My Opinions on You:

I haven't been here very long, so I don't know very many people, but if you sign, I'll try to get to know you, and reserve judgement til I do!

My judgements will change if I a) get to know you better, b) decide the new version fits you better, or c) felt like it. That's the kind of person I am! :P

WARNING! If you sign your name, you're giving me the ability to say whatever I want about you! (Not that I'll be mean or anything.) And my verdicts also make no sense xD Moon Claws of moon shall save the Clan

YOUR BERRY BERRY AWESOMESAUCE FRIEND WHO IS BERRY BERRY AWESOME... meow - Rainy! Lol, that's one heck of a name, Rainy xD Anyway, she was my first friend on here and is a reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally good writer. All her stories are awesome(sauce), and her drawings are really amazing as well! And she's random (as well as slightly hyper/insane at times) and is very willing to not only put up with me on the IRC, but join in my wild parties. (Yes, parties, what about it?) And she always replies to my (many) messages. And compliments. And--you get the idea. Verdict: a chocolate-dipped strawberry. Some of my favorite snacks. Uh... not that I like eating Rainy... *awkward silence* NEXT!

Misty. . .Well, Misty - Okay, I know Misty a bit better now. She's been showing up to chat on the IRC with me, so that helped! She's an amazing writer, and I love all her stories. She comments on all of mine, and she's fun to hang out with! :D Go Misty! AND she puts up with my (and Rainy's) insane name-changing. So that means she's awesome. Verdict: a cherry blossom. No reason, really, I just like chery blossoms.

Inspector Avocado - Nighty! Okay, Nighty is really funny, and her spoofs are hilarious. I love Foxspirit, so I hope she continues writing that (hint hint) and Crazy is really funny, and yet really epic. I've only goofed off with her on the IRC once, but she definately made the party a ton more enjoyable. Verdict: a pie-throwing dragonfly. Don't ask me why, it just seems right. :D

Roboflight - Robo! Just met her today, but she's (I think you're a girl, but if you're a boy, I'm swear I'm not trying to insult you!) really nice and friendly. She's got this thing called Starclan's Journey, and it's really cool, so check that out! Lookin' forward to reading more of her stuff! Verdict: a snowflake. Wish I knew them better too!

The One Who is Too Awesome For Oneness - Red! Alright, here goes. I've chatted with Red on the IRC (where she puts up with both my goofing off tendicies, and my noobishness on more than one subject.She's really funny and a lot more mature than I am, despite the fact that she's three years younger than I am. I'm looking forward to reading her fanfics! *feels guilty* Um, that is, more of her fanfics. Yes, more of them. Because I certainly have read some. *nervous grin* ANYWAY! It's verdict time! Verdict: a coconut. Absolutely no reason. Like I've said, my verdicts are incredibly random.

Luna the NinjaKat! But you can call me Ninja :D - Ninja! She's pretty new, only met her recently, but she joined in the party I threw, and made it more fun! Obviously, she can take my insaneness--and not just on the IRC. She also let me make her a siggie, so that's makes her epic. Can't wait to read her fanfics! Verdict: a boa constricter. Why? No reason at all. Just sounds cool. :D

Ash the wolf. Love wolves!! Cats are cool too though... - Ash! I don't really know her too well, but her stories are absoballylutely fantastic. And she likes wolves, which rock. She's friendly, and I'm excited to read more of her stories, as well as chat with her some more! I wonder if she would like NightClan... Anyway, verdict time! *dances* Verdict: A polka-dotted wristwatch, for absolutely no reason at all. I'm random! :D

You don't know me but...........HI!

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