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This is my opinions page where I write nasty things about y'all. Just kidding. I'm actually pretty nice in opinions, and absoballylutely anyone can sign. :D

Sign Here:

Your Future Ruler... muahaha >:D - Nighty, Nighty, Nighty... Oh my God, I love this girl tons. When she left the wiki I seriously have no words to describe how sad I was, and her coming back blog had me on cloud 9, and even just talking to her on Skype makes me happy. She's hilarious, a great friend, and the living definition of awesome.

This Awesome Person - Bird is one of those people who is witty in this way that you have to be really clever to understand--and I'm not clever but I definitely appreciate her supreme witiness, as well as bowing down to her amazing writing skills. I'm really glad we're friends :)

Moon (sorry, I have no Grand Titles!)- I love Moon, and I don't care if I haven't spoken to her in eons(tear), I always will. We met during The Battle of The Anons(wow... that was forever ago...) and we've been friends ever since; we were fellow noobs together, an absolute pair of nutcases. <3

Your Twin From Anotha Motha - Red! Ah, where to start, my fellow Illinois-buddy? Red is mature, sweet, comical, friendly--not to mention a superb writer. I can only aspire to be as phenomenal an author as she is. You're going to go places, friend, I know you are :) And then I can boast that I knew you from WFW. (Oh and she's a great admin too, this wiki is lucky to have her; just thought I'd squeeze that in).

Catty Lover, MEOW- Ohaidere Misty! Misty was one of my first friends on wiki, and shall forever be special, as a result. I love her tons, and even though we don't talk half as much as we used to and need to.

The Robotastical Robot - What, you expect me to put into words how much I love Robo? No, honey, that doesn't happen. But seriously, I love this girl; she's a talented writer and moreover, a wonderful friend that I'm so blessed to have. <3 I honestly can't say anymore because it's difficult to put into words.

WAFFLES ARE BETTER! - NO THEY AREN'T! Wafflez and I are sworn enemies and yet the best of friends, and that's what's so awesome about this dude. He's funny and outgoing and friendly, and I'm so glad we're buddies--despite repeatedly killing each other on Chat and frightening everyone else. 

Idk what to put here so yeah... - Ash, oh my God, I miss you so much. Ash has always been one of my closest friends on wiki; I've known her for forever, and I really wish she'd stop by to visit sometime, but I understand that she's busy leading a thrilling life. Love you lots <3

Ninja/Ninga/Nina/Ninka/All the other misspellings of my name - You aren't on this wiki anymore but I'm still writing my opinion here, because it's not like I can ever tell everyone enough times how much I love Ninja, am I right? I honestly can share anything with her. We've been friends for so long that life without her is the strangest concept to think about.

Feather of the Ice Crane - Feather! I remember that I slightly scared Feather at first, and I probably still do to be honest, but we're really good friends now, and I'm glad! She's a sweet, sensitive person with a big heart, and anyone is lucky to have her as a pal. 

I like to read, and I read quickly, but man, Moby Dick sure is long and tedious- Hang in there Jet! Jet is a wonderful artist, and an extremely sweet, genuine person; just being around her brings a smile to my face. I love you, buddy!

I am a cat. MOO- Silver. I. Miss. You.

OPPA TANGLE STYLE!- Tangleee! I didn't know you were a boy at first, which was awkward, but anyway... we're friends now! Hooray! Tangle is Australian, epic, and hilarious!

RAINY! RAINY! RAINY! hi- HEY FUZZY! I haven't spoken to Fuzzy in what feels like forever, and I miss our random, noobish conversations :( I still love you tons, friend! 

MAKE ME A SAMMICH >:D- DO NOT ORDER THY QUEEN AROUND! Kay, Floatie is just pure awesome; we always have a ton of fun, even though we haven't talked in a loooong time, and it makes me really sad.

I love The Hidden! XD- Aww, thanks Strike! It's not that good, but you're like my number 1 fan and I appreciate that. I really do miss Strike, though I understand that she's busy nowadays, and I wish her all the best in her life. It makes my day when she visits, because she's a sweet, understanding friend and always listens no matter what. 

I can haz a taco???- Of course, anything for one of my favorite people on Earth! I love Brighty, she's the sister I never had. She's supportive and sweet and kind to everyone, and I can confide in her no matter what; I love her for that, and tons of other reasons. 

>CinderXLion Furever!- You got it Hawk, you wonderful person! I haven't talked to Hawk in a long time(too long) and I miss her. I've just realized how many times I've said this; wow, the nostalgia is kicking in...

Do me another opinon cause we're buds- XD Can I just copy my old one? No? Okay. Well, Tangle's awesome, but he already knew that. He's also hilarious. I now know he's a boy so... *awkward silence* Right, anyway, he's Aussie, which means he's cool beans no matter what.

The Leader of Hufflepuff- Arti! Where to start? She's an amazing admin, and the wiki will truly miss her when she's gone. She's a talented writer, a wonderfully hilarious friend. I'm so glad that we're friends because honestly? I love her to bits.

HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYY!!!!- HIMG! Another person that I haven't spoken to in forever... UGH RAINY YOU NEED TO TALK TO THESE WONDERFUL PEOPLE. Right, well, HIMG is a wonderful writer & a funny person to be around; I love having her on the wiki.

Do Amberflower an opinion or she will HAUNT YOUR MIND FOREVER!!... Oh, and Hi, Rainy, how have you been? - I've been fine Amber, how bout you? And more importantly, where are you? I haven't seen you in forever, you sweet & kind friend, you!

Yeah you know you love me, but of course, I am your sister/daughter! xD - Dawn is definitely like my sister; we don't talk that much anymore, but I still love her and am there for her if she needs me, and vice versa. 

The commanding potato commandingly commands you to love me! ~~Spotty - No problem because I do love ya, Spotty! It feels like not so long ago that Spotty and I became friends, but it's actually been a while, and I've enjoyed every minute of it; it's always a great day when I get to talk to her on chat, because she's both funny and caring <3

Your coding was super spaced out and it was bugging me so I fixed it. *nod*- Much obliged, Stareh, much obliged. Wiki is a butt. So basically I worshipped Stareh before I joined the wiki, to the point where it was creepy, to be honest. Now that I know her though, may I say that she's hilarious? Seriously, don't mess with her, you don't want to be on her bad side--she makes a terrible enemy and a wonderful friend. (Also a great writer. I miss you!)

Ohaidere - Stormy! I love you tons, friend! Stormy is an amazing writer; she's also incredibly mature when compared to my craziness, and so we balance each other out, which is great. 

Hey Rainy!!! Fire rules all! - Ohai Firey! And obviously I rule all, being the queen. xD Firey is honestly a great friend--she gets along with everyone, is incredibly mature, a great peacemaker, and I'm so glad to know her. 

OOOOOHHH! MEEEEE - BRIGHTY! Signing my opinions page... again! S'okay buddy, because I love you twice as much! That was cheesy... BUT TRUE. ILYSM.

Hayyyyyy.... Horses eat hay o.o- I MISS YOU GINGER UGH.

Supporter of EpicClan. My own Clan.- Eevee is freaking awesome; she's a wonderful friend, and very mild-tempered. Often the rest of us will get all worked up about something and she's the cool one going "would you chill out, people?" What would we do without her? :D

RAINBOWWWWWWSSSSSS - Tater has a new account, where she's Breeze, but I'll just write my opinion in response to this signature; I love her. I really, really do. She's an awesome friend, okay? And I know that's rather lame, but seriously, she's just fabulous.

Pfft I know I've already signed but I really wanna know how it changed. Yay Arti's in Hufflepuff! I'm in Hufflrpuff too! Happeh Misty! Join Pottermore! I bet you'll be in Gryffindor! Or Hufflepuff! Wow this got waaaaay too long... xD - Congratulations, Misty, you are still supremely awesome! :D

I'm gonna sign this for, like, the fifth time.  It never works...  -Hey Moss! Sorry about that, and sorry for taking so long to write this. I don't talk to Moss as much as I'd like, but from what I've found, she's a very sweet, genuine person who always supports others no matter what. <3

nya, new opinion for Eevee? c: - I'm so glad Eevee is back & still around. He's so sweet and still a cool, wonderful friend to talk with. Who also happens to be a great writer. So many talents, Vee!

bby I'm bringin' sexy back go ahead and tell dem skinny b*tches tht - Ha Ginger, I feel like I haven't talked to you in forever. I miss you, girl!

Your unicorn princess demands a new opinion <3 - Firey is everything, oh my gosh. Literally I will do unlimited opinions for you because you're that fantastic. One of the sweetest, kindest people anyone could ever know. The wiki is so lucky to have her! And more importantly, I'm lucky to have her. Seriously, she means the world to me.

The military leader wants one too~ - BRIGHTYYYYY! Brighty is one of my oldest friends on here. I can't remember what life was like before I could come online and talk, vent, rant, laugh, joke, etc. with her. She's closer than a sister to me. I absolutely love you. <3

That One Girl You Most Likey Don't Know - You're right, I don't know you that well--but we can change that! So for now, your opinion shall be That One Girl That I Must Talk To And Get To Know. :)

The random cat who made Stormver a cool nickname - First of all, Stormver is a great nickname. Ten points to the house of Stormver for coming up with that. I don't talk to you directly much, but I've seen you around the wiki and you seen majorly cool. We should definitely be friends!

Dark: The wonderful wizard of OzClan, who you probably don't know! - I don't know you! That's terrible! I don't know the wonderful wizard of OzClan! I must know you! This is an outrage! *waves fist at the sky* (but seriously, we should talk sometime?)

RAINY. DON'T LET BLUEFANG DIE. - I MAKE NO PROMISES! Brams is such an awesome person. She's quirky and upbeat. Her comments never fail to make me smile, and seeing her around the wiki being her happy self is so great. 

Mrow - I don't know you either D: But you seem like a very cool person and I'm glad you're on the wiki so that I actually have the chance to get to know you! <3

what is this the third time?? - Probably, lol. But now you're back and I have more to say! I'm so so so happy that Misty's editing and on wikia again. She's one of my oldest friends online and I love her. Talking to her brings back so much nostalgia in the best way possible. She both reminds me of the gold old days and makes me happy that I have new memories to look forward to with her by my side. <3

pun in italics - Ah, good old Vee! Still as awesome as I said before--maybe even more! Is it possible for you to get more awesome? Like, seriously, are there no limits to your coolness? Vee has really matured as a person, and I'm so glad I've known him long enough to see the change. And he's still managed to retain that quirky, kind, funny personality that's what cemented our friendship in the first place.

*crosses fingers* pleasedon'tmessupthispage - You didn't mess it up! *gives you a cake* The first thing you should know about Blazey is that she reads Redwall--which automatically gives her extra cool points! (As if she needed any of those.)  She's a cheerful person who's absolutely delightful to have around. Also I stalked checked out her reading list and I loved the Sisters Grimm too!

Brb man starting a hate club for the default editor - YES, TELL WIKI THAT NO ONE LIKES IT. I will push "classic editor" in protest until we evoke change! *waves banner* Okay, I dunno if you guys have visited Clever's userpage, but she's literally the most funny, random person ever, and her page is evidence. I love talking to her, and Chat's ten times better when she gets on!

I already got something but you've been asking me questions these past few days and I'm alright with that xD - STORM! MY BUDDY! Storm's great; she's a fellow horse-lover, and puts up with my incessant questions about riding and horse ownership. She shares my love of many animals, and our discussions make me so happy. Not to mention she's a very smart, independent person who I love dearly <3 

It's Spring in SpringClan. Legit. Oh, and I ate the purple quail. Just sayn xDD -  SEA. I freaking love Sea. I don't even know how we first met, but lately we've become such fast friends, and I couldn't be more grateful. She just gets me, from my book fangirling (cough, Harry Potter) to my T-Swizz fangirling, and to top it off, she's like the nicest person ever. I feel like we were just made to be friends, so thank you @universe for making it happen.

cookie - MIST. I'm glad you chose to sign as cookie because I can't think of any word that more perfectly describes how adorable and sweet you are: you're my cookie. Mist is a kind, happy soul that just brightens my day no matter what, and I get so excited when I see her on chat. We don't get to talk enough, and I miss her on the days we don't <3

effectively invisible - Blade! Blade pretty much just radiates an aura of coolness. She writes a well-done 'fic called Even So (which I dearly need to catch up on). One of the things I admire most about her is how she puts so much soul and passion into everything she does. She's a wonderful writer and her effort is remarkable; I aspire to work that hard at the things I attempt. 

hi C: - HAWK. Hawk is such a dear, and I miss her so much; I wish she could be on as much as she used to. I remember when she first joined, we became instant friends; she's so easy to talk to, so lively and kind-hearted. People like her don't come by very often, and I'll be waiting for any moment she returns with open arms. <3

i whack killer tom with stick - BRAMS! Have I honestly not written you an opinion yet? Brams is a kind, funny, hilarious person. She's honestly a little bundle of sunlight wrapped in rainbows, and so fun to talk to. She's one of the users who you immediately become fast friends with, simply because she has such a great personality.

i am the original fire rainbow - Sea!!! I know I've written you one before, but I've known you longer so hopefully this one's more up to date. Sea is simply a wonderful person: she's an excellent writer, has a creative personality, and we share a ton of things in common. We love a lot of the same books and series, among other things, and there's never any shortage of things to talk about when I'm around her, which is one of my favorite things about our friendship <3

The force is strong with this one... - Hi! Thank you for having such great fangirl conversations with me. Cinder & I share a lot of the same interests, which means whenever she gets on chat we go off. I could talk to her for hours.

I can't believe I was 12 when I first met you (and exposed my 'funny' side). I also can't believe that I've missed on so much action and WHY DID BRAMS GET A SIGGIE BEFORE THE MIGHTY TACOMOLE? - Were you really? You just made me feel REALLY old. But I'm mighty glad Bramble is a part of this wikia, and I hope to see her around more often, because she's a funny spirit who makes me smile.

I broke into the code and made it purple 'cause purple's swag =D - Whoa, rebel alert. Storm is the best because, apart from tolerating my obsession with all her pets (especially her horses), she's always on chat, always hangin' around, and always up to talk. We're really lucky to have her! 

i do realize i have nothing awesome to sign off as o: - I am of the opinion that 'Firey' is pretty much the coolest thing you can go by, because Firey is the coolest person. Seriously, Firey is the little sister I never had. We can tell each other anything. She never fails to make me laugh or smile -- and on top of that, she's one of the best writers I know. She always inspires and encourages me, and there's never a dull moment in our conversations. <3 you so much, best friend.

Purple Planet Alert wait what? - Yoo! I've been fortunate to get to know Fox more lately, and I have to say she's a great user to have around! She's active, involved, and has made herself an essential part of the wiki though she's been here for a relatively short time. Love her!

tis i your local loser - BRIGHTS YOU AIN'T A LOSER. As is pretty clear, Brighty is one of my oldest friends on the wiki, and I'll never forget that. Thanks for getting through the worst of my noob stages with me, and for sticking by me, and for being you <3

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