Warriors Fanfiction
Warriors Fanfiction

Once again, this title is only here so I can edit… :)

(If you have a story of yours, that you want me to read, or a story of mine that you want me to continue, feel free to leave a message on my talk page!)

So… my stories!!!! Below~


The Dawn of Moonclaws: The Rising Fog Complete! A rogue joins ShadowClan and struggles to prove that she can be a loyal warrior, despite the fact that she has a hoard of blood-thirsty rogues after her…

The Dawn of Moonclaws: Moon in the Darkness In progress. Littlecloud is dead, and none of the Clans will agree to mentor Mistpaw, who isn't ready to be a full medicine cat. It's up to Moonclaws to figure out a way to train Mistpaw and save her Clan from the rogues.

The Wanderer:

The Wanderer: First Snowfall In progress. A young she-cat who lives in FrostClan is traveling south to help her Clan. After a very long, difficult journey, she finds four other Clans, one of which is willing to take her in.

The Wanderer: Different Ways Not yet started. Now living in NightClan, the only Clan to give her a place to stay, while she searches, she helps the cats of NightClan to survive through a series of vicious attacks from another Clan.

The Wanderer: Last Challenge Not yet started. Back in her homeland, she finds out that FrostClan had been disbanded while she was gone, forcing her to struggle to re-unite her Clan, against all odds.

Twin Destinies:

(Yes I know, another one. What can I say? I’m better at creating stories then finishing them!)

Twin Destinies: Crossed Borders In progress. Two littermates, a brother and a sister grow up in a Clan, (ShadowClan, duh!) unaware that a terrible secret surrounds their very existence.

Frozen Hearts:

(This is my attempt at a more dramatic first person story. Let's see what happens, shall we?)

Frozen Hearts: Broken In progress. Two kits are born in ShadowClan to a queen named Nightfeatherr and the leader, Eaglestar. Their life seems perfect, until something happens to break their hearts...

Frozen Hearts: Shattered Not yet started. Now nearly warriors, Mistpaw and her sister are still struggling with their mother's death, and to make mmatters worse, Snowpaw is blaming Mistpaw for it. Then, just when Snowpaw agrees to forgive Mistpaw, their father dies, opening new wounds.

Frozen Hearts: Rising Not yet started. Mistpaw and her sister are now warriors, Mistglimmer and Snowflower, and Snowflower has finally forgiven Mistglimmer for both their parents death, despite the fact that it wasn't her fault. But even though Snowflower isn't blaming Mistglimmer anymore, she still is disappearing a lot, and Mistglimmer starts to wonder if her sister has a secret...

Stand Alones:

Shaded Moon In progress. Shadepaw and Moonpaw are littermates, and closer than many know. They have always walked together, sharing griefs and joys with one another. Then, when a great darkness threatens the Clan, the two sisters are forced apart, and made to walk a brutal path, to save their Clan, and to rejoin their beloved littermate. Can they make it, or are the struggles too great? (This one is for Misty's contest)

Forever Loved In progress. Too lazy to put the plot up right now. All I'll tell you is this: There's forbidden love in it :D (And this one is for Icy's contest)

Wilted Apples In progress. Applepaw is training as a medicine cat, learning from the beautiful Spiritwhisper, and completely dedicated to her Clan. She knows the herbs better then her mentor, and is able to heal just about any wound. However, when the Clan leader's son, Bloodpaw confesses his crush on her, Applepaw is forced to choose the right thing to do and what she wants to do. (This is for Icy's second contest)

Community Stories:

Starclan's Journey In progress And also not mine! This one was made by Robo, so all credit goes to her. But I am writing in it, so I thought I'd put it here--more to remind me to continue working on it then anything else :) However, you should check it out, it's an awesome idea!