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Fly to Your Dreams!



Hi {{{1}}}?

I am Peroncat. also known as Firestorm, Firey, and(Less commonly) Peronny. You can find me working on a few of my fanfics, and as a featured user. I am currently the founder/admin of Crazy fanfictions, stories, and characters wiki. I am friendly, I guess. sometimes I can be a bit grumpy and impatient. sorry about that. if you wonder which exciting fanfics are written by me, please visit Codebreakers-The Charming signal! that is really fun book, I guess. other books from Codebreakers series are, Codebreakers-The Struggling heir and Codebreakers-The Heart of Fire! and I am going to write a fanfic with Lightstorm, and Wolfy10. its title is The Heart of the Cats. we're still working on it, but if it is done, it would be great! enjoy!


(I feel like I am going to leave this Wiki because I feel like I am not a good writer)

my OCs:

Firestorm - Flame colored she-cat with green eyes, just like Firestar, ThunderClan

Prospectheart - golden tabby she-cat with black stripes, one blue eye, and one green eye, ThunderClan

Blazing Stars - gold and silver she-cat with shining yellow eyes, Lost Clans of Ancient, ThunderClan

Sunshineheart - flame she-cat with brilliant blue eyes, forbidden daughter of Ashfur and Squirrelflight (Lightstorm used her in her fanfic, I gave her permission), ThunderClan

Braveheart - Gold she-cat with streaks of brown and with copper eyes, ThunderClan

Smokemist - Smoky tom with bright amber eyes, ThunderClan

Peronsong - Pure white she-cat with gleaming violet eyes, ThunderClan

Moondaisy - Blue-gray she-cat with creamy blue eyes, with little flower shape on her forehead, SongClan

Hopesong - SIlver she-cat with golden eyes, SongClan

Snowywish - Pure white she-cat with green and blue eyes, SongClan

Illeyfeather - Cream she-cat with black eyes, RiverClan

Nightshade - Black tom with amber eyes, SkyClan

Elyonceberry - Brown she-cat with speckles of white, HopeClan

Justiceheart - Golden she-cat with brown eyes, Rogue

Frostclaw - White tom with brownish-copper eyes, Rogue

Fallingflower - Cream she-cat, ThunderClan-Rogue

Courageheart - Gray she-cat, ThunderClan-Rogue

Hailfrost - Silver and white tom, ThunderClan

Calmrain - Gray and white she-cat with soft amber eyes, ThunderClan-Rogue

Hazelstorm - Brown and white she-cat, ShadowClan-Rogue

Shinewing - Dark cream tom, ThunderClan-Rogue

Rainstream - Gray she-cat with soft gray eyes, ThunderClan-Rogue

Dawnflight - Silvery gray she-cat with blue eyes, SongClan

Minuetastar - Blue-gray she-cat with creamy white tail tip and amber eyes, Lost Clans of Ancient


Codebreakers series

status: working on it

Codebreakers-The Charming signal(done)

Codebreakers-The Struggling heir(working on it)

Codebreakers-The Heart of fire

What If... Series

status: coming soon

If Tigerclaw wasn't a meanie

Scourge's child

If Bluestar did not became mates with Oakheart

Light of Dusk(done)

If Lionblaze became mates with Heathertail

Hollyleaf series

status:coming soon

Happy birthday, Hollyleaf

Christmas for Holly

Teardrops by Holly&Leaf

Dovewing's sadness series


Dovewing's sadness

Dovewing's sadness(2)

Dovewing's sadness (3)

Heart of the Cats series

collab by Wolfy10, LightstormWarrior, and Peroncat

status:working on it

The Heart of the Cats

Five Clans, different cats. How will their hearts change when they face a great danger?

Stormstar and Peachpelt(done)

Figure out how Stormstar and Peachpelt became enemies. will they ever be a good buddies and sisters again?

Sparkwing's mate(done)

Snowheart figures out her mother is Sparkwing the medicine cat of SkyClan and her father is Hollowfoot the WindClan cat. How will Snowheart respond?

Stalewhisker's decision

Stalewhisker, brother of Stormstar and Peachpelt, wants to discover the truth of ShadowClan, AKA 'mean Clan'. Will he discover the truth of ShadowClan?

Hearts of Ice and Fire (Will be written by Lightstorm)

Icewhisker and Firewhisker are brothers, but they are enemies, like Stormstar and Peachpelt. How come they became enemies?

Flamefire and Jinglepaw

Flamefire is Firestorm's sister, and she follows Stalewhisker to ShadowClan, for she loves him. Stalewhisker is medicine cat, he will never became Flamefire's mate. but what if... she have a kit? Jinglepaw, Flamefire's kit has no mentor. how will Flamefire respond?

Stay still, Moon

Moonshine is friends with Hollowfoot the WindClan cat. Moonshine might even want to go to WindClan... what is she gonna do?

Windy Stars

Illeyfeather, RiverClan's respected medicine cat, has big secret. What could it be?

Destiny exchangers

status: working on it









LionblazexHalf Moon




Some of them are requested by Brair.



Love with StarClan cat


Wave Curse

Jayfeather's secret love

Dare Questions

Destiny of StarClan

Be our guest(Collab with Light and Brair)

Dynamic Warriors Chat Room!

Regrets of Undead Prophecy

Shadows of Undead Prophecy

Peronsong's Path

Struggling in the Grass


The New Life--Series(Clans of Hopeful Song Chronicles)

The Rising Prophecy


Find out how Leafpool and Crowfeather reunited, and how Firestar grieves for Spottedleaf.

Beyond and always

After deaths of many cats, everything has reborn. Among them is somebody you will remember...

Burning Dream

Dream is just a dream, someone says. What if it is not true? In the last book of The Rising Prophecy, figure out How cats will survive the storm of burning dreams.

The True Prophecy

Soft Kind of Darkness

SongClan has always stayed inside their territory. Among them is a secret that Moondaisy, a beautiful SongClan princess is keeping...

Cheerful Kind of Minor Note

Dawnflight had a kit named Snowykit. In Snowykit's dreams, a cat keep bothering her... and Snowykit realizes something strange.

Dawnlight Covering the World

Firespirit was twitching violent in his dreams. Spottedflower, on the other hand, was anxious. She had gotten a prophecy, telling her to find a new group of cats whose have similar tradition. Who could that be? Follow the adventure of Hopesong, a young warrior of Ancient Tribe and Clans, as she begins to unravel the secret.

Interesting facts(about me)

*I was named after Firestar, the greatest leader of all time.

*My favorite OC is Prospectheart!!!

*My favorite couple from Warriors is FireXSpotted(Firestar&Spottedleaf), and IvyxHawk.

*My favorite characters from Warriors are Hollyleaf, Spottedleaf, Firestar, Stonefur, and Leafpool.

*My siggies are, User talk:Peroncat, Firestorm-living in world of fantasy, and You can talk with the stars, and I can ride lightning. So let me take you to infinity, and help me ride my dream to the clouds.

*My favorite quotes are *Fly to your dreams* and *I don't know why butterflies are called butterflies. Why shouldn't we call them flutterflies?*

My favorite warrior names(Not my OC!)



My Friends




Basically that's it for now.

My favorite fanfics!!(Written by me)

No.1: Struggling in the Grass

If I could pick only one fanfic that I really love, it would be definitely Struggling in the Grass! I have put so much time into it, and that has the best plot I have ever, well, plotted! It's the best fanfic I have ever written so far :)

No.2: Leaffeather

This is my second favorite fanfic! I really ship Crow x Leaf so I wrote a fanfic about those two. If I could write real warriors this is what I would do :) I LOVE CROWPOOL (sorry, Crowtail shippers or Mothpool shippers!)

No. 3: The Heart of the Cats

Okay, well, I can't really say that this is my fanfic. This is a collab by Light, Wolfy, and me. But some of the chapters are written by me, and us three are doing a great job so far! In my opinion I like the plot and OCs. I think they are really creative :)


No.4 : Peronsong's Path

No. 5: TBC. I have no more fanfic that is satisfying LOL

My Opinions on Cats

Firestar: YOU ARE AWESOME WOOHOO It is so sad when he dies tho...


Sandstorm: You are a generally nice cat, I like your firm and determined attitude :)


Hollyleaf: I thought you were paranoid at first but as the book went I came to love your characteristics! WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DIE YOU HAD SO MUCH TO DOOOOOOOOOO you definitely deserved power, not that imposter DOVEWING

Dovewing: Why did you have to have that freaking power? If you did not have any power, I would have loved you more!!!!!

Ivypool: I am so sorry for you not getting attentions. I like you more than your sister so don't worry you will live forever in my heart!


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