• I live in In a special world where forests, mountains and rivers cover the entire world. Horses, pegasuses, warriors cats, unicorns and speaking owls live :)
  • I was born on June 24
  • My occupation is I look after all the Flora and Fauna in my special world!! Making a difference counts for something.

Hello, I consider myself a 'Berry' person. My favorite things are Berry salads, cats, swimming, eating... I like to write stories, not BIG ones but decent sized ones. I'm a spelling addict, if i get something wrong I'll make a HUGE fuss about it. My best friend got me onto this so i owe her a LOT! Her name is Silverrain24. My favorite warrior character is Swiftpaw like her... My favorite berry is a Raspberry, followed closely by Blackberry then Blueberry... Then Strawberry although that does NOT mean i do not like Strawberries!! I find myself easy to get along with people because I'm always Bright and cheery!! :) Need a hand? I'll be there! I tend to speak to Silverrain24 a LOT because in real life she's my best friend!!! I might send a message to you from her, so it's not weird if i say 'hi Silverrain wants me to tell you... blah blah blah' It will actually tend to be normal. My favorite Anime is Soul Eater, followed closely by Bleach. My favorite Manga... Actually I'll skip that bit, i love them ALL!! I love the movie The Lion King, that's my favourite. I love horses, cats, big cats, ESPECIALLY Unicorns because my other best friend loves them, i love Pegasus's especially after watching all those movies with them in it. My hobbies include Swimming, tennis, Netball, Football, Rugby, dancing, crafting and editing to perfection (yes, say I'm a perfectionist all you want, i don't mind.) I compete in tournaments and competitions for Swimming, Tennis, Netball and dancing. My favourite type of cat is a Balinese or Egyptian Mua. I have a pet cat called Rain. And NO my name comes purely from the love of Rain i have, not from my cat's name. My favourite season is SUMMER or course!! That's when i swim my best! I hope to make good books like Silverrain and i hope to make good friends with you ALL!

My nicknames include of Luna, Peggy (for pegasus) Unicat (Unicorn + cat) Berry (Silverrain calls me that), Rain and Fish.

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