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I am new so I have only got a few stories so far, but I have written fanfiction before- on paper at home.

My Stories

Single stories

Water Cat

In RiverClan, every 100 years a so-called Water Cat is born. These are mystical cats who have powers to control water, ice and snow, and share their soul with the legendary Water Stone, a huge glimmering crystal blue stone guarded by RiverClan cats in their camp. Songkit was born to a normal mother, and knew nothing of what she was. As she grows up she learns more of her powers, and discovers herself. But her sister Pebblekit is jealous. And seasons later when the evil ShadowClan plan an attack to destroy the Water Stone, what will happen to Songkit and Pebblekit's lives as they know them? This is also set in early clan life, when clans still don't follow very good rules. It is set before Herb Secrets, although the two stories have no link.


When a lonely kit with a severe eye infection stumbles onto ShadowClan territory, she is close to death. The clan reluctantly took her in and gave her to the medicine cat. She grows up as a ShadowClan cat, in a time of dark rule by the leader, Scarstar. Along with the other apprentices, she wants to make a change and end Scarstar's rule. But only one question remains- how? This is set in very early ShadowClan, only two or three generations after the beggining of the clans.

SkyClan's Future

A story about what I think will happen in the future of SkyClan. From Tinypaw's point of view.

Dying Prophecy

This is a story I have been writing on paper for a while and have decided to post it up. It will hopefully be part of a long series!

Summary- Splashkit is about to become a MossClan apprentice. But when a starving young cat turns up on Splashkit's clan's territory, everything is changed. A prophecy comes, hinting at many things, and the future of the clan may lead to disaster.

Herbs series

This is a series about a medicine cat apprentice, Thrushpaw, who has a huge secret. Click on the link for a page about it.

Set One

Book 1- Herb Secrets

Thrushpaw seems dedicated to being the best medicine cat she can be. But she has a secret. A secret so big that she can't even tell her own sister. And if the clan found out then her life would be ruined forever. Set in early clan life.

Book 2- Bitter Herbs

Thrushpaw's life is now a misery after her secret got out. But after an extraordinary turn of events, she finds two friends who want to put things right. But how can they when things are getting worse by the day, and they begin to risk their positions in the clan.

Book 3- Herb Shadows

Set quite a while after Bitter Herbs. Dewdrop's four kits are now ThunderClan apprentices. But as they all grow apart and follow their own paths, troubles soon arise. Sparrowpaw, the only tom, has always been quiet and struggles to make friends, and when he meets a strange cat while out alone, they begin to become good friends. Mousepaw, the energetic she-cat, is always trying to outdo the other apprentices. But when her actions cause a huge accident, maybe she'll have to think twice. Happy, caring Icepaw is always loved by all cats, but an enemy lurking in the shadows is determined to make her life miserable. And Berrypaw is pretty, clever and thoughtful; a model apprentice. But she has a secret, and maybe she isn't quite as perfect as her clanmates think she is. I might not start this book for a long time because I am working on Dying Prophecy!



A page listing all the characters, with physical descriptions, personality and any appearances.Still being worked on, and contains spoilers. If you have read any of the books, feel free to add any appearances! Is in the process of being changed!


If you selected something else, post any name ideas on my talk page please!

I have given Thrushpaw her full name now, but feel free to vote still!

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