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This is Bloodstar18 and yes i know this is mistysuns user page but she told leppy shes leaving so go to her and tell her to tell mistysomething so she'll come back please Glass Heart Breaks So Easily 03:36, July 14, 2011 (UTC)

Hi! This is my userpage!
About me!| Friendz! | Fan fictions...! | Announcments | Opinions on Users | Siggies =D | pollz | My online Diary | I Recomend...

This suspensful series will make your heart race!


☮About Me♥

What I look Like

Age: Tween

Hair color: Blonde

Eye color: Grey-blue

Hair lengh: Up to my sholders

Height: I am 5 ft

I have frecles.


I have two cats.

One is Spooky. She is 12 years old.

The other is Puddle. He is 2 years old.


Color: Puple. Orange is my second favortie, and I think blue and green go nice together.

Singer: Taylor Swift

Cat: Feathertail or Ravenpaw

Sport: Skiing or swimming. I'm not very sporty really.

Evil Cat: Tigerstar and Hawkfrost

Other Stuff

I live in NY but I used to live in the UK.

I luv warriors and Harry Potter.

I used to have braces.

I play the violin.

Find me on the Web

I LUV to roleplay. I joined the warrior roleplay site in Janurary 10 as Honeykit, then later joined as Mistysun. I now roleplay on and my own site and a Percy J site, . You Can Find me on the following wikis:

This wiki (Plz join this!)

and my own,

Yeah, that's it.

About The Cat

The cat Mistysun was originally made up for the roleplay site sunclan.

Now she is also a happy user of WFFW.

Mistysun is a grey cat with friendly yellow eyes. She was a loner until she joined a clan, sunclan. Mistysun is 18 moons old. (to see pics of Mistysun go Here!

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