Just so you know, if you put your name here you have signed an unbreakable contract saying that you will accept whatever I say about you. Just sayin :D --WHITE TIGER BEASTLYNESS. (talk) 20:11, August 16, 2012 (UTC)

Opinions on You!

Awesomest Person On Here!!!- Rainy!!!! My IRC buddy, awesome writer, and friend. And you were in the Battle of the Anons :D I love the FireClan series, it rules, and just... yeah. Verdict: Dolphin

Talon- Oh Talon you know what I think of you <3 You're spoofs are.... sorta funny I guess. :/ And Dawn of Secrets is coming along BEASTLY. <3 Verdict: A monkey on catnip xD

Moon (sorry, I have no Grand Titles!)- You like the Foxspirit series, so that makes you pretty cool. And I love The Wanderer series so far <3 WRITE MOOOOAR D:< Verdict: A snowfall. One of those pretty ones that look like cotton balls <3333 EDIT: Lol, now that I think about it, your verdict is a garden gnome. You'll understand xD

Da Peacemaker~ - Birdy! First off, you're Canadian, and that's cool. Second your another of my many IRC buddies, and your stories are pretty good. Verdict: A CANADIAN. :D Jk, a robin. Tweet tweet. :>

Misty…Well Misty- I don't really know you that well, but to me you're kinda quiet and are a pretty good writer. :) Verdict: Mist. So creative, I know xD

The One Who Is the One - Red! First off, she's my Directioner buddy, so that makes her epicsauce. Second off, Vita is AWESOMENESS. I hope she keeps writing it *HINTHINT* because it rocks. Verdict: A Ravenclaw. Harry Potter reference, eh? Eh? *nudges shoulder*

I Called You a Unicorn on Ritalin.  - Honeyyy!! I haven't seen you on much these days, but maybe it's just me. Idk. But anyways, and awesome friend, pretty funny, and good fanfics. Verdict: A golden retiever. Don't ask me why, lol.

The Robosaticalest!- Robo! First off, Robo's awesomesauce, and a great friend and writer. The idea for Starclan's Journey was epic, I could have NEVER thought of that, and, umm... yeah. But she (if you're a he, please excuse me :3) ships BushXSong, so she doesn't get candy >:D Lol, jk Robo, you beast. Verdict: A pizza. Hromnomnom

The Icy Feather of the Crane- Icy! Icy's a great writer, and loves Rush so that makes her super-fantastical. 2112 is gonna be an awesome collab, I can sense it in my...ur...internal organs, I guess. She has some amazing ideas, she's a nice person overall, and I can't wait to get to know her better. Verdict: An alpaca, for no apparent reason *makes alpaca noise*

User:Lilly Lovegood(2)- Lilly! Lilly's a great writer and an awesome person overall. She's got good ideas and is the Pizza Ninja of Doom, which makes her epicsauce. Amberpaw is a great character (as seen in our collab Leader Knows Best) and she makes LKB enjoyable :D Verdict: A pea

Tanglefrost, lover of nachos-OHAIDERETANGLE.OHAI. Tangle is freaking HILARIOUS (I'm a giant Big Brother:ThunderClan fangirl lol) and is a great spoofer and an epic person. I honestly am sad to say I don't know Tangle very well, but I WILL SOON CUZ I WILL BE STALKING YOUR PAGE BWAHAHA! Verdict: A strawberry cake, for no apparent reason. With lotsandlotsandlotsandlots....and lots.... of WHIPPED CREAM!

Bacon shall rule all foods- Fuzzers! Fuzzy is certainly the fuzziest fuz of all fuzziness and...erm, okay, on to the rest. Fuzzy is an epic person and pretty funny. Fuzzy is the cool fuz B] Verdict: A fuzzy Burmese kitty 

Da awesome little mac n cheese artist XD Spoofyyyyyy! :D Hai. Okay well Spoofy's an awesome artist, period. I love her spoofs! Tis why she's called Spoofy. I haven't read any of her stories yet, I am sad to say, but I WILL. Spoofy is just epic, like that's it. Verdict: A spider monkey

Cinder here! :) Hiiiiiii Cinderrrrrrrrrr. Cinder's an AWESOME writer, and a great artist from what I've seen. Her stories are AH-MAY-ZING, and she's really nice and sweet, even if she is a bit quiet at times. :) Verdict: An old Labrador Retriever doggeh

Wafflez, user of waffles Ello sir Wafflez. Wafflez is hilarious and a great friend, even if he does rule Germany and Ireland. Poo on that. I rule Czechoslavakia, so HA! xD Anyways, Warriors Rap Battles are made of win, and despite what he says his stories are pretty good. Verdict: A space-alien waffle from waffle galaxy.

Helloitsmeguys Remember me? I hooked you up with Niall on IAMTC: GMOOH! (Day One)-- HIMG! :D I haven't really seen him/her around much these days, but IAMTC: GMOOH is pretty funny xD Verdict: A gingerbread cookie *noms*

Do you like tacos?--MY MINION :D Lol jk, hokay Brighty's opinion, okay. Well, Brighty is an awesome spoofer (The Clans Discover Facebook is HILARIOUS!) and fun to hang around on chat. Although she can use caps a bit much (though, didn't we all? xD) Verdict: a 5 Hour Energy


Seriously do me another one XD

This epic cat, who is eating popcorn

Flamestream rules

I have no idea why I'm eating salad at 11 pm. X3 ~

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