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About Me

Hello,my name is Moonstar and I LOVE Warrior Cats.I am currently reading The Omen of The Stars series.I also love to write stories.'

Favorite ThunderClan Cat:Graystripe Least Favorite:Tigerstar

Favorite ShadowClan Cat: Tawnypelt Least Favorite:Blakstar

Favorite WindClan Cat:Tallstar Least Favorite:Breezepelt

Favorite RiverClan Cat:Stormfur Least Favorite:Rainflower

Favorite SkyClan Cat:Cherrytail(I think that's her name...) Least Favorite:Billystorm

Favorite Loner/Rouge/Kittypet:Ravenpaw Least Favorite:IDK Favorite Tribe Cat:Crag Least Favorite:Stoneteller

What I think About Other Users

Put your name done here,and I'll express my thoughts.Don't worry,I wont be rude.:}

Steve-A really funny and super nice user,and her stories are awesome!!!!

Arti -SO MUCH TO EXPLAIN.She's very nice,awesome,and a great admin:)I also love her stories!

My Stories

The Last Hope-Tigerstar has put the clans in danger,and four cats can save them.

Cinderpelt Reborn-Cinderheart will find her true self.

The Rose with the Thorn:Two twolegs,along with the help of a medicine cat,can defet thr Dark Forest.

Survivor:Smokepaw's Tale-When Smokepaw fell off the cliff,he never died,but found hope.

Bluestar's Quest-Bluestar,new leader of ThunderClan,must save her clan from an evil cat....

Four Worlds(CANCELED)-Meet four amazing animals who will find a mystery they would never forget.(NOTE:This is a crossover of Animal Crossing(my favorite game:)) and warriors.The other two will be a surprise!I thought of this in early July,when I started reading Into The Wild.This Fanfic will be VERY long,probley ten books with thirty six chapters!DO NOT STEAL OR.........)I have decided to cancel this.I'll male a Animal/Warrior crossover soon,but this story and series is canceled.

Future Stories

(These are stories I'm planning to make in the future,when at least two of my stories have twenty chapters.DO NOT STEAL!!!!)

The Silent Stranger-A cat is haunting RiverClan and has a strange prophecy....

Mistystar's Adventure-Squeal to Bluestar's Quest.Bluestar's daughter Mistystar has a destiny to be fullfiled....

Flipped-A Warrior Cats version of the movie Flipped.

Tallstar's Tall Tale-The past of a great leader will be reviled....

StarClan's Stone-Two cats will go on a journey to find a stone created by StarClan so they can save their clan.......

Exiled- When Ashstorm is accused for the death of Brambletail, he is sentenced to exile. But he didn't really kill Brambletail, so he must discover who did it. But how could he, he was exliied! Will he renuite with his clan?

My Fanfiction Series

The New Era-Follow ThunderClan as they face difficult adventures.

Four Worlds(Series)-Four worlds will collide,and an amazing adventure they won't forget will happen.....

The Four Seasons-Takes place when Molepaw's great, great, great, great, great, great grandchildern were born.

Four Worlds:The Second Quest-Spin off to Four Worlds.Years have past since the five saved the world.Five new heroes will go on a journey to find ten elements.I have decided to cancel this series.I lost interest and want do a story that I've been planning FOREVER.

The Four Stones-Four cats in the four clans decide to runaway from the clans.As they run away,they find a council of magic cats who need their help to defet another council.And they wiil go on an amzaing quest.I have been planning this ever since I read chapter five o fInto the Wild.(litereally0.This was supossed to be my first fanfiction on here,but I posted the Last HOpe insteaed because I felt like the story idea sounded stupid.But I changed it,so it's better now.Takes place a season after the dark battle.

Beyond The Clans- A young apprentice named Dawnpaw is captured by Twolegs and separted from her clan. But when she escapes, she discovers that cats arn't the only ones who live in clans. Then she discovers HorseClan, WolfClan, BadgerClan and the only cat clan, MossClan. Find out what happens when Dawnpaw journey's inside them.

Short Stories

Warriors:After the Battle-A short six chapter story;a story about ThunderClan after the battle with the Dark Forest.


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Shadow Of Falling Night




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Four Worlds(Series)

The Rose with the Thorn

The Last Hope

Smokepaw's Tale

Bluestar's Quest


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