My Warriors World

Hi, I'm Rainpelt! I like to read warriors books, as they are just about the only thing I read. I wrote my first fanfiction known as Rainpelt's courage.[1] After I had finished, I published it on the wiki right away on rainpelt3118. Then, I didn't go on the wiki for a month or two it might have been, and it wouldn't let me log on, so now I use this account. But, for now, I haven't finished any more stories.

Current stories

These are the stories I have been working on. Please look at them!

Amazing Race ThunderClan / Introduction & Leg 1 [2]

Gingertail's Stand [3]

Warriors Wipeout ThunderClan Show 1 [4]

Warriors Wipeout ThunderClan Show 2 [5]


The Forgotten Prophecy (Still to create Link)

Shimmering stripes (With Bramblefire3118) [6]

Turtlestar's strife (Not yet been created)

I just need a chance (Not yet been created)

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