Warriors Fanfiction
Warriors Fanfiction

This is only here so that I can edit this section easily.

Hi, I'm Mystical Moonstone, but please call me Moon! (Username is TOO LONG xD) I've been a Warriors fan for ages, and thought that a Wiki devoted to Warriors fanfics sounded awesome, so here I am! :D

I LEARNED HOW TO CODE!!!! AND I TAUGHT MYSELF!!!! AND I MADE MYSELF A SIGGIE!!!! (You might think I'm excited 'bout this, but, y'know, I'm cool... Jk, I'm super super super excited!) Lol, now I'm adding fonts and colors EVERYWHERE!

ATTENTION! IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! I made a wiki! It's called NightClan Roleplaying Wiki, and I'd love for you guys to join! It's still in progress, but it would make me so happy if someone actually joined! :DDDD So please, plase, please, check it out!

Btw, if you need help with anything, just leave me a message, and I'll see what I can do to help! :D I love getting messages, so leave me tons, and I'll be in bliss! I'll also reply as soon as I see it! (Seriously, I live to see that floating blue box that says, "You have new messages"! I'm weird that way... and in a lot of other ways too... :D

About Me:

Appearance: I have brown eyes and short, thick golden-brown hair, and brown glasses.

Family: I'm the second of six. I have no pets (sadly), though some of my younger siblings might count... xD

Personality: Okay, so I'm pretty introverted around strangers, but around my family, I'm hyper, passionate, and... random? And, obviously, I'm a tomboy. (What, you couldn't tell?) I will also change my profile picture (as well as my profile) randomly, to fit my currant mood.

My Favorite Color: Oooo, hard. Um... I guess it'd be either blue or brown. Or green. Or black. Or white. Or... yeah, you get the point xD

My Favorite Books: Warriors (duh), Redwall, Ranger's Apprentice, and many more. But my top favorites are Warriors and Ranger's Apprentice. Because RA ROCKS.

Names: Moon, Moony, Mooneh

On the IRC: Moon, Moony, Mooneh, etc

--No honor among thieves, you know. Oh, here are your socks back.