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My Signatures


Moon is awesome. Click here if you agree. Well? Do you? DO YOU?! Lol, just kiddin' Anyway, made this one, and I have to say, it's true. And this way, if I leave you a message, you'll have to agree that I'm awesome! xD

Hawkfeather was infamous for hating rogues, loners, kittypets, and apprentices alike. Okay, so my story for Misty's contest is called Shaded Moon and in it, there's this quote about a character called Hawkfeather. So... that's this siggie. But, I think it's too long to actually use, plus my other is is pretty epic as well... Also, did you know that this one is the first sig that doesn't use either Moon or Mystical Moonstone?


Moon Claws of moon shall save the Clan YAY! I figured out how to code my own signatures!!! ...Kinda. Lol, I really just copied and pasted, but hey, I made it! It's referring to a prophecy from Moonclaws, a story that I'm uber proud of!

Moon You may call me Le Moon de Mystical Just finished this one, and I love it, but at the same time, I just made my last one, so I don't know...

Mystical Moonstone... Claws of moon and glimmers of mist And I literally just thought of this one this minute. It's obviously my username, followed by a combination of Moonclaws and Mistglimmer, heroines from The Dawn of Moonclaws: The Rising Fog and Frozen Hearts: Broken, respectfully.

Moon | I rule the world Stareh made this one for me when I first joined (which wasn't that long ago) and I was using it up until now! It's pretty much just cool. And true, xD!