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You walk very carefully and quietly into Skyclan territory. Even though you don't hear, scent, or see any cats, you can almost feel their presence, as though they're hiding in every crack and cave you see in the gourge.

A soft thump breaks you out of your trance-like state. You whirl around, unsheathing your claws and raising your hackles.

A beautiful tortishell she-cat with bright yellow eyes that burn like wildfire sits no less than a fox length away, her thin tail curled delicatly over her paws. She gives an amused purr as she studies you, obviously not intimidated in the least bit.

"You can put your claws away, you know," she meows. "I'm not going to attack you."

You slowly allow your hackles to lie flat against your back again, but your still not sure if you can trust the she-cat. There's something in her eyes that tells you she knows more than you do.

"My name is Stealthfire," she says proudly, flicking her tail.

A second she cat appears from farther down the gourge, bright green eyes glowing in the settling darkness. Her fur is a golden-brown color, with a lighter colored V-shape on her chest and tail tip. She is short haired, but she has a long, sweeping tail which swishes from side to side as she approaches. She sits next to Stealthfire.

"I hope this mouse-brain didn't bother you too much," she says, playfully thumping the tortishell on the back of the head with her tail.

"You're calling me a mouse-brain?" Stealthfire says, equally playfully.

A loud wail breaks through the clearing as a young light-brown apprentice runs infront of the two she-cats.

"Mosswhisker, my paw hurts!" The apprentice cries loudly.

Mosswhisker sighs, turning toward you.

"Mind if we carry on this conversation in the Medicine cats den?" She asks.


"Now, be sure to stay off that cracked pad as much as you can Wheatpaw," Mosswhisker urges after she finshed putting a coating of softened yarrow on the injured paw.

"Alright!" The apprentice says, darting out of the den. Stealthfire gives an amused mrrow as she watches the apprentice's hurried departure.

"I never even thought I'd be a medicine cat at first," Mosswhisker muses, still staring at the spot where the apprentice left. "But apprently Starclan did. Would you like to here my story?"

Mosswhisker's Story

I was born to Snowfoot, a longhaired white tom with a black spot on his nose, and Autumheart, a brownish-red she-cat. I was born along with my brother, who joined Starclan while he was being born. My parents named him Lostkit because of this. I was named Mosskit because of my green eyes, but there was another meaning to my name, even if my parents - or anybody else - didn't know it yet.

It was right before a severe outbreak of Greencough that I earned my apprentice name, Mosspaw, and was apprenticed to Gorgefur. Then Greencough struck, along with the first snow of leafbare. I cought the sickness and was starving, for most of the pray had become scarse

Moss final.png

during the harse winter. My parents were doing the best they could, but my mom wasn't getting much food and couldn't make enough milk. I was sleeping when I felt lighter suddenly, and I opened my eyes to find myself in the Whispering Cave, and I knew I had joined Starclan. But Fawnstep urged me out of the cave, telling me that it was not my place to die and that I had a job to do in the clans. For a long time after that I spent most of my time sleeping and regaining my strengh. When I finally found the strengh to get up, I found out that my mother had died.

One Moon after my mother's death, I was fetching new moss for the Elder's dens. When I bent down to pick it up, it began to glow, even though the moss usually doesn't glow after it's been taken out of the cave. When I set it down in the elder's den, it stopped glowing. Everytime I touched the moss it would glow, even brighter than when it was in the cave. Currentstripe interpreted this as a omen from Starclan that I was destined to be a medicine cat, and I became her apprentice. I was a natural at the job, and everybody else acknowledged this.

Later, during a hunting patrol, a bolt of lightning struck the tree that my dad had climed into while trying to catch a squirrel, and he joined Starclan with my mother and brother. Two moons later I got my warrior name, Mosswhisker, and sat vigel in the Whispering cave, where Autumheart and Snowfoot told me how proud they were of me, and let me visit Lostkit, who would have been a brown tabby had he lived.

Stealthfire's Story

I was born just outside Windclan territory. I had a brother and a sister, a black and gray she-cat with specks, and a ginger tom with white paws, muzzle, tail tip, and yellow eyes. When a badger attacked us, our mother took refuge in the Windclan camp to save us. Morningflower's kits had just joined Starclan, and my mother came down with whitecough. Barkface refused to let us leave until my mother was better. While she was recovering, she saw how the Clan worked, and decided that she wanted one of her kits to be raised there. I had gotten most used to the cats, so I volunteered, because I knew that my siblings weren't as comfortable in camp. My mother and my siblings left, but my mother promised they would never be far away.

Morningflower took care of me, and I took the name Stealthkit, but one day I fell into the gorge, and was washed into Thunderclan territory. Brindleface rescued me before I drowned, but I was scared, and didn't tell them I was Windclan. They thought I was a rogue, but they took me in anyway, and eventually, I was apprenticed to Willowpelt. All went well until my first Gathering. Bluestar mentioned that I helped drive off a fox, and Morningflower recognized me. I didn't want to hurt anybody by choosing one Clan over the other, so I ran, expecting to give up the warrior code entirely. They tried to run after me, but they couldn't catch up to me. I always was fast, even if I wasn't born in Windclan. I wandered for moons, until I came, sick and exhausted, to the biggest gorge I had ever seen. Currentstripe and Mosspaw found me, I was apprenticed to Sharpclaw, acheived my warrior name, and I've been a Skyclan cat ever since.

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The power of four series-By Birdpaw

Some grammar and format issues, but excellent plot line, and some great descriptive passages, with nicely developed characters!

  • Recommended

Taken Over - by Sunny

All you sci-fi geeks out there would love this. Like I love Obi-Wan. Some characters seem to get a bit confusing sometimes, probably due to the amount of them.

  • Recommended

Divided Sky Series - By Mistysun

I love anything about SkyClan, but I would love this anyway! Darkpaw's not my favorite character and could be developed a little more, but she's pretty good, and there are a lot of directions it could go in.

  • Recommended

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Opinions On Various Things



Leopardstar - Stealth completely worships her. It's not her fault she fell in love with an evil cat! And love makes you do stupid things. Moss takes the standard approach, and thinks Leopardstar's a (beep).

Tigerstar - All right, he's a completely evil, but he's also an epic character. So I respect him. Sort of. And he's a h(bleeped for your sanity).

Hawkfrost - Sorry, dude. You're just not as cool as Dad. And I hate you because of what you did to Mothwing. Now run before I kill you. Wait...

Ashfur - I completely hate him. He's a sadistic monster that tortures kits and queens because Squirrelflight fell in love with someone else. Yes, love makes you do stupid things, but it doesn't have to make you a sadistic Squirrelflight's-friends-and-relatives-hater. Moss, however, worships him like I worship Leopardstar. Go figure.

Firestar - Paw was the kind of person that would get on my nerves really badly if I had to put up with him all the time. So are heart and star. And he has no clue about she-cats. He is definitely a complete idiot in that field. I'm not completely convinced he got boring-er as he got older, I think he was always that way, but you can't see what he's thinking now, so you notice more. And you yell at your best friend for falling in love with a RiverClan cat when you're in love with a medicine cat twice your age?! And then you don't yell at him for falling in love with a kittypet who joined the Clans!? Boy, are you a hypocrite.

Mothwing - You are so, so cute! It's not you're fault Hawkfrost is a (insert unpleasant and illegal names here)! You would have been a great medicine cat! And you still are! And you will believe in StarClan when you witness Mistystar lose a life.

Cloudtail - Best personality ever, dude! I love ya! Even though you're a liar, insult she-cats, ignore the warrior code, and insult everybody, I still love ya! And, like Mothwing, you will believe in StarClan after watching Firestar lose a life at close quarters. Of course, if what I think is going to happen happens, you might not need to wait that long... Oh, and I don't mind you being nice to Daisy. I think Brightheart's subconscious was getting a little needy.

Mousefur - You own. Completely. Or maybe I just love cats with bite-your-face-off attitudes. And then you have a sensitive side! MousexLong is the single cutest couple in existence. Anywhere.

Longtail - I didn't like you at first. Then Tigerstar started being evil, and you rejected him, and Fire didn't quite trust you. And that's when you started being cool. I got upset when you got blinded, but not as upset as I could have been, so your coolness level must have dropped a notch for not having Firestar hate you. But then you said that stuff about the new camp, so you went up again. And then of course, Mousefur fell in love with you, so then you were unbelievably cool. And then I got a tiny bit mad at you when Briarlight got paralyzed, but it was because you were trying to do something for Mousefur, so you're still cool. And sweet.

Purdy - I always thought you were cool. It's just that you're really easy to make fun of in the smoofs. But you knew your way through Twolegplace, and you saved Holly and Breeze and Lion from the dogs (even though that might have been wasted effort on Lion, but...), and you were comforting Mousefur. How much cooler can you get?

Sandstorm - Owns. Period. Forever.

Ravenpaw - Honestly, can you blame him for being jumpy? He had Tigerstar as a mentor, for goodness sakes. And he's got to be good, I mean, he caught prey in ShadowClan without being caught! And an adder! XD And then he made friends with Barley, and helped with WindClan, and RiverClan, and he wanted to say good-bye to Bluestar, and he fought BloodClan, and he waited for Graystripe, and then he's a real softie when it comes to kits, and he thought of asking for StarClan's help. On the other hand, he didn't listen to Barley. So... Awesome, incredible warrior, but I reserve character judgement until I finish his mangas. And maybe past then. But he's sweet.

Barley - I don't know. You helped Bluestar, and you stood up to Tigerstar (a little). You left BloodClan, and that took courage, and then you fought BloodClan, and that took courage, and then you tried to tell Ravenpaw about the deathblows, and then you stayed with Ravenpaw even though he was a bit of a (beep). But, you're shy. So...your judgement is also postponed. But you are loyal.

Spottedleaf - I didn't have too much of an opinion about you at first, except it's got to stink having that stupid apprentice ogling you. Then I was sad, and hated stupid Clawface for killing you. And then I was grateful that you helped Firestar when he needed it. I kept out of the whole Sandstorm thing in Firestar's Quest, and I respected you for telling both of them the truth. Until I just found out that you're still in love with Firestar, since you made that comment in SkyClan's Destiny, which makes what you said earlier a lie. And trying to help Leafpool and Crowfeather didn't help. Hypocrite. So now... I mock you and hate you. And Firestar's obsessed with you, as proven by your long description. Go away.

Whitestorm - No! You shouldn't be dead! You're far too awesome to be dead! Get back here! ThunderClan is full of idiots without you!

Bluestar - Awesome. The kind of leader who's laid-back until it matters, and then she's all like "I'm doing it my way, so you might as well suck it up." And she's smart. And she's diabolical. And can you really blame her for hating StarClan? Admittedly, things got a little touchy there, but she came out of it. And she's devoted to what's right, so she gave up her kits. But she was free-spirited (wow, did I really say that?) enough to have them in the first place, and I love cats cats who smack StarClan a good one and say they can't control their lives. She got a bit weird in FQ, but that's because she's devoted to ThunderClan, not all the Clans, and Firestar was mad at her, and it was his POV.

Blackstar - I like him. I think. He started out as an evil minion, but he must have had his own agenda. That's the only way to explain some of the things he said or did. And he's an awesome leader. Honestly, putting up with Firestar all the time would probably drive most cats insane. But then he killed Stonefur. (BEEP)

Cloudstar - Sorry. I don't like you. You ignored your medicine cat and turned your back on StarClan. I admire you for keeping your Clan together on thier journey, and for being Bridflight's mate, but that's it.

Birdflight - Rocks.

Squirrelflight - You were always cute as an apprentice! Even when you were being hyper and annoying. And then Firestar got mad at you, and you went on the Journey, and you and Brambleclaw started being a couple, and you were awesome! Then you started hating Hawkfrost and thought Brambleclaw hated you, and started likng Ashfur, and you were still awesome! Then you got back together, and you rocked again. Then we found out about LeafxCrow, and I didn't like you for a minute, but I respected you for taking care of your sister, who was being a bit of a (beep). Then you saved them from Ashfur, and you became the most unbelievably cool cat on the face of the planet. Then Holly went and told everybody, and Brambleclaw hated you, and I loved you! Except when you're being pissed off. Then I like you a little bit less.

Leafpool - You were candy sweet as an apprentice! And your connection with Squirrel rocked! Then you started falling in love, and even though I didn't like it, it made for great plot! Then you became a warrior, and it just...kind of...ruined it. Except when you're giving Jayfeather advice. BE A MEDICINE CAT!

Crowfeather - As an apprentice, got on my nerves sometimes, but still rocked. Fell in love with Feathertail - Stupid, but still owned. Fell in love with Leafpool - Great plot, and you were so tortured, I just had to love ya! Then you took Night as a mate, and you disowned Leafpool and the kits. Can we blame ya? Look at Leaf and Squirrel now! They're outcasts! You didn't want that, so you saved your skin. Don't entirely agree with it, but can't blame you.

Nightcloud - I don't really know enough about you to make a judgement. In best-case scenario, you always had a crush on Crowfeather and were thrilled when he finally acknowledged you. Worst-case, I dunno. But you're not a mate-stealer, I don't think. Then again, I don't know you. So... could go either way.

Breezepelt - You're being played. Suck it up and go cry in the woods like a real tom. But I like you. And Heather's using you too. Figure it out.

Lionblaze - You're aggressive and stupid and clueless. And, Cinderheart likes you, Cinderpelt liked Firestar, Firestar's boring... But you need to be with Heather. We need some more drama, people!

Jayfeather - You know what, I think I just like pissed-off cats. Although you are a bit of a psychopath... And you're obsessed with ancient cats. Not Sticky itself, Sticky as a link to the Ancients. And you want Leaefpool to be a medicne cat. YOU ROCK!

Hollyleaf - I feel sorry for you. A little. But you're insane and a traitor. So I hate you. And I wish you'd decide whether you're alive or dead already. You also tried to kill Leafpool. In the middle of camp. By forcing her to eat deathberries. Not smart. And you're obsessed with everybody wanting you to have kits. Strange...

Dovepaw - Like most heroes in this series, clueless when it comes to other cats, a.k.a., Ivy. Like some heroes, you have no idea how Clan politics work, a.k.a., Firestar. But youxTiger is so cute! And you have a moral code, unlike a couple of super-powered toms I could name...

Ivypaw - I always feel sorry for people who are close to people with secrets or special powers, or people that save the world twice a week. But you are also being played, unfortunately. And youxTiger is not as cute. And I think you're subliminally crushing on Hawkfrost. Gross.

Berrynose - You're an arrogant, over-protective idiot. And you are as clueless as Cloudtail when it comes to she-cats. And you and Jay both obsessed over your names, even though they were stupid. I mean really. Stupid.

Honeyfern - You were obsessed with Berrynose. Which makes you stupid. But you got killed by an adder and loved him till the second you died, although he'd ignored you forever. Which makes me feel bad for calling you stupid. Um...love-crazy? And very sweet.

Daisy - You should become a Twoleg and teach preschool. Or just school. But you're cool, because you loved Cloudtail, even though you knew he had a mate, and you never said a word, and you got along with Brightheart, and you put Cloud behind you, and you told Spiderleg off for being (beep). So...you're cool. But you're easy to make fun of.

Ferncloud - Daisy was a kittypet, she has a bit of an excuse. You don't. And she's mostly a helper. You're a kit machine. Stop it. You rocked with the dogs though.

Dustpelt - You rock for always fighting with Firestar. And you and Sandstorm could have been cute. But you made Ferncloud a kit machine. Stop it. But you still rock for being pissed-off all the time.

Brambleclaw - You were amazing as an apprentice, helping out your sister, putting up with thousands of comments, courtesy of Smallear, and crying when she left, but eventually dealing with it. Then you followed Firestar, and basically accused your Clan leader, who also happens to be your mentor, of disloyalty. Nice! Then you kept the entire journey thing a secret, but you put up with Squirrel, the most annoying and hyper creature on the face of the planet, and Crow, the most sullen and annoying creature on the face of the planet, and Purdy, who seemed like the stupidest and most annoying creature on the face of the planet. Then you were a beep for accusing Squirrel for hating you because of your parents, though I didn't blame you for wanting to know Hawkfrost. Then you were stupid, for letting Tigrestar mentor you, especially when Tawnypelt warned you off it. Then you were cool, for getting back together with Squirrel. Then you were an epic father. Then, I can't exactly blame you for being mad at Squirrel, even if I wish you weren't, as it's obviously a trust thing and not a kit thing. But you're hurting her. Forgive and move on. Wow, long opinion.

Tawnypelt - Owns. Just...owns. In everything.

Will add more when hand stops hurting.

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