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The Big Long List Of... Careless Mistakes!

Into the Wild

1. Notice that When Bluestar and Rusty first meet, Rusty never says his name or introduces himself. At all. Then Bluestar, at the bottom of page 20, says,

"You are an unusual kittypet, Rusty." - Into the Wild pg.20

2.The word Spinning is spelled, 'Spinnning'.

His head was spinnning with all the new smells and sights, and Lionheart was right; he was tired, and hungry. - Into the Wild pg.63

3.Graypaw is called Grewpaw.

"It must be Blackfoot," mewed Grewpaw.- Into the Wild pg.141

4.The elder, Rosetail, is not mentioned in the Allegiances, but is mentioned in the book, briefly.

"Our kits are all safe, thanks to Yellowfang. A ShadowClan warrior killed brave Rosetail and was trying to steal them from their nest, but Yellowfang fought him off." - Into the Wild pg.195

Fire and Ice

1.Fireheart is called Firepaw.

"Yep!" Firepaw flexed his powerful hind legs and began to leap from boulder to boulder, leaving the camp behind.-Fire and Ice pg.15

2.One-eye is a she-cat, but is called a tom.

"But his name-he hasn't been excepted by StarClan yet?" asked One-eye. "He plans to travel to the moonstone tomorrow night," Tigerclaw told him.- Fire and Ice pg.36

3. Fireheart is apparently a she-cat.

Fireheart met her gaze as steadily as she could. - Fire and Ice pg.215

3.Nightstar is called Nightpelt.

The crowd murmered uncomfortable as Tigerclaw stared at Nightpelt with unconcealed distrust. - Fire and Ice pg.246

4.Sandstorm is called Sandpaw.

Fireheart picked out a mouse for Sandpaw, temptingly plump for so late in Leaf-bare. - Fire and Ice pg.281

Forest of Secrets

1.Cinderpaw is called Cinderpelt when she doesn't become Cinderpelt until a little bit into Book 4.

APPRENTICE, CINDERPELT--dark gray she-cat - Forest of Secrets

2.Tigerclaw is mixed up with Darkstripe. In Book 2, Darkstripe saw Fireheart let Silverstream go, and told Tigerclaw. In Book 3, Tigerclaw claimed to have saw him let Silverstream go.

:The deputy's voice was a low growl, and his ears flattened against his head as he spat, "I saw you let that RiverClan warrior escape."' - Forest of Secrets pg.8

Rising Storm

1.Sandstorm says Willowpelt had two she-cats and a tom, but later in the books it changes to two toms and a she-cat.

"Willowpelt had two she-cats and a tom!" she announced. - Rising Storm pg.120

A Dangerous Path

1.Cinderpelt is called Cinderpaw.

"This is only going to make her worse," Cinderpaw meowed anxiously. - A Dangerous Path pg.21

2.Ravenpaw is called Ravepaw.

"I'm fine," Ravepaw replied. - A Dangerous Path pg.159

The Darkest Hour

1.Tigerstar is called Tigerpaw.

How different he was now from the nervous apprentice he had once been, bullied by his fierce mentor, Tigerpaw! - The Darkest Hour pg.157

2.Mudfur is mistaked as a warrior. Mudfur is a medicine cat.

In fact, most of the cats in the clearing came from ShadowClan, though he spotted the RiverClan warriors Mudfur and Heavystep. There was so sign of either medicine cat, and Firestar wondered if that was significant. - The Darkest Hour pg.162 and 162

3.Sandstorm is called Sandstrom.

Sandstrom let out a purr of laughter. - The Darkest Hour pg.202


1.The cat on the cover is obviously Brambleclaw. But Brambleclaw has amber eyes.

2.Allegiences, Shadowclan. It says Rowanclaw is a she-cat, but Erin Hunter claims she's a tom. The name is also spelt incorrectly.

ROWENCLAW--ginger she-cat - Midnight


1.Allegiances, ShadowClan. It says Rowanclaw is a she-cat when Erin Hunter claims she is a tom. The name is also spelt incorrectly.

ROWENCLAW--ginger she-cat - Moonrise

2.Allegiances, ThunderClan. It claims Sorreltail is still an apprentice when she was made warrior in Book 7.

SORRELPAW - tortoiseshell and white she-cat with amber eyes - Moonrise


1.Allegiances, Shadowclan. It says Rowanclaw is a she-cat when Erin Hunter claims she is a tom. The name is also spelt incorrectly.

ROWENCLAW--ginger she-cat - Dawn

2.Squirrelpaw catches a 'plump' thrush. Thrushes aren't plump in Leaf-bare - and especially when Twolegs are destroying the forest.

.....while Squirrelpaw carried a plump thrush. - Dawn pg.135

3. Mousefur uses the word, 'winter' instead of Leaf-bare. The Clans don't use the word 'winter'.

"He won't last the winter if we stay here though," Mousefur commented. - Dawn pg.136

4.Tawnypelt is called Tawnypaw twice!

Looking around, Squirrelpaw realized that all the cats that had returned from the sun-drown-place were beside her-- Brambleclaw, Stormfur, Crowpaw, and Tawnypaw.
Tawnypaw whispered to Squirrelpaw. "At least it makes it easier to cross," she added dryly. - Dawn pg. 178 and 179

5.Marshkit is called a she-cat in one sentence, then a tom in another.

"This one will be dead by sundown if she doesn't get some shelter," Leafpaw called. She was rubbing Marshkit, watched closely by his mother, Tallpoppy. - Dawn pg.265


1.Allegiances, ThunderClan. Mousefur is Spiderpaw's mentor. Here it claims Cloudtail is his mentor. Mousefur becomes an elder, but not until after Spiderpaw becomes a warrior.

CLOUDTAIL -long haired white tom. APPRENTICE, SPIDERPAW - Starlight

2.Allegiences, ShadowClan. Smokepaw falls off a cliff in Book 9, and reapears in Starlight, and the rest of the books after this as Smokefoot.

OAKFUR - small brown tom. APPRENTICE, SMOKEPAW - Starlight

3.Allegiances, WindClan. Nightcloud is mentioned in the book, but not in the Allegiances.

4.Blackstar is called Blackclaw.

Trust Blackclaw to think that the other Clans were trying to steal an advantage before the new territories been devided up! - Starlight, pg.30

5.Squirrelflight is called Squirrelpaw.

He kept to the rear of the group, his tail drooping, and hardly looked up when Squirrelpaw dropped back to give him an affectionate nuzzle. - Starlight, pg.71


1.Allegiances, Other Animals. There is a dog named Pip in the Allegiances, but is never mentioned in any books.

PIP - black and white terrier who lives with the Twolegs near the horseplace - Twilight

2.Allegiances, Other Animals. Smoky, Daisy, and Floss are listed here. But they are cats, not other animals.

3.Brambleclaw is called Bramblelclaw.

Bramblelclaw's words could have been approving, but his tone was critical as if he was remembering all the times on their journey when Squirrelflight had been furious with him for trying to protect her. - Twilight, pg.109


Still searching for errors...

The Sight

1.Firestar is called Firestorm.

Firestorm was grooming Sandstorm beneath the Highledge. - The Sight pg.325

Dark River

1.Mousepaw is called Mousefur, when Mousefur is not in the scene, but safely back at camp. Twice!

Be careful, Mousefur! and "It's okay, Mousefur," Cinderpaw called. "There's nothing to be frightened of! - Dark River pg. 1&2

Secrets of the Clans

1.It claims Tigerstar was killed by 'Blood' leader of Bloodclan when his name is really Scourge.

:Killed by Blood, the leader of Bloodclan. - Secrets of the Clans pg.65

2.Sharptooth is called Sharpclaw.

She died saving us all from Sharpclaw. - Secrets of the Clans pg.120

The List of... Disappearing and Re-appearing Cats!

Disappearing Cats

Brightflower - ShadowClan

Silverpaw - RiverClan

Tawnyfur - WindClan

Runningbrook - WindClan

Splashpaw - RiverClan

Robinwing - WindClan

Nightwing - ShadowClan

Thistlepaw - WindClan

Ashfur - ShadowClan

Darkflower - ShadowClan

Silverpaw - RiverClan

Re-appearing Cats

Coming soon...

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