*slapping the box where all of my old fanfics are* this bad boy can fit so many rewrites in it

hey, i think most people on here know me as pumpkintail (my old user) but i much prefer people on here call me kara. i'm a lesbian and I have an awesome girlfriend i love v much. u can use any pronouns, though i prefer she or they. i took a break from this site for a while but i'm back now and i'm starting to write fanfics here again. um I think that's as far as intros go? i'm in the wiki discord so if y'all feel like shooting me a dm go right ahead, i'm always up for meeting new people. so here are my fanfics i guess

Mind Over Matter

Tensions are slowly rising between the four Clans that occupy the forest. Harsh, cold leaf-bare has a way of changing those, who are desperate enough to risk their fur to survive. RiverClan struggles to feed themselves now that the river is freezing, and as if prey theft committed by most of the Clans wasn't enough, a wandering group of rogues settles nearby Clan territory, and they seem to grow more and more daring by the day. In these conditions, after littermates Smokepaw and Mudpaw suffer a tragedy, even with their special link, their views on the world start clashing, their relationship is at the brink of falling apart, and after one of them makes a drastic decision, it's up to the other to maintain order in RiverClan and salvage the situation.

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