My Fanfictions!

Nevermore (WIP. Series.) Two completely different cats, Ravenwing and Lightpelt, are drafted into SunClan's army, soon to find that they have more in common than they think.

Dawn of Secrets(Series) (WIP. Series.) The three Clans--SoilClan, BirdClan, and FireClan--must unite to save the forest from a strange new threat, coming right from inside their own camps.

Skyfall (Complete. One-shot.) When Skyfall, a loner, joins non-Clan-cat-hating SkyClan, she has more challenges than she could ever imagine.

Dark Side (Complete. Songfic.) Can Icedapple's mate still love her, even after he knows her horrible secret?

Safe and Sound Songfic (Complete. Songfic.) When Rabbitpaw's mother dies, can he ever get over it?

Who You Really Are (WIP. Songfic.)

Les Miserables

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