weeks, and she's really sweet. She's really, really talented and someone who is willing to listen. Plus, she's just an all around cool person to chat with. Verdict: a kangaroo

The Sun Goes DownThe Stars Come Up - I don't know Sea that well, but we've talked a couple of times and from what I've gathered, she seems like a super sweet person. She's a great contributor to the wiki, too, and very enthusiastic! Verdict: a puppy.

I guess you can say I am a newbie… only been here for like a week… so you won't know me… possibly. - I don't know you very well. Verdict: Reserving judgement.

Admin Sig
Pray that you need never see this in use. I use it only when yelling people or issuing warnings.

Edit: You probably see this in use quite a bit. It's not such an anomaly anymore. :-) 


fire cannot kill a dragon -- This is (yet another) quote from one of my all-time favorite TV Shows, Game of Thrones. It's not said by one of my favorite characters, but it is her motto and it's pretty important to the series. Plus, I kind of like the colors. :-)

Past - Most Recent at the Top
i think i'll try defying gravity -- This is (another) quote from a brilliant musical, Wicked! The song is Defying Gravity and my favorite version of it is sung by Idina Menzel (coincidentally the voice of Elsa) who plays Elphaba in the aforementioned musical. 

I WANNA SEE YOU BE BRAVE -- A quote from one of my favorite songs of the present, Brave by Sara Bareilles. It's a pretty empowering song and it makes me feel good, so I advise you all to listen to it if you're in need of a pick-me-up!

YOU'RE GOOD but i'm Crowley -- A quote off of one of my favorite televisions shows, Supernatural. Crowley is the King of Hell. So, naturally, that's me.

may the odds be ever in your favor - Hunger Games quote! One of my favorite -- and probably the most repeated -- quotes from the first book. If you can't see the font (or if you see it as Hoefler Text or something pretty default-ish), download it from dafont.com; the font is called 'Owl Creek'.

to dwell on dreams and forget to live  - It's likely that it would be the easiest (and most aesthetically pleasing) for you to view this signature if you go to dafont.com and download the font 'Homemade Apple.' This quote is a split quote from the Harry Potter series, and the quote was preached by Albus Dumbledore.

Driver picks the music shotgun shuts his cakehole - Similarly with my most recent signature, this one has fonts that most computers don't come with, so for the full extent, get Code Bold and Code Light from dafont.com. Otherwise, this is a quote from Supernatural, in the Pilot of the first season. Dean <3

Forever we sail into infinity  - This is a lyric from the song Euphoria by Loreen. I recently downloaded the font, so if it looks like a normal font to you, just download 'Blackjack' from dafont.com and you'll be able to see this sig in its full beauty. 

Love is when you try to move on... but find you can't - This is a quote of sorts from my Songfic - first siggie from my own stories, jeez - called All Too Well. It concerns Redpoppy and Stormfall, and how Redpoppy used to go out/be mates with Stormfall, but then he did something and they broke up. :3

Fourteenth floor and pale blue eyes - This is a lyric from the song Kiss Me Slowly by Parachute. Will Anderson, the lead singer of the band, is perfect, and the band is just over all really great. :3

● Ⓓ ● This is obviously just my nickname, Red, in a fancy font (bubbles!) paired with a dot flanking it. Hooray for simplicity! :D

 Forever going with the flow but you're friction This is a quote from the song Treacherous, by Taylor Swift. I just liked it for some reason, because Taylor Swift is a really great singer. :)

E v e r y d a y m a y n o t b e g o o d, b u t t h e r e i s g o o d i n e v e r y d a yUrl.jpeg - This, from henceforth, is going to be my mantra, because it carries a really good message, and most of the time applies to me. xD

We fight,We dare,We end our hunger for justice - This is another Hunger Games quote, and I'm not quite sure what book it's from being that I got it off of the internet whilst looking for Hunger Games quotes for a signature. But this is definitely probably one of my favorites. :3 

This could be the start of something new It feels so right to be here with youThis is a quote from my Childhood. Just kidding, it's from High School Musical. Two, I think. Something New is the song, and High School Musical is just amazing in all its glory, so even if you think it's for little kids, rewatch it. It's really good.

Sokka My first girlfriend turned into the moon This is another quote from Avatar: The Last Airbender, and it was spoken by one of my other favorite characters, Sokka! Sokka is the brother of the protagonist, Katarra, and he's basically the comic relief. This quote comes from his evanescent relationship with Yue, who basically turned into the moon at the end of the episode. (awkward.)

A z u l a Fear is the only reliable way. Even you fear me. This is a quote from Avatar: The Last Airbender, and it was spoken by a character with whom I have a love-hate relationship - Azula. Azula's the brother of the antagonist who turns good in the third season, and she's extremely evil and crazy and deranged and she loses her marbles in the last few episodes. The above was one of her quotes when she was speaking to her (thought to be dead, but probably not, as will be divulged in Legend of Korra) mother. 

The Clave has the collective intelligence of a p i n e a p p l e - This is a quote by Jace, again from my all time favorite series, the Mortal Instruments. It's from a book that has yet to come out, but it's a quote from a teaser. The Clave is like, their Ministry, I guess? They do all the rules and stuff, and they're real sticklers for rules and everything. Jace's adopted parents are in it too. :D

Truly, Madly, Crazy, Deeply in love with you - Yet ANOTHER song lyric, and another One Direction one, this time from Truly Madly Deeply. :D

I'm coming home Tell the world I'm coming home - Yet another song lyric, from 'Coming Home,' by Diddy Dirty Money featuring Skylar Grey, and the part in the signature is the Skylar Grey actual singing part. :3

Fire is catching. And if we burn...you burn with us. - This is a Hunger Games quote, and I believe it was from one of Katniss's propos in the...third...book...? Except that doesn't make sense, because the second is...catching...fire, but anyways, it's a great quote and I don't think I did it justice with my signature, but oh well. :)

I just wish you knew I was enchanted to meet you too - ANOTHER song lyric, but this time an Owl City/Taylor Swift song. Taylor wrote the song, and then Adam (Owl City) sang the same song but put Taylor's name in it. The song is Enchanted. :3

I know we only met but let's pretend it's love <3 - Also a One Direction song-lyric, but from Live While We're Young this time, and I made this the night it came out, I think. It's a really good song. :3

I can't be no superman but for you I'll be superhuman - This is from a One Direction song (Save You Tonight), and it's one of my favorite lyrics from that song. I really like the fong I used too, and there's not much else to say about it. xD

I may not slip. But I fall. - This is a quote from the Mortal Instruments, said by my all-time favorite character Jace. I love him. :3 

"I got hungry, in my sleep. And I accidentally ate you." Arti, you bad, bad Wolf! D': - Now THIS signature has an amusing  story. Arti, Stareh, a bunch of others most likely including Bird, and I were playing wolfgame, and I was harlot (basically I go to people's houses and make romantic advances ANYWAY), and Arti turned out to be wolf, and she ate me. Because that's what happens when...harlot visits...a wolf...and yeah. xDD

"Citius, Altius, Fortius" Let the games begin! - I made this during the 2012 London Summer Olympics, and 'Citius, Altius, Fortius,' is the Olympics' motto, and it means 'Higher, faster, stronger!' Obviously, because of the supscript, this was made prior to the beginning of the Olympics. :3

RedPandaPotter - This is my username, with interchangable colors. :3 It was one of the first signatures with backgrounds that I actually made, and I'm proud of it, and I do like the colors. :D

RPPYour Bean-Mobile Awaits! - I honestly can't remember where this came from, but it involved something with Bloody talking about my bean-mobile...? It was in a blog of Zaffie's, if I do remember, and...well...I don't really recall anything else. xD

I just met you...and this is crazy! But here's my talk page - so tell me maybe! - From the song 'Call Me Maybe,' which was good in the beginning but became awful as it grew to be over-played. I just changed the lyrics up a bit. :D

The lions roam... feeding on remains Eeeew! :) - This is also a quote from 'The Veldt' except it's a different part and corresponds with the portion of the story where the children locked their parents in the room with lions and lions ate the parents!

The world that the children made... here...here... - This is from the song 'The Veldt' by DeadMau5, and it's so amazing and really captures the story, so I advies you guys to all listen to it! I made this one myself as well, and I'm a bit proud of the font, so. :3

I mustache you a question, but I'm shaving it for later! - This is also another quote I've heard, but this is the very first signature I made myself! I obviously derived it from Zaffie's signature down below, but I really like it. :3

Those who care don't matter... and those who matter don't care. - Zaffie made this one (as well), and I just derived it from a quote I heard one time about your friends and how if people care about things that don't like, make you up, like if they care that you're Hispanic or something (like me!), their opinions don't matter, because they don't like you for who you are. :3

OUAT Henry ate the tragic tombing turnover! - This is (yet another) signature that Zaffie made for me! It comes from the show 'Once Upon a Time' on ABCFamily, and around the middle of the first season, towards the end, one of the main characters ate this turnover that made him fall into a coma that was meant for his mom, sent by his adoptive mom to his mom. His adoptive mom is an Evil Queen, in case you were wondering. 

I am Spinifex - The Porcupine Grass because Zaffie said so! - This is another signature that Zaffie made me. On her opinions page, she declared me a spinifex, and so I decided to put that into a signature. :3

Wit Beyond Measure Is Man's Greatest Treasure - This is my very first signature and Zaffie made it for me. The quote is the Ravenclaw (from Harry Potter) motto, and it's commonly mentioned by Luna Lovegood and the
ghost of Ravenclaw Tower, Helena Ravenclaw (the daughter of Rowena Ravenclaw, Ravenclaw House's Founder.
If that makes sense).