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Hello, I'm Eevee! Welcome to my userpage~!





About Me

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History/How did I get here?

Okay, once upon a time there was a little Eevee. She was bored out of her mind, so she searched up 'Warriors Wiki' as she did every day. She went to a user's page and saw 'Warriors Fanfiction' in the bubble thing. She clicked on that, and decided to read some things. This certain Eevee was an anon at the time.

After a while, she made her first story. Blocked. It is still very noobish, and Eevee can't see why people still read it. After a few nice comments, she made a spoof, and then another. After finishing Blocked, she went to the next book, One Life Lost. She was surprised at how many comments she was getting, and she made a lot of friends, despite being an anon.

After much consideration, she decided to get an account. She made many new stories, including Vengeance and The Skyflames of Greenleaf. Eevee has had her struggles, but she has managed. She has learned how to code, she has made many new friends, and she hopes to stay for years to come.

This Eevee then decided to change her username. She had many ideas for a username, but she chose one: Mydnyght Red and Eevee. Midnight Red is the name of a band she likes, Red (Pokemon), Redtail, and Russetfur (formerly known as Red) are her favorite characters evar, and Eevee, of course from her current username.

She changed it from Eeveestar to the adforementioned name.

Warriors: Favorites in No Particular Order


Warriors: Mapleshade, Scourge, Tigerstar, Hawkfrost, Hollyleaf, Jayfeather, Brokenstar, Badgerpaw(fang) *COME ON, HE'S JUST SO CUTE :D*, Thistleclaw, Ravenpaw

Couples: GreyXSilver, ThrushXBlue, FallenXHolly, SnowfurXThistleclaw

(more to come of this)

Warriors: Least Favorites in No Particular Order

Least Favorite...

Warriors: Breezepelt, Nightcloud, Bone, Clawface

Couples: CrowXNight, StormXSquirrel, FireXSand, AshXScourge (yes, people do ship them ._.)

(more to come)