hi people i love writing storys and i hope you like them

My Signiture Multistar Your best friend and worst enemy


Unfinished =^^=

A Shaded Path


Bluestar stand in the rain (dont be supprised if this never gets done)

Finished =^^=


Theam songs


My fav Storys

Nightpaw Guide to Being Epic! by NightshimmerXD

Foxpaw Guide to Being Reasonably Insane by someone

Firefly by Arti

His Loss by somebody

Goldenflower Pain by Arti

Taking Flight by NightshimmerXD

The Glowing Embers (a FirexCinder fanfic) by Melodybird

No Words by Melodybird

Community Spoof 2012 by a person

Warriors Got Talent by IDK

Warriors War Series by some people

You Belong With Me (songfic) by Arti

Songfic Series by lots of peeps

forbidden love <3


I <3 forbiden love And Jayfeather

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