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Hi! Put Ur name here and I'll write my opinoin about you. It's okay if I don't know you too well.

  • Foresty is awesome. She writes cool stories like Transformer and she is always on.
  • Birdpaw is a great friend. She's really nice and cool.
  • Arti is my coolio buddy. She's funny and awesome and helpful. She's nice to everyone and she writes great stuff.
  • Sunny is great. She's an awesome admin, and really friendly and kind.
  • Poppy's my aweosme friend from RPsunclan and here. She's really cool.
  • Zaffie O'Banana is crazily awesome, in a good way. I met her in march on her site stormclan, and we've been frineds ever since!
  • Shinestar is my bff in real life, and on here. Shiney, you rock!
  • Leopard is also my bff in real life and on here. She's really funny and cool.
  • Snickers is coolio. And awesome and friendly. And tasty. *yum yum*
  • Riverpelt is awesome. Really nice and creative.
  • Birchy is really funny and brings a smile to people's faces.
  • Auri is really cool, and loves to write. She likes to follw the rules, in a good way.
  • RosehStareh is funny and sweet. She's also an excellent artist. :)
  • Sunnyfrost- I think Sunnyfrost is very nice user who always trys her best.
  • Bloodstar18 is very friendly and thoughtful, with a good attitude towards everything.
  • Moss and Stealth- I know Stealth a LOT better, but they're both really nice and upbeat.
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