Hi, I'm Nightfern. Welcome to my page!

My Stuff

About Nightfern

I'm a relatively new user to this wiki, but I already love it!

About Me

  • Username: Nightfern
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 14
  • Location: USA
  • Description: tall, long dirty blonde hair, slender, green eyes, tan skin
  • Hobbies: Reading, Novel Writing, Role-Playing, Swimming
  • Nicknames: Fern, Night
  • Other Wikis I'm Part Of: Camp Half-Blood Wiki, Harry Potter Wiki, Avatar Wiki, Series of Unfortunate Events Wiki

Nightfern's Songfics

The Reason - About a tom who unknowinly hurts a she-cat by taking another mate

Can't Get You Out of My Head- a she-cat who loves a tom with a nasty mate

Don't Mean Anything to Me- how a she-cat loved a handsome, cruel tom, but he rejected her. He has his second thoughts about her, though, after she kills herself.

My Thoughts On Other Users

  • Riverpelt- she's really nice and smart. I really miss her.
  • Forestpaw13- Forestpaw. Ah, my best friend. She's is smart & annoying (sometimes), and she knows a lot about templates. I'm a fan of her fanfics! She is also almost always right. Our joke: Any tips for making beds?
  • Zaffie- Yeah, we are new friends. Funny + Eskimo.
  • Wetty- met her on IRC and she's really nice. Great sense of humor.
  • Oakfeather- very funny; likes pie. Met on IRC.
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