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So after stalking Fork's page, I found a random paragraph generator. Well.... here goes..

Should Lumpy Space Princess thirst with Moon? Lumpy Space Princess flames Moon. A comedy shoulders Moon. Can Moon reflect beneath Lumpy Space Princess? A paper well fasts behind a flash identifier. The orienting skirt suspends Lumpy Space Princess.

When will the whole attend near Robo? Prince Gumball lurks inside Robo. The slim crown screams near the corpse. The infrequent wood earths a precious axiom. When can a camp digest revert?

A justifiable fiddle routs Icy. A snake orbits against the weekday. The flat advantage lathers A snake throughout the designated nostalgia. Why can't a cap glow over A snake?

The won microcomputer injures a landlord before the disciplinary blow. YOLO stops inside Wetty. How does Wetty bow before the exercise? The acquaintance clogs with the stretch toe.

How will an optic slope Cookie Monster? On top of Cookie Monster originates a shaping courier. The rage moans about Ninja. Cookie Monster speaks over the borderline. Ninja relates Cookie Monster into the pupil.

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